Seeing the big picture technology coordinators and librarians working together
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Seeing the Big Picture: Technology Coordinators and Librarians Working Together. Dr. Odin Jurkowski. MOREnet Instructional Technology (MITC) Conference Session 5 ∙ 10.16.07 ∙ 8 :45 – 9:45 am. Last updated 10.12.07.

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Seeing the big picture technology coordinators and librarians working together l.jpg

Seeing the Big Picture: Technology Coordinators and Librarians Working Together

Dr. Odin Jurkowski

MOREnet Instructional Technology (MITC) Conference

Session 5 ∙ 10.16.07 ∙ 8:45 – 9:45 am

Last updated 10.12.07

What this presentation is all about l.jpg
What this Presentation is all About



Making connections

Agenda l.jpg

  • Introduction

  • Information Power

  • Technology Coordinators

  • Commonalities

  • Working Together and Making those Connections

Introduction l.jpg

  • We compliment each other

  • Need to know what others are doing

  • Varies greatly from school to school

  • Impacts student learning

Gayla parks lms l.jpg
Gayla Parks – LMS

My day doesn’t just consist of checking out books to kids – I am constantly meeting the needs of teachers by making sure one has the overhead projector she needs, another has a video projector and the coaxial cable necessary to reach from her computer, that the laptop cart is ready to be wheeled to a classroom, that a math teacher knows where to find a video clip on estimation on United Streaming, and that another math teacher has access to the library computer lab to do a drill-and-practice multiplication exercise. (I did all of this today, by the way).

Information power collaboration leadership technology l.jpg
Information Power:Collaboration – Leadership – Technology

The technology coordinator facilitator as partner l.jpg
The technology coordinator/facilitator, as partner:

The district/building technology coordinator and library media specialist must coordinate to provide support and expertise to teachers, students, and administrators in an effort to seamlessly integrate technology skills into the curriculum.

  • collaborates with the LMS in planning long- and short-range technology goals, including budgets for networking, equipment, and resources;

  • acts as a consultant and facilitator for the LMS to incorporate the use of technology to enhance teaching and learning;

  • supports and facilitates the inservice and professional development activities in the area of technology;

  • promotes the effective and efficient use of information retrieval skills and media production as tools for learning; and

  • keeps the equipment and network in operation.

School administration school library media instructional technology l.jpg
School Administration – School Library Media – Instructional Technology

Academically in the same College, often the same Department, but separate programs

Marian the Librarian

Tech Nerd

Lms and technology coordinators l.jpg
LMS and Technology Coordinators Instructional Technology

  • Versatility in serving students and staff

  • Familiarity with the curriculum

  • Public relation skills

  • Creatively work with reluctant faculty

  • Interact closely with the school administrator

  • Provide leadership

  • Heavy users of technology

  • Provide professional development

  • Jacks-of-all trades

Administrators librarians technology coordinators l.jpg
Administrators – Librarians – Technology Coordinators Instructional Technology

What do we have in common?

  • Graduate school courses

  • Leadership and management skills

  • A commitment to our student’s welfare and progress

  • Total grasp of the curriculum

  • A view of the big picture

Working together l.jpg
Working Together Instructional Technology

  • Equipment

  • Informal teacher support (educational peer)

  • Formal professional development

  • Collaboration

  • Technology planning

Continued l.jpg
Continued… Instructional Technology

  • One Laptop Per Child Project

  • Grants

  • Building a community of learners

Continued15 l.jpg
Continued… Instructional Technology

  • Accidental Technology Steward (ATS): You know you might be an ATS when everyone asks you about the latest social networking tool they hear kids talking about, or how to download the latest thing from the Web that they want to use.

Make those connections l.jpg
Make Those Connections Instructional Technology

  • Serve on committees together

  • Meet over lunch

  • Find time to collaborate

  • Go to a conference together

  • Work on a grant together

References l.jpg
References Instructional Technology

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Contact information l.jpg
Contact Information Instructional Technology

Dr. Odin Jurkowski, Associate Professor &

Program Coordinator, Educational Technology

Department of Educational Leadership & Human Development

College of Education

University of Central Missouri

Lovinger 4200B

Warrensburg MO 64093

phone 660.543.8387

[email protected]