Welcome to the pierce county commercial real estate brokers conference
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WELCOME To the Pierce County Commercial Real estate brokers conference - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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WELCOME To the Pierce County Commercial Real estate brokers conference. September 14 th , 2010 Commercial Real Estate Brokers Conference . Agenda. 8:00 - 8:25 AM Lobby registration 8:30 – 8:45 Joe Phillips, Kevin Phelps Welcome/Introductions 8:45 – 9:00 Deirdre Wilson

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Welcome to the pierce county commercial real estate brokers conference l.jpg
WELCOME To thePierce CountyCommercial Real estate brokers conference

September 14th, 2010 Commercial Real Estate Brokers Conference

Agenda l.jpg

  • 8:00 - 8:25 AM Lobby registration

  • 8:30 – 8:45Joe Phillips, Kevin Phelps Welcome/Introductions

  • 8:45 – 9:00Deirdre Wilson

    Overview: Planning and Development Regulations

    Parcel Research: it’s more than zoning.

  • 9:00 – 9:15 Brandy Riche

    Pierce County GIS

  • 9:15 – 9:30 Deirdre Wilson

    Cottage Industries; Commercial uses in residential zones.

    Non-Conforming Standards: What are they?

  • 9:30 – 9:45 Diana Ranes

    Building Amnesty / Code Enforcement

  • 9:45 – 10:00Steve McClain

    Building and Land Use permits; what does your client need?

  • 10:00 – 10:15 Break

  • 10:15 – 10:30 Steve Chanfrau

    Commercial Sewer pretreatment Review Process.

  • 10:30 – 10:45 Jane Parr

    Traffic Impact Fees

    11. 10:45 – 11:25 Joe Phillips / All

    Q & A

  • 11:25 – 11:30Hans Kueck

    Closing Comments / Thanks

Welcome introductions l.jpg
Welcome / Introductions

Joe Phillips: Economic Development Division

Kevin Phelps, Deputy County Executive

Agenda item 3 l.jpg
Agenda Item #3

Overview: Planning in Pierce County

Deirdre Wilson: Current Planning

Agenda item 35 l.jpg
Agenda Item #3

Planning in Pierce County

Growth Management Overview

Urban Vs. Rural

Establishment of Zoning and Affect of Community Plans

Agenda item 36 l.jpg
Agenda Item #3

Handout overview; “Research Worksheet”

Application for site specific information

Agenda item 4 l.jpg
Agenda Item #4

Pierce County GIS Systems

Brandy Riche: GIS

Gis data options l.jpg
GIS data options

What can you get for free? (Public GIS)

What if you need more data or more functionality?

Order data if you have GIS tools already

Tools available on subscription GIS system

  • How to subscribe to Countyview

  • Cost?

  • Support?

Option 1 publicgis l.jpg
Option 1: PublicGIS

PublicGIS is an internet application available at:


  • Basic/limited data

  • Simple functionality

  • Provides links to additional information

  • Very easy to use

  • Free!

  • Will get a facelift in 2011

Option 2 ordering gis data l.jpg
Option 2: Ordering GIS Data

GIS Data Express:

  • Great for those with local GIS or Autocad capability (we even provide a link to a free GIS data viewer you can download).

  • Internet-based system with approximately 240 datasets available to order.

  • Customized orders with current data (no pre-cut cd’s).

  • Full metadata and data previews available to ensure you are getting the correct data.

  • You will have to sign disclaimer and tell us a little about your project. We use that information to fine tune the assistance and data we provide you.

  • Data provided on CD, DVD, or FTP, and available in a couple of different GIS data formats.

  • Approximately 4-8 themes can be obtained for the minimum processing fee of $80/hr.

  • http://yakima.co.pierce.wa.us/geodataexpress/main.html

Option 3 subscription gis l.jpg
Option 3: Subscription GIS

CountyView Web – a GIS application with data….

  • Original version of CountyView premiered July, 1996

  • User friendly, internet-based application to access more than 800 themes of geographic data for Pierce County

  • Customized and optimized for local government business functions and public service programs

  • Accessible from wireless laptops for field support.

  • Supports users of all skill levels with an easy-to-use interface and a broad range of functions and capabilities

  • Enables users to view data via a clickable data menu, perform locates, query, simple analysis, reports, and map output via agency templates

  • Application and data available made available to subscribers in 2006.

Countyview web l.jpg
CountyView Web

What are the benefits of CountyView subscription?

Efficient and improves the quality of customer service

Access more and better information for issue analysis and decision making

Using the same basic data being used by County departments and subscribing cities

Leverage existing County hardware, software, data, and staff resources for increased productivity and efficiency

Instant GIS capability, web based for portability to field and clients

Training and support by staff that USE the application to ensure your success

Much more than a viewer!

Countyview web13 l.jpg
CountyView Web

  • Best Uses for CountyView Web

  • Display combinations of data themes and analyze their spatial relationships

  • Locate features, addresses, parcels, plats, coordinate pairs

  • Query data and report results

  • Create editable map markup

  • Create template-driven maps quickly and easily using local output devices

  • Create what-if scenarios with client using real data

  • Gather data from multiple sources in one application for ease of use and county-level analysis

Countyview functions l.jpg

CountyView Web

  • User friendly data menu

  • Locator application including place names

  • Owner notify function with address label output in pdf

  • Spatial bookmarks

  • Integration with Google Earth, StreetView, and Bing Maps

  • Ability to do SQL queries

  • Extract tables to Excel

  • Drawing tools for map markup

  • Full metadata–“data about the data”

  • “Identify” tools with direct links to County and non-County websites for further information

  • Buffers, selections, select-by-theme

  • Ability to save your work for later use

  • Map output in pdf on templates customized with company logo

Slide15 l.jpg

CountyView User Experience

Interface is simple, user-friendly and provides lots of functionality.

Table of Contents allows:

-viewing control of layers

-turning labels on/off

-change order of layers

-viewing Metadata

-adjusting symbology

Slide16 l.jpg

CountyView User Experience

Additional tools make everyday tasks easy:

-A searchable and robust data menu that organizes data in logical categories.

-Locates on multiple types of data

-Access to other websites for additional information at your map location.

Slide17 l.jpg

CountyView User Experience

More GIS tools….

-A query builder that allows the user to filter the data.

-Multiple table output formats that provide either a nice view of the data, or usability in Excel.

Slide18 l.jpg

CountyView User Experience

More GIS tools….

-links to other related websites for more accessory information.

-”Owner Notify” tool that allows easy selection of affected parcels, and produces actual PO-compliant labels for printing on mailing labels.

Slide19 l.jpg

CountyView User Experience

More GIS tools….

-markup tools that allow you to draw extra features, label locations of your choice, etc.

-Customized map templates with your business logo provide easy output options to Acrobat PDF files, jpegs, or hardcopy.

Slide20 l.jpg

Who uses CVWeb in Pierce County?

  • County Council

  • County Executive

  • Planning and Land Services

  • Public Works & Utilities

  • Parks and Recreation

  • Assessor/Treasurer

  • Auditor

  • Budget & Finance

  • Sheriff

  • Prosecuting Attorney

  • Dept of Assigned Council

  • Health Department

  • Emergency Management

  • Facilities Management

  • Information Services

Slide22 l.jpg

Subscription Fees

  • 2010 CountyView Web Subscription fee is $1,330/user/yr.

    This includes:

  • Training (4 hour hands-on class)

  • 12 hours phone or onsite support/year

  • Online access from anywhere with a good data connection

  • 24/7 availability with minor maintenance interruptions

Fine Print –

-Limited to companies with offices/projects in Pierce County.

-Accounts are unique – Sharing of account is prohibited and concurrent use is blocked.

-Option available for Orthophotos and other licensed datasets. Requires separate contract and fees.

Slide23 l.jpg

CVWeb Summary

  • A user-friendly application requiring minimal training for the non-GIS user

  • A function-rich program that allows you to grow in your GIS use over time and expand it as needs require

  • A web-based application allowing you to access it from anywhere – work and field.

  • An inexpensive tool to access datasets from many different County departments, as well as partnering agencies and jurisdictions

  • A system to create new products for your clients to increase your revenue stream.

  • A great value!

For more information – contact Brandy Riche, Subscription Coordinator

briche@co.pierce.wa.us, 253-798-4929

Agenda item 5 l.jpg
Agenda Item #5

Cottage Industry / Non-Conforming Standards

Deirdre Wilson: Current Planning

Agenda item 525 l.jpg
Agenda Item #5

Cottage Industry

Handout overview; “Cottage Industry, 18A.35.060”

Application process for Cottage Industry I(AUP) and II(CP)

Non-Conforming Standards

Agenda item 6 l.jpg
Agenda Item #6

Building Amnesty / Code Enforcement

Diana Ranes: Planning and Land Services

Agenda item 627 l.jpg
Agenda Item #6

What is the “Building Amnesty” Program?

What data did we use to identify new buildings, additions or remodels which were constructed without permits?

Benefits: 4 points

What structures are eligible for the program?

Length of program

Agenda item 628 l.jpg
Agenda Item #6

How to apply

Current review status and progress

Response – applications

Amnesty website link…


Agenda item 630 l.jpg
Agenda Item #6

Code Enforcement

A Reactive program

Pierce County responds clearinghouse…..


Or call phone (253) 798-4636

Separation of Enforcement Duties

Time Specific Deadlines

Enforcement Tools

Agenda item 7 l.jpg
Agenda Item #7

Building and Land Use Permits

Steve McClain: Planning and Land Services

Agenda item 732 l.jpg
Agenda Item #7

Are there different building permit types for commercial occupancies?

There are different types of construction activities or tenant changes but only one permit type.

Agenda item 733 l.jpg
Agenda Item #7

Some examples are:

New construction / additions

Tenant Improvement

Change of Tenant

Change of Occupancy/Use

Agenda item 734 l.jpg
Agenda Item #7

When is a permit required?

Any owner or authorized agent who intends to construct, enlarge, alter, repair, move, demolish, or change the occupancy of a building or structure, or to erect, install, enlarge, alter, repair, remove, convert or replace any electrical, gas, mechanical or plumbing system, the installation of which is regulated by this code, or to cause any such work to be done, shall first make application to the building official and obtain the required permit.

Agenda item 735 l.jpg
Agenda Item #7

The bottom line:

Any physical alteration or a new occupancy in a commercial building requires a building permit. There are a couple of exceptions.

  • Same business type with no physical alterations

  • Same occupancy classification with no physical alterations

Agenda item 736 l.jpg
Agenda Item #7

If a permit is required are building plans required?


We always need a floor plan for review. The amount of additional drawings and detail is determined by the type of alterations made to the building or space.

Agenda item 737 l.jpg
Agenda Item #7

Do I have to hire an architect to prepare my plans?

Not necessarily. Plans can often be prepared by a skilled designer who can show competency in preparing plans and providing adequate information to show code compliance.

Agenda item 738 l.jpg
Agenda Item #7

Preliminary Building and Fire Code Reviews

  • Can significantly reduce review time

  • Typically arranged within 7 – 10 days

  • No fees required

Agenda item 739 l.jpg
Agenda Item #7

Additional Regulations to Consider

  • Fire Flow Ordinance

  • Emergency Vehicle Access

  • Hazardous Materials Inventory Statement

  • Sprinkler TI

Agenda item 8 l.jpg
Agenda Item #8


10:00 – 10:15

Agenda item 9 l.jpg
Agenda Item #9

Sewer Pretreatment Requirements

Steve Chanfrau: Public Works and Utilities

Agenda item 942 l.jpg
Agenda Item #9

When is sanitary sewer pretreatment review required by Pierce County?

All commercial building permits on properties connected to sanitary sewer

“Tenant Improvements” on existing structures

Agenda item 943 l.jpg
Agenda Item #9

As determined by review, not all projects will require sewer pretreatment devices, but other pretreatment measures may still be required:

  • Raising a sewer cleanout access to ground surface

  • Additional connection charges if sewer use is substantially increased

    Pretreatment review for some projects can be fast-tracked at the County’s discretion.

Agenda item 944 l.jpg
Agenda Item #9

What are sewer pretreatment devices, and what do they do?

Typical pretreatment devices are grease interceptors and oil/water separators.

Trap fats, oils greases, prevent sewer clogging

Other pretreatment devices: hair, lint, and amalgam traps, acid neutralization traps, and silver recovery systems.

Agenda item 945 l.jpg
Agenda Item #9

When and how is pretreatment application made?

Prior to or together with building permit

“Pretreatment Review” and “Time/Materials” forms are both required at time of application

Forms are available at http://www.piercecountywa.org/pc/abtus/ourorg/pwu/sewer/eng/forms.htm

P.C. Development Center, 2401 South 35th St.

Agenda item 946 l.jpg
Agenda Item #9

Note: If sewer pretreatment devices or measures are required, the expense and time taken for design and construction can have a significant impact on the project.

Pretreatment reviews; 10-15 workdays 1st review, 5-10 workdays subsequent reviews.

Advise clients to plan accordingly

Contact P. C. Sewers at (253) 798-4050

Agenda item 10 l.jpg
Agenda Item #10

Traffic Impact Fees (TIF)

Jane Parr: Public Works and Utilities

Agenda item 1048 l.jpg
Agenda Item #10

What are Traffic Impact Fees?

Effective January 1st, 2007

Charges on new development

Pays for the capital improvements needed to accommodate the increase in traffic due to the new development.

Agenda item 1049 l.jpg
Agenda Item #10

What are Traffic Impact Fees?

Ensures that new development is paying at least a portion of their share of the traffic improvements needed to serve the new growth.

Fees are not arbitrarily set: Based on…..

* Traffic trips generated

* Area of County the Development is in

Agenda item 1050 l.jpg
Agenda Item #10

When are Traffic Impact Fees paid?


At the time a building permit is issued for commercial development.

Agenda item 1051 l.jpg
Agenda Item #10

In the process of implementing an option to defer payment of traffic impact fees to later in the development process.

Payment of fees may be deferred to closing of financing loan/commercial sale or no more than 24 months from time of issuance of building permits.

Planned effective date January 2011.

Agenda item 1052 l.jpg
Agenda Item #10

How are Traffic Impact Fees calculated?

Based on the type of commercial business being proposed, the TIF is determined by the County at the time the impact fee is paid.

TIF is based on applicable Land Use Code and Traffic Service Area (TSA).

TSA Map (Handout)

Agenda item 1053 l.jpg
Agenda Item #10

How are Traffic Impact Fees calculated?

Size of commercial development being proposed (SF GFA / SF GLA)

TIF Calculator available on website


Fee Schedule

Agenda item 1054 l.jpg
Agenda Item #10

Change in Use / Tenant Improvements

A change in use of an existing building (or expansion of existing use) may require impact fees for the new land use category or increased use.

Refer to PC Website below:


Presenters l.jpg

Hans Kueck – Economic Development (253) 798-2335 hkueck@co.pierce.wa.us

Joe Phillips – Economic Development (253) 798-3813 jphilli@co.pierce.wa.us

Kevin Phelps – Deputy County Executive

Deirdre Wilson – Current Planning (253) 798-3713 dwilso4@co.pierce.wa.us

Brandy Riche – GIS (253) 798-4929 briche@co.pierce.wa.us

Diana Ranes – Planning and Land Services (253) 798-7153 dranes@co.pierce.wa.us

Steve McClain – Planning and Land Services (253) 798-3167 smcclai@co.pierce.wa.us

Steve Chanfrau – Public Works and Utilities (253) 798-4129 schanfr@co.pierce.wa.us

Jane Parr – Public Works and Utilities (253) 798-2249 mparr@co.pierce.wa.us

Powerpoint available at http://piercecountywa.org/pc/abtus/ourorg/exec/ecd/Forums_home.htm

Questions remember please complete the evaluation l.jpg
Questions?(Remember! Please Complete the evaluation)

September 14th, 2010 Commercial Real Estate Brokers Conference