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IIG’s Rental Maestro

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IIG’s Rental Maestro - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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IIG’s Rental Maestro. Sage 500 ERP. Fully Integrated…. Presented by: Alec Baghdasaryan President. About IIG. Founded in 1991 40 + Employees, 70 % Technical Over 18 years of development in MAS 90 , 200 Over 9 years of development in MAS 500

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IIG’s Rental Maestro

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Presentation Transcript
iig s rental maestro


Sage 500 ERP

Fully Integrated…

Presented by:

Alec Baghdasaryan


about iig
About IIG
  • Founded in 1991
  • 40+ Employees, 70% Technical
    • Over 18 years of development in MAS 90, 200
    • Over 9 years of development in MAS 500
  • Custom Programming – VB.Net / SharePoint / Java Scripts
  • Sage Gold Development Partner
  • Microsoft Gold Partner
  • MAS500 Enhancements
    • SharePoint Based Document Management
    • Integration with StoreFront.net – B2B / B2C
    • Service Dispatch / Crew Scheduling
    • Business Partner Management
    • RF Based Warehouse Automation
    • Outlook Integration
    • Intercompany A/R Cash Application

Sage MAS500 “Innovation” Award Winner November 2009

rental maestro co mplete erp rental production and sales management crm

Order Entry and Fulfillment

  • Real-time availability during order entry
  • Formatting - Headers, Footers and Subtotals
  • Flexible Billing & Pricing
  • Ability to process, early / late / partial returns
  • Integration with PO and Sub-Rental PO modules
  • Missing & Damaged Billing
  • Project Management – Costing & Profitability
  • Costing for products sold, rentals, crew, sub-rentals and other expenses
  • Budget-to-Actual project costing solution
  • Drill-down from top-line to source transaction
  • Labor Scheduling
  • Drag-and-drop scheduling of labor
  • Visibility of progress through “Dispatch Board”
  • Service management for PM & customer repairs
  • Master Calendar
  • Filter, Search, View and Drill-Down on Jobs, Orders, Resources, Calendars and Tasks all from one Master Calendar / Get from top-level calendar down to source transaction from one place / Daily
  • Weekly, Monthly views
  • Truck Scheduling
  • View truck schedules from rental order entry
  • Calendar-based view of truck schedules
  • Document Management
  • Asset Management
  • Preventative maintenance can be scheduled and routed through service management
  • Warehouse Management
  • Rent or sell from the same warehouse or limit to particular function
  • In transit warehouse allows for easy management of asset transfers between locations
  • Set up warehouse by wave and bin
  • Inventory Management
  • Multiple and unlimited warehouses, with separate pricing rules for each
  • From simple to complex availability calculations
  • Flexible coding schema for managing physical counts
  • Inventory replenishment - Manual, Min/Max, Max, Economic Variable and Fixed Kits
  • Order Quantity (EOQ)

Rental Maestro:

Complete ERP, Rental, Production and Sales Management (CRM)

The industry’s first truly integrated rental, production and sales management system

rental order entry header information

Rental Dates – Charge, Delivery and Availability

Basic Order Information – Including Order Sub-Type

Ship-To Info - Including Return Via and Global Address Lookup

Insurance Amount, Expiration Date and Equipment Deposit

Billing Types – Fixed Contract or Time & Materials

Rental Grid Button – Availability, Cart Entry, Approvals and More

Rental Order Entry – Header Information
rental order entry order sub type

Unlimited User-Defined configuration

Assign an Order Sub-Type during New Order Creation

Form Defaults

Billing Defaults

Account Reference Code Group Defaults

Rental Order Entry – Order Sub-Type
rental order entry ship via return via and trucking

Set your Ship/Return Via

Open the Trucks Tab

Request a Delivery

Track the Status of your request

View all requests on the real-time Truck Dispatch Board

Rental Order Entry – Ship Via/Return Via and Trucking
rental order entry crew scheduling

Add Labor lines to your order

Inquire on existing Service Calls

Request additional Service Calls

Service Requests are updated real-time

View all requests on the real-time Labor Dispatch Board

Rental Order Entry – Crew Scheduling

Line Type “L”

Unscheduled Labor in Red

rental order entry bill scheduling

Select Billing Type and Sub-Type

Set Bill Schedule

Rental Order Entry – Bill Scheduling

Bill Types

Fixed Contract

Time & Materials

Bill Sub-Types

Batch Invoice (many shipments single invoice)

Bill as Shipped (one invoice per shipment)

rental order entry bill scheduling part 2

Enter Billing Start and End Dates

Select Recurrence

Modify Recurrence (if necessary)

Generate Bill Schedule

Invoices are loaded to the Billing Queue as specified in the Bill Schedule

Rental Order Entry – Bill Scheduling – Part 2

Recurrence Options

There are an unlimited amount of recurrence options

 Daily, Weekly, Monthly

 Specific Day of Week or Month

streamlined rental returns process with service management integration

1) Generate Rental Return

2) Identify Missing/Damaged

3) Auto-Generate Service Tickets

Streamlined Rental Returns Processwith Service Management Integration
  • Real-time asset scanning eliminates manual entry
  • Asset return status updates availability instantly
  • Integration with Service Management auto-generates Service Tickets for Damaged Equipment
business partner module for contact management

The Business Partner module provides light CRM functionality from within MAS500, synchronizes Customer and Vendor record information, and provides contact-based searching.

The Business Partner Search screen allows quick and easy access to Company and Contact Records, and has a host of integrated functionality

Select status – Record status and a new CRM status, for the Company or Contact or Both

Refine your search using the Business Partner categorization structure

View your results set summarized by Business Partner category – at both the Company and Contact levels. This unique functionality works as filter, so you can further refine your search.

Quickly and easily identify Inactive and Deleted records via color-coded data results

Select records to be included in mailing lists, salesperson contact lists, or to send e-mails via integration with Microsoft Outlook.

Quickly access your own contact list utilizing the My Contacts lookup functionality

Business Partner Module for Contact Management
real time job cost management

Right-Click drill down from the Cost Code (Reference Code) field

View Job Information at a glance

View Job Transaction Information in the Status Tab

The Standard MAS500 Reference Code functionality has been expanded to accommodate real-time rental and sales order job cost management functionality

Real-Time Job Cost Management

The Reference Code program can also be accessed as a stand-alone program

Transaction Drill-Down

Drill-down access to all Transactions and Transaction lines associated with the reference code – in one place!

Job-Cost Summary

Job cost totals from Quote to Invoice for quick and easy profitability analysis.

business partner notes

BP Attachments

BP Notes

Three new buttons for BP Notes

Integrated Business Partner Notes and Attachments at the Job level allows for a holistic view of a job’s status.

Business Partner Notes

Task, E-Mail, Calendar

Due Dates and Status

Unlimited Number of Attachments

Note Categorization

“Intelligent” context sensitive classification – BP, Contact, Reference Code and Transaction Type.

Accessible from all modules


Unlimited Number of Categories.

Searchable System-Wide

New Note

Note Inquiry

Information and Note Type


“Intelligent” context sensitive classification – BP, Contact, Reference Code and Transaction Type.

Accessible from all modules


Information Integration Group, Inc.

  • 457 Palm Drive
  • Suite 200
  • Glendale, CA 91202
  • Telephone
  • (818) 956-3744
  • (877) 475-4092
  • Fax:
  • (818) 956-3746
  • www.iigservices.com

For a free consultation or product demonstration please contact:

  • Alec Baghdasaryan
  • President , CEO
  • (818) 956-3744, x222
  • (818) 402-9932, Cell
  • alec@iigservices.com
  • Gary Mardirossian
  • Sales Manager
  • (818) 956-3744, x215
  • gary@iigservices.com