quadrilaterals in the real world l.
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Quadrilaterals in the Real World

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Quadrilaterals in the Real World - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Quadrilaterals in the Real World. You asked, I’ll tell!!!!!!. Following are some examples of quadrilaterals and how they are used in the world. "Escape of a Luggage Fish" . http://www.helmutamann.com/0037L.htm. Broadway Boogie Woogie , 1942-1943.

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quadrilaterals in the real world

Quadrilaterals in the Real World

You asked, I’ll tell!!!!!!

escape of a luggage fish
"Escape of a Luggage Fish"


broadway boogie woogie 1942 1943
Broadway Boogie Woogie, 1942-1943


composition a composition with black red gray yellow and blue
Composition A: Composition with Black Red, Gray, Yellow, and Blue


fountain place dallas tx
Fountain Place; Dallas, TX


st stephen s catholic church
St. Stephen's Catholic Church



Why are we looking at all these quilt patterns? We are going to make a class quilt and you will be responsible for one square of the quilt. So, let’s look at some more!!


You will be responsible for only one square of the class quilt. First, we need to come up with a color scheme.


Your guidelines:

1. Your square will be an 8 ½ inch by 8 ½ inch square.

2. Each shape on your pattern will be made from construction paper.


3. Required shapes:

Either two isosceles trapezoids or a polygon with more than four sides.


Square or Rhombus


Triangles (These are the “staples” to the quilt.)


4. At the end, turn in a color code with your square. For example, square = red

pentagon = green

rectangle = orange