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Space & ICT Projects

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Space & ICT Projects - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Space & ICT Projects. 3.8m motorized Az-El antenna located in BITNET’s satellite communication testbed. . BITNET Research Center on Sensors & Systems Ltd. - in short -.

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Space & ICT Projects

3.8m motorized Az-El antenna located in BITNET’s satellite communication testbed.


BITNET Research Center on Sensors & Systems Ltd.

- in short -

  • BITNET CCSS is a small private company registered in Cluj, Romania, which is active since 1993 in the field of technological research & consulting.
  • BITNET‘ s activities are carried out at our facilities in Cluj county, or on a teleworking basis. The team is currently composed of 10 professionals, plus personnel employed on a project-by-project basis. It is our solution for keeping project costs low and still high level expertise and flexibility.
  • Actually, BITNET CCSS is participating to several national and international research networks and programs, operating in the following business areas: satellite communications, space objects detection, information technology and innovation.
  • The financial support for our projects is obtained from governmental research grants and contracts concluded with public and private organizations on a commercial basis.
  • BITNET CCSS is involved in the development of the Romanian space program and has completed more than 40 R&D projects until today. Many of our research projects have been co-funded with up to several hundreds of K Euros through national research programs.

A. Public funded satellite telecom projects (selection)

Research at BITNET is project-oriented. In the last few years, several projects focused on the development of satellite telecom applications.

COSMOS (2007-2009): S-band mobile space communication platform for LEO nanosatellites. Partner organization: the Technical University of Cluj. Supported by the national Innovation Program.

PLURIBUS (2007-2010): BITNET is participating to a joint project led by the Romanian Space Agency, regarding co-orbital clusters of nano-satellites operating in a networked environment. Supported through the Space & Security priority within the "Partnerships in priority S&T domains" Program.

GOLIAT (2005-2008) - A joint project led by the Romanian Space Agency and targeting the development and deployment of the first Romanian nanosatellite. BITNET has been selected as Consortium partner having as main task the setup of the telecommunication system.

HOTSAT (2005-2008) -The main purpose of the HOTSAT project was to join European initiatives concerning the development and deployment of innovative satellite & terrestrial wireless broadband access technologies and to test e-Rural applications in Romania. HOTSAT developed a test bed for end-to-end satellite systems validation, to support Romanian participation to future EU space research projects. The project Consortium includes BITNET as main contractor, the Technical University of Cluj, the Romanian Space Agency and Linetron Ltd., and had support from the CEEX program.


Horizon-to-horizon S band antenna..

A low cost S-band earth station prototype developed at BITNET for high data-rate communication experiments with LEO nanosatellites. As far as it will be demonstrated during the Romanian nanosatellite mission or other similar ones, this communication system will allow the downlink of large quantities of data, making nanosat imaging feasible.

Ground station command and control.


B. Satellite telecom value added services

B.1. Technical support in Romania for large scale satellite telecom projects.

Example: BITNET participated as sub-contractor to the upgrade of the global satellite communication network that supports CTBT – the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty. A project led by Hughes Network Systems.

B.2. Several commercial satellite telecom services are provided to the Romanian market, starting with the year 2003.

These services are jointly operated by BITNET and some international companies and covers: terminal integration, testing & installation, telecom service operation, customer support, contracting, new applications development.


C. Space Objects Surveillance Projects

Expertise: optical and radio tracking technologies, system integration and deployment. Available test beds: astronomical observatory at 750 m altitude and orbital radio & optical sources tracking facility at 1.200 m altitude.

Earth-based Surveillance of Space Projects (selection)

URSA (2007-2010): A joint project targeting the development of an experimental ground-based electro-optic and radio deep space surveillance facility in Romania. Partner Organizations: BITNET, the Technical University of Cluj, the Romanian Space Agency and the Astronomical Observatory of the Romanian Academy - Cluj branch. Supported through the Space & Security priority within the "Partnerships in priority S&T domains" Program.

DOG (2005-2006):A preparatory project supporting the development of the first Romanian satellite survey facility. Contracted in the framework of the national Security Research Program. Partner organization: the Astronomical Observatory of the Romanian Academy - Cluj branch.

ScanSat (2004-2006):A small multi-band radio telescope for GEO satellites observation and broadcasts analysis. Contracted in the framework of the Romanian Aerospace Program. Partner organization: the Astronomical Observatory of the Romanian Academy - Cluj branch.

BITNET radio & optical sources tracking testbed.


LEOSCOPE (2008-2011): The long base-line Experimental Low Earth Orbit Optical Surveillance Stereoscope will detect and provide information concerning the orbital parameters of LEO satellites and other bright space objects (meteors, comets, boosters, etc). Other applications are related to stereoscopic astronomy. Partner organizations: BITNET (coordinator), the Technical University of Cluj and the Astronomical Observatory of the Romanian Academy - Cluj branch. Financial support from the Romanian National Research Authority.

Involvement in international Surveillance of Space related activities

RTO SET 056 ET / RTG 147



D. Other services

  • Custom software development / Application outsourcing
  • Operating Systems and Platforms: Windows (Desktop, console and web applications), Unix based and POSX compliant systems (Console and web applications), Other platforms (Development of applications with respect the availability of support for development languages and environments).
  • Programming Languages: C/C++, Pascal/Object Pascal, PHP, PERL, Java, SQL, Cold Fusion Script, JavaScript/JScript/VBScript, JavaScript/JScript/VBScript, XML, UML, HTML/XHTML, SOAP, CSS.
  • Database Engines: Oracle, Sybase, MSSQL, PostgreSQL, Interbase, MySQL.
  • Modeling Tools: Rational Rose, Visio, ERwin.
  • Development Enviroments: Microsoft Visual Studio, Borland C++ Builder, Borland Delphi, Borland J Builder, Macromedia Dreamweaver, Zend Development Enviroment.
  • Graphic Design: Adobe Photoshop, CorelDRAW Graphics Suite, Macromedia Flash.

BITNET CCSS research infrastructure

  • Radio communication and software development labs, close to downtown
  • A test bed for space communication and surveillance of space experiments – in development, 5000 m2 1200 m altitude, 55 Km far from Cluj-Napoca, electromagnetic quiet zone, no light pollution. The test bed hosts BITNET’s astronomical observatory and several antennas for VHF/UHF, L/S and C/Ku bands.
  • Satellite communication equipment
  • Surveillance of space equipment, in development
  • IT&C equipment.
  • International cooperation ideas
  • support to LEO satellite missions (development and operation of a ground station in our testbed)
  • development and/or operation of optical and radio instruments for surveillance of space (space objects, space weather)
  • surveillance of space related data processing
  • space communication experiments.


BITNET CCSS / Public Communication Office: Vasile Lupu 56, Cluj-Napoca, Romania

Contact person:

Octavian Cristea (Mr.), Director

e-mail: octavian.cristea@bitnet.infotel: +40-264-441198

fax: +40-264-595040

For official mail, please use the headquarter address:

BITNET – CCSS, Madach Imre 6, 400464 Cluj-Napoca, Romania

Octavian Cristea is a diplomat physicist of the Babes-Bolyai University Cluj / 1982. Specialized in several fields related to sensor applications, information technologies and space applications.

Professional experience: 25 years of space and information technology applications related project management within the public and private sector. Involved in the Romanian Space Program development since 1984.

Founder of BITNET CCSS in 1993.