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Performance Appraisals

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Performance Appraisals - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Performance Appraisals. 2010 Year-end Process. Goal Setting Dean’s level Unit/Dept Level Planning Performance – Individual Goal setting Development Planning Coaching Performance Reviewing Performance Mid Year Year End. Performance Management Process. How do we measure performance?.

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performance appraisals

Performance Appraisals

2010 Year-end Process

performance management process
Goal Setting

Dean’s level

Unit/Dept Level

Planning Performance – Individual Goal setting

Development Planning

Coaching Performance

Reviewing Performance

Mid Year

Year End

Performance Management Process
how do we measure performance
How do we measure performance?
  • Performance Results
        • What was produced/accomplished?
        • Through Goal-setting
  • Demonstrated Competencies
        • How was it produced/accomplished?
        • Rating performance factors : Job Knowledge, Collaboration & Teamwork, Service Excellence, Communication, Continuous Improvement, Management & Development, Budget Management (new this year)
the written performance appraisal
The Written Performance Appraisal
  • Ask that the staff member complete and return both the Employee Self Evaluation Form and Individual Goals Progress Report.
      • Employee Self Evaluation Form and Individual Goals Progress Report are being submitted to you via email, with a copy to HR, this year.
  • When completing the Performance Appraisal Form focus on the responsibilities of the job as expressed in the job description. Be as objective as possible.
  • Indicate rating for each individual Performance Factor (Scale 1-4)
  • Calculate Overall Rating based on ratings for Performance Factors and Unit and Individual Goals (both are evenly weighted, 50/50).
  • Please ensure that your overall comments are responsive to the Employee Self Evaluation Form and Individual Goals Progress Report, as well as the performance factors.
more on the overall rating
More on the Overall Rating
  • Unit and Individual Goal Performance Rating
    • on a scale of 1 - 4
  • Performance Factor Rating
    • Average rating for 5 – 7 performance factors
  • Calculate the officer’s overall rating.


Goal Performance Rating = 3.5

Performance Factor Average Rating = 3.3

Overall Rating = 3.4

the written performance appraisal6
The Written Performance Appraisal
  • Seek the approval of your Dean or Director responsible for your area. Incorporate any changes he or she may suggest.
  • A draft of all of the completed forms must be emailed to Human Resources and your respective Dean or Director for review prior to meeting with the employee.
  • Make an appointment with the staff member whose performance you will be reviewing. Allow ample time and ensure that you will not be interrupted.
preparing for the performance review meeting
Manager’s Role:

Ask the direct report to prepare

Gather information on performance/ ensure supporting information on performance is available

Complete the performance appraisal

Email appraisal to next level manager & HR for approval

Plan your approach to the discussion

Schedule the meeting

Provide written evaluation to employee

Employee’s Role:

Prepare thorough overview of performance by completing self-report portion of the performance appraisal (Goal Progress Report & Self Evaluation)

Ensure supporting information on performance has been made available

Provide feedback to your supervisor

Work with supervisor in establishing development plan

Preparing for the Performance Review Meeting
at the performance review meeting
At the performance review meeting
  • Discuss your evaluation of the staff member’s performance over the last year and a development plan for the upcoming year.
  • Discuss the status of goals set for the current year and have a discussion regarding goals for the upcoming year.
delivering the written performance review
Delivering the Written Performance Review
  • Email the completed appraisal to the staff member prior to your performance meeting or immediately afterwards, with a copy to HR and your respective dean.
    • It is recommended that you save the document as a read-only file before forwarding to the employee.
      • You can do this by visiting the Tools menu, clicking options, clicking Security and selecting Read-only recommended check-box or
      • by sending to your employee as a read only PDF file. One way this can be done is via using the scan and send function of any of our copy machines located throughout the building.
employee feedback
Employee Feedback
  • Employees may add comments and/or their overall reaction to the evaluation via an email to their supervisor, with a copy to HR for their file.
  • Be sure to set a deadline by which they should submit this feedback.
final thoughts a performance review should answer the following questions for the employee
Final Thoughts:A Performance Review should answer the following questions for the employee?
  • How did my manager rate my overall performance?
  • How did my manager determine the overall rating?
  • What were my performance strengths during this performance year?
  • What areas do I need to improve/develop further?
  • What are the next steps for developing my knowledge and skills?
  • How did I perform against my goals?
  • What are the gaps between my perception of my performance and my manager’s perception?
performance calendar
Performance Calendar
  • Upcoming Dates:
    • May 14th – Self Evaluations and Individual Goal Progress Reports due to Supervisors via email
    • May 28th – Performance Appraisals due
    • June – Performance Review Meetings Held