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ECONOMIC DOWNTURN. SARS. An Analysis of the Nutrition Value of Typical White Collar Meals . Presenter: Ms Priscilla Lau Nutrition Consultant and Registered Dietician June 26, 2003. White Collars Have Higher Expectation For Healthy Food.

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An Analysis of the Nutrition Value of

Typical White Collar Meals

Presenter: Ms Priscilla Lau

Nutrition Consultant and Registered Dietician

June 26, 2003

white collars have higher expectation for healthy food
White Collars Have Higher Expectation For Healthy Food
  • Worry frequent eating-out will lead to high cholesterol level and overweight problems
  • 60% consider there is not enough choices for healthy food when eating out
    • restaurants, especially local tea restaurants (cha-chan-teng and fast food stores) should provide more choices for healthy food
lack of healthy choices will lead to heart problem
Lack Of Healthy Choices Will Lead To Heart Problem
  • Breakfast with stuffed bread (like sausage bun), sandwich, canned meat, fried eggs, and
  • Lunch with high fat meat (spare rib, beef brisket, chicken wing), all contain
    • high saturated fat
    • and will raise cholesterol level
    • besides gaining weight, it will also increases the chance of contracting heart disease, high blood pressure and diabetes
  • Other food in-take is low in fibre
  • White collars in Hong Kong seldom exercise, the chance of becoming overweight and getting high cholesterol level will increase with frequent intake of high fat low fiber food
case study white collar female
Case Study – White-Collar Female

The Person: Miss ChanOccupation: Secretary

Exercise Level: Infrequent Height/ Weight: 158 cm / 55kg

Energy Needed: About 1,650 cal

case study white collar male
Case Study – White-Collar Male

The Person: Mr ChanOccupation: Marketing Manager

Exercise Level: Infrequent Height/ Weight: 168 cm / 81 kg

Energy Needed: About 2,025 cal

how to eat healthily and economically
How To Eat Healthily And Economically?
  • Rich in nutrition content  Healthy
    • over-nutrition will lead to health problem
  • Eating healthily does not mean spending a lot
  • Eat functional food for breakfast and lunch
examples of functional food
Examples Of Functional Food
  • Tomato
    • Prevent prostate cancer
  • Broccoli
    • Prevent colorectal cancer
  • Low-fat/Skimmed Dairy Products
    • Prevent osteoporosis
  • Oats
    • Prevent heart diseases
functional food oats
Functional Food – Oats
  • Scientific studies have confirmed that eating oats food can help prevent heart disease
  • How it works:
    • Soluble oats (Beta-glucan) absorb cholesterol-filled particles in the intestines
    • Such cholesterol will not be “recycled” again
    • Cholesterol level will be reduced
  • Quantity needed
    • 3 grams of soluble fibre per day, about 70 grams of oats
healthy breakfast options
Healthy Breakfast Options
  • Choose breakfast food that are low in fat and high in fibre
  • Low-fat
    • Prevent overweight and high cholesterol level
  • High-fibre
    • Prevent constipation
    • Promote satiety, which helps avoid over-eating
    • Soluble fibre can help reduce cholesterol level
  • Oats, whole-grain bread, fruits, unpolished rice, brown rice
suggestions for packed lunch
Suggestions For Packed Lunch
  • Avoid chicken wings, or choose drumsticks instead; remove the skin
  • Slice or ground the meat
  • Fruits as dessert
  • Eat according to the healthy meal proportion
suggestions for cha chan teng
Suggestions For Cha-chan-teng
  • Offer “healthy choices” in menu
  • “Quick-wash” meat in hot boiling water instead of oil
  • Do not sprinkle oil on food to make it look glossy
  • Less animal fat, egg butter, let the customer apply oil themselves
  • Meet customers’ needs
    • provide “skimmed evaporated milk” or “low fat milk” in drinks
    • less oil in cooking
suggestions for cooking at home
Suggestions For Cooking At Home
  • Remove fat, remove chicken skin
  • Use skimmed milk or low fat milk
  • Remove oil on top of soup; prepare soup with chicken with skin removed or lean meat
  • Steam, simmer and stew; use easy-to-clean wok
  • Eat no more than 3 eggs per week
  • Grocery shopping according to healthy food proportion: grain > fruit & vegetable > meat
  • Choose ingredients that can reduce cholesterol
    • fruit
    • vegetable
    • oats
healthy breakfast an example
At Home

Low fat cheese sandwich (whole-grained bread, some margarine) + freshly squeezed fruit juice

Lean meat, vegetable, brown rice noodle + plain tea

Oats in milk + wheat bun

Oat congee with lean meat + soya bean milk

Cha-chan-teng / Fast Food Store

Congee with corn and mushroom + steamed rice roll noodle (no oil)

Rice noodle with chicken slices and mushroom + wheat slice (apply margarine yourself) + hot tea with milk(less milk / use low fat milk)

Ham and egg sandwich (poached egg, wheat bun; no butter / a little margarine)

Pasta with ham and mixed vegetable + hot coffee(less milk / use low fat milk)

Healthy Breakfast – An Example

* suggestion to cha-chan-teng

* suggestion for cooking at home

healthy lunch an example
Packed Lunch

Spaghetti with ground meat (add mushroom + red bean + oats) + mixed vegetable

Stewed drumstick with mushroom + broccoli + brown rice

Stir-fried bamboo shoots, mushroom and dried bean curd + boiled vegetable + brown rice

Cha-chan-teng / Fast Food Store

Rice with lean roast pork + vegetable (no oil)

Japanese-styled noodle with roast pork + vegetable salad(vinegar / low fat salad dressing) + green tea

Congee with lean pork + vegetable(no oil)

Fried rice with tomato and ground meat (little oil)

Healthy Lunch – An Example

* suggestion for preparing high fiber low fat meals at home

* suggestion to cha-chan-teng