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Spanish Conquistadors

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Spanish Conquistadors - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Spanish Conquistadors. Pgs. 154-158. Ponce de Leon. Hernando de Soto. New Explorations. After Columbus , Balboa , and Magellan others from Spain went on to explore the Americas. Driven by their desire for gold and other riches , they pushed deep into North and South America.

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spanish conquistadors

Spanish Conquistadors

Pgs. 154-158

Ponce de Leon

Hernando de Soto

new explorations
New Explorations
  • After Columbus, Balboa, and Magellan others from Spain went on to explore the Americas.
  • Driven by their desire for gold and other riches, they pushed deep into North and South America.
  • This was new land to the Spanish but it was home to people already living there.
aztecs and incas
Aztecs and Incas
  • The Aztecsof Mexico and the Incas of South America were two native groups the Spanish encountered.
  • Both groups were rich in gold, however, the Incas were far richer and more powerful than the Aztecs.
  • Spanish soldiers were known as conquistadors meaning conquerors.
ponce de leon
Ponce de Leon
  • Ponce de Leon had sailed with Columbus on his second voyage.
  • He explored and conquered Puerto Rico and became its governor.
  • He later sailed to North America landing in present day Florida searching for the Fountain of Youth.
  • He was the first Spaniard to set foot in what is today the United States.
hernando de soto
Hernando de Soto
  • Hernando de Soto traveled with an army of 600 soldiers.
  • The group marched north from Florida to the Tennessee River Valley searching for gold.
  • In present day Tennessee, they killed or captured Cherokee Indians and burned their villages.
hernando de soto11
Hernando de Soto
  • De Soto encountered many other Indian tribes during his expedition.
  • He encountered the Mound Builders killing between 2,500 to 11,000.
  • After this battle, De Soto’s men were in poor condition. Many died others deserted.
  • The remaining soldiers marched to the Mississippi River. They were the first Europeans to see the great river.
hernando de soto12
Hernando de Soto
  • In 1542, De Soto died of fever.
  • His men buried him in the Mississippi River to hide his death from the Indians.
  • Though he found no gold, Hernando de Soto claimed the land he explored for Spain.
  • The remaining men returned to Mexico.