using adjectives as nouns n.
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Using Adjectives as Nouns

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Using Adjectives as Nouns - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Using Adjectives as Nouns. Page 116 Realidades 2. Adjectives to Nouns. Look at how we can avoid repeating the noun in these instances:. Adjectives to Nouns. Te duele la pierna derecha o la izquierda ? Qué prefieres, un gorro azul o uno amarillo ?. Adjectives to Nouns.

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using adjectives as nouns

Using Adjectives as Nouns

Page 116

Realidades 2

adjectives to nouns
Adjectives to Nouns
  • Look at how we can avoid repeating the noun in these instances:
adjectives to nouns1
Adjectives to Nouns
  • Te duele la pierna derecha o la izquierda?
  • Qué prefieres, un gorro azul o uno amarillo?
adjectives to nouns2
Adjectives to Nouns
  • To avoid repetition we drop the noun in the second part of the sentence, then...
adjectives to nouns3
Adjectives to Nouns
  • ...then put the definite or indefinite article right before the second adjective.
adjectives to nouns4
Adjectives to Nouns
  • Note that the adjective must agree in gender and number just as if the noun were still there.
adjectives to nouns5
Adjectives to Nouns
  • Also note that un becomes uno(a) when it is not followed by a noun.
adjectives to nouns6
Adjectives to Nouns
  • We can do the same thing with what we call a “prepositional phrase,” or a description that begins with de.
adjectives to nouns7
Adjectives to Nouns
  • Qué haces, la tarea de matemáticas o la de ciencias?
adjectives to nouns8
Adjectives to Nouns
  • Necesitas marcadores para la clase de ingles o para la de arte?