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Road Safety Knowledge Centre  Nick Rawlings Stennik PowerPoint Presentation
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Road Safety Knowledge Centre  Nick Rawlings Stennik

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Road Safety Knowledge Centre  Nick Rawlings Stennik - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Road Safety Knowledge Centre  Nick Rawlings Stennik. Road Safety Knowledge Centre. Statistics: November 2010 10.11.10 10.9.10 Total listings 600 349 Knowledge items 283 153. Road Safety Knowledge Centre. Road Safety Knowledge Centre

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Presentation Transcript

Road Safety Knowledge Centre 

Nick Rawlings


road safety knowledge centre

Road Safety Knowledge Centre

Statistics: November 2010

10.11.10 10.9.10

Total listings 600 349

Knowledge items 283 153

road safety knowledge centre4

Road Safety Knowledge Centre

Road Safety Knowledge Centre

Visits to site (in past month) 1,595 (+44%)

Page views: 6,802

Page views per visit: 4.3

Average time on site: 3’16”

road safety knowledge centre5

Road Safety Knowledge Centre

Statistics: November 2010

Member organisations: 285Subscribers (individuals): 695

Help forum requests: 29

Help forum replies: 80

knowledge centre feedback

Knowledge Centre feedback

It looks fantastic, and I think it will be a really useful resource.Nikki Whiteman, Child Accident Prevention Trust

Great site! Easy to use and very straightforward to submit and edit knowledge. A lot of thought has gone into making this site so easily accessible and user-friendly. Congrats to all concerned.Robert Smith, Road Safety Team Manager, Dorset County Council

First impressions are that it looks good and is easy to navigate.Elizabeth Box MA MSc MCIHT, Head of Research, RAC Foundation

Found the knowledge centre really easy to use and well presented. David Blackburn, Senior Project Officer (Road Safety), Wakefield Council

It looks excellent to me. There is a good mixture of documents & I think it will be very useful to people in the industry and people with an interest in road safety. I especially like the information you have on all the authorities such as population & total road length, that's very useful.Adam Bunce, Assistant Traffic Systems Engineer, Portsmouth City Council

knowledge centre feedback8

Knowledge Centre feedback

Looks good and easy to navigate around the different topics.   Janice Burgess, Area Safety Coordinator, Highways Agency

I’ve registered and had a quick look. It looks very good to me. Adrian C E Hide, Road Safety Manager, Staffordshire County Council

The site is looking good...nice, clear and easy to navigate - a major improvement on Timebank.Iain Temperton, Team Manager, Casualty Reduction Education & Development, Norfolk CC

Many congratulations on the design and the information contained therein. It has a lot of information not found in many other sites and it is one site that that I could use on a regular basis. Michael J. Byrne, Road Safety Services Manager, Dublin City Council

I think the new Centre is brilliant - very easy to use and a great networking tool. Kris Beuret, RSA Ltd

knowledge centre feedback9

Knowledge Centre feedback

This is a brilliant piece of work - very informative and helpful. I can't actually find anything to criticise! Daryl Fraser, senior RSO, Suffolk CC

I haven’t had a great deal of time to look at the site, but what I have seen is impressive!  There’s clearly a lot of work been done on it. I was about to say that I wasn’t sure how much was relevant to road safety engineers, when I spotted “Kerb Your Enthusiasm” – which I am now downloading! This is going to be a useful source of “alerts”, I think, so I’ll add it to my “faves”.Andrew Fraser, senior accident investigation officer, Falkirk Council

Very useful to get a weekly email. I think this will work much better than the Timebank.Rob Camp, Senior Road Safety Officer, Dorset County Council

Weekly email useful. Aware of some of the research and reports available but not all.Hugh Connell, Traffic Management & Safety, Fife Council

It all looks really good, site easy to navigate.Bill Smith, dbda

suggestions for improvement

Suggestions for improvement

Greater scrutiny of submissions (1 comment)

Enhance the way information is listed (2 comments)

Improve the organisation search(1 comment)

Compulsory checklist against each submission (1 comment)