Its deployment global thinking and local action
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ITS Deployment: Global Thinking and Local Action. Patrick Conroy California PATH PATH Annual Meeting October 24-25, 2002. Project Team/Schedule. Joint PATH / INRETS Research (MOU) Patrick Conroy (PATH) Jean-Luc Ygnace (INRETS) Acknowledge Respondents Centered at INRETS, Lyon

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Its deployment global thinking and local action l.jpg

ITS Deployment: Global Thinking and Local Action

Patrick Conroy

California PATH

PATH Annual Meeting

October 24-25, 2002

Project team schedule l.jpg
Project Team/Schedule

  • Joint PATH / INRETS Research (MOU)

    • Patrick Conroy (PATH)Jean-Luc Ygnace (INRETS)

    • Acknowledge Respondents

    • Centered at INRETS, Lyon

  • April 1 - July 31, 2002(Completed On Time)

Project goals l.jpg
Project Goals

  • Identify Factors for Success:- Institutional (between organizations)- Organizational (within organizations)

  • Summarize Current European/U.S. Policies and Programs

Its vs traditional solutions l.jpg
ITS vs Traditional Solutions

  • Technology Insertion, Interoperability and Maintenance

  • System Approaches for Planning, Operations and Service Connectivity

  • Private Sector Products/Services Linked to Public Infrastructure/Services

Project description l.jpg
Project Description

PATH Working Paper No. UCB-ITS-PWP-2002-8 (TO 4145)

Institutional/Organizational Aspects Addressed:

• Planning and Funding Processes

• Decision Support Tools

• Deployment Agency Characteristics

• Public Partnership Arrangements

• Private Sector Products/Services


Methodology l.jpg

  • Literature/Web Search (Europe)

  • Reviewed ITS-A 10-year Plan and National Dialogue on Operations

  • Developed Questionnaires (2 sets)

  • Interviewed France DOT Officials

  • Conducted 4 Case Studies

  • Top-down/Bottom-up Analysis

European policies l.jpg
European Policies

  • EU Transport Policy for 2010 w/ITS annex

  • e-Europe 2002 Action Plan- IT-competitive Europe- R&D to Accelerate ITS Deployment- Remove Barriers to Private Mobility Services

  • e-Safety Initiative Soon (coop vehicle- highway systems)

European programs l.jpg
European Programs

  • ITS Deployment- Trans-European Transport Network- National ITS Programs w/ EU Funding - ITS City Pioneers (mainstreaming)- Galileo Civil-use Satellite

  • Trans-European Road Network- 6 Multinational Collaborations- Monitoring, pre/in-trip info, coop cross- border traffic/incident mgmt, TMC networking, ETC, etc.

European research programs l.jpg
European Research Programs

  • Broad Themes: “Integrated Europe” and “Quality of Life in IT Society”

  • Well Funded: 17.5 Billion Euros (next 5 yrs)

  • Process Promotes Practitioner Involvement

  • Substantial ITS Elements

  • First Order Priority: Reliable/Consistent Data on Transport Demand, Vehicle Flows and Refinement of Forecasting Tools

National example france l.jpg
National Example: France

  • 2001 Master Plan Objectives- Optimum Use of Existing Infrastructure- Promote Enviro-friendly Modes (Info & Pricing)- Safety

  • State Priority Actions- Lead/Coordinate Multimodal ATIS- Interface State Traffic Mgmt w/ Local & Transit- Integrate Highway/Transit Fare Payment - Software for Decision Support- Data Collection/Dissemination

U s policies programs l.jpg
U.S. Policies/Programs

  • ITS America 10-year Plan: Culture of Transport Management/Operations

  • USDOT Dialogue on Operations: Proceedings, 2001 Summit (Maryland)

  • Federal ITS R&D: IVI and Clubby

Case studies its user services l.jpg
Case Studies:ITS User Services

  • Traffic Management: Ile de France/Paris

  • Traffic Safety: Truck Digital Tach (EU)

  • Transit: Marseilles

  • Integrated ITS: Los Angeles

Case studies interesting aspects l.jpg
Case Studies:Interesting Aspects

  • Paris/Ile de France:Traffic- Multidepartment w/in France DOT (SIER)- Operational Agreements (SIER/Paris)- Link Travel Times on CMS

  • Marseilles: Transit- Recognized ITS Value by Capital Group- Interaction bwt Fleet and Transit Ops Centers- Integrated Fare Pay’t & Non-transport Uses- Urban Community (MPO type)- Private Providers w/ Incentives to Expand

Case studies interesting aspects16 l.jpg
Case Studies:Interesting Aspects

  • Los Angeles IMAJINE: Integrated ITS- Regional/National ITS Architecture- Link to “Early Deployment” Planning- Expanded Countywide w/RIITS Initiative- Model for Demo to Deployment?- Formal Evaluation to Address Synergies

  • EU Digital Tachograph:Safety- Regulatory, Mandated Approach- EU Research/Private Development

Findings policy program review l.jpg
Findings: Policy/Program Review

  • EU and U.S. Roles/Environments Similar- Policy Direction w/Funding Incentives- European National = U.S. State DOTs - Regional/Local Issues & Influences

  • Consistent Theme of Quality Data Needs

  • ITS Recognized as Integrated Framework and Toolbox (U.S. lead on architecture)

Findings policy program review20 l.jpg
Findings: Policy/Program Review

  • Europe Transit: Seamless Door - Door Services w/ “Livable Cities” Theme

  • U.S. Focus on Mainstreaming System Mgmt and Organizational Shortcomings

  • European R&D Model Better for Research to ITS Deployment

Findings case study reviews l.jpg
Findings: Case Study Reviews

  • Planning and Funding Processes- Success In Spite of Planning/Funding Process- Resource Gaps for Tech Support and O&M

  • Decision Support Tools- No Customized Tools for ITS/System Mgmt ID’d- Current Methods Undervalue ITS/System Mgmt- Lessons from Others Utilized

  • Deployment Agency Characteristics- Success in Spite of Organizational Structures- IT Expertise Gap: Use of Contractors

Findings case study reviews22 l.jpg
Findings: Case Study Reviews

• Partnership Arrangements- Success from Special Regional Partnerships- Issue of Equitable Funding Shares

• Private Sector Products/Services- Some ATIS, but Gov’t Competition- Innovation for Private Transit Services- Digital Tachograph: Industry Refinement of Gov’t R&D

Findings policy vs local reality l.jpg
Findings: Policy vs Local Reality

  • Contrasts- ITS Vision vs Local Political “Hot Buttons” - No Local Rules for Public/Private Partnerships

  • Synergies- Architectures and Standards Helped- EU R&D Fed All European Cases Studied- State-of-the-Practice Info Helped

Resources contacts l.jpg

Resources / Contacts

List of European ITS-related Activities, Websites and Contacts in Report

Current status l.jpg
Current Status

  • TRB Presentation?

  • Follow-up Project (TO 4157):- Complete LA IMAJINE (Caltrans/City Inputs)- Add U.S. Case: San Antonio Transguide- European Road Network: Virtual Interstate?- French Private Toll Roads: Value of ATIS