the great war new technology of wwi n.
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The Great War: New Technology of WWI

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The Great War: New Technology of WWI - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Great War: New Technology of WWI. Introduction. Assembly Line Fast & efficient production of new weapons. WWI – First large scale modern war. Improved Hygiene & Living Standards Increasing population. Carnage & Death on Unprecedented Level. Trenches.

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Assembly Line

Fast & efficient production of new weapons

  • WWI – First large scale modern war

Improved Hygiene & Living Standards

Increasing population

Carnage & Death on

Unprecedented Level

  • What other technologies are used with the trenches?
trenches cont d
  • How a Trench was supposed to look
  • How a Trench actually looked

Trench Warfare

“No Man’s Land”

The space between the two trenches.

  • Most innovative technological development of war
  • Why were they developed?
    • To try to break the stalemate
  • 1st Use – January 1916
  • British Mark I
    • Crew of 6, Speed 3mph
  • French Renault
    • ¼ the weight, 2x as fast as British tanks
tanks cont d
  • Video
    • Why is the tread the key to the tank?
    • What was it like to be inside a WWI tank?
    • How did the crew on the French Renault communicate?
    • What was the key feature of the French tank?
  • Impact
    • Very little – Tank useless in defensive war
      • Germans lagged behind in tank tech but it didn’t matter
    • Would be major weapon in 2nd World War
air power
Air Power
  • WWI –
    • 1st war where air power played a tactical role
  • Types
    • Observation Balloons
    • Zeppelins
    • Air Planes

Air Power (cont’d)

  • Video
    • Observation Balloons
      • How far could they see?
      • How did they communicate information back to the ground?
    • Zeppelins
      • What were they filled with?
      • What capabilities did they have?
      • What were they used for?
      • Drawbacks?
air planes
Air Planes
  • Relatively New Technology
    • 10 years old
  • Great Amount of Development During WWI
    • Beginning – flimsy, slow, low flying, fall apart, basically motorized kites
    • End – Bigger planes w/ bigger engines, more weapons
  • Greatest Contribution to War Effort=Reconnaissance
  • Video
    • How did engineers overcome obstacles to arming planes?
    • Who had the best aircraft?

The Flying Aces of World War I

  • Dogfights – close range aerial combat
  • Aces – an aviator who shoots down 5 or more enemy aircraft

Eddie Rickenbacher, US

Manfred vonRichtoffen, Ger.[The “RedBaron”]

machine gun
Machine Gun
  • Most Effective Weapon - Why?
    • Perfect defensive weapon
  • Video
    • What was the range of WWI machine guns?
    • How many rounds per minute could they fire?
    • Why was the swivel ability important?
  • Impact
    • What effects would the use of this weapon have?
    • Generals – slow to change strategies (Battle of the Somme)
What is artillery?

Big guns, larger shells


Line of sight –

Howitzers –

Mortars –

Effects in Belgium

What did the German “Big Berthas” do to the fortifications in Belgium?

Paris Gun

What was it purpose? Range?

What were its drawbacks?

From a defensive position, how could machine guns be used in conjunction with mortars?

poison gas
Poison Gas
  • WWI – 1st use of chemical warfare
  • Previous international agreement
    • Cannot use shell w/ sole purpose of disseminating toxic gas
  • Tear Gas – nonfatal, irritant
  • Video
    • Chlorine Gas – What happens to those affected?
    • What were the drawbacks to the gas masks that were created in response to gas attacks?
    • Mustard Gas – What is it? What are its effects?
  • Impact
    • not decisive, made life miserable
u boats
  • Undersea Boats
    • Mainly used by Germans
  • Video
    • Who is the father of the modern submarine?
    • For what purpose did the Germans use their U-boats?
    • What weapons were U-Boats equipped with?
    • What was the U-Boats key to success?
    • How did the use of U-boats both help and hurt the Germans?

Allied Ships Sunk by U-Boats

  • How effective were the German U-Boats in accomplishing their mission?
other wwi technologies
Other WWI Technologies
  • Flame Throwers
  • Grenade Launchers
  • Barb Wire
  • Other Failed Technology