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Executive Director Update

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Executive Director Update . John Opper Executive Director May 27, 2010. Legislative Update . Overall increase in state budget of 4 billion (3 billion in stimulus + gambling compact + trust and road funds).

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Presentation Transcript
executive director update

Executive Director Update

John Opper

Executive Director

May 27, 2010

legislative update
Legislative Update
  • Overall increase in state budget of 4 billion (3 billion in stimulus + gambling compact + trust and road funds).
  • SUS – Overall increases in budget with 8% tuition increase with optional 7% available. Fee increases.
  • Colleges – 39 million increase in state and federal funds for growth, 8% tuition increase (or 2.7% if a veto).
  • PECO – Additional $297 million made available.
  • Next year - (the Cliff Year) – no federal stimulus so cuts are anticipated to all areas of the budget. Shortfall could reach 5 billion according to some estimates.
legislative update3
Legislative Update
  • Consortium Operations – Cut 3%
  • Repository Maintenance - not funded
  • Online Registration
    • Continued development of identified issues – report due December 2010.
    • Implementation of process in Fall 2010.
    • Catalog modernization will be required to proceed.
h e conforming hb 5201
H.E. Conforming – HB 5201
  • LicensingElectronic Library Resources – a new section of statue (1006.72, F.S.) was created that proscribes a process for the joint licensing of electronic library resources by Florida colleges, state universities, school districts and public libraries
  • Textbook Affordability – The section of statute concerning textbook affordability (1004.085, F.S.) was amended to include the consideration of open access textbook alternatives as well as encouraging faculty and academic departments to participate in the development, adaptation and review of open access textbooks – particularly for high-demand general education courses.
pre k education conforming hb 5101
Pre-K Education Conforming – HB 5101
  • School District Virtual Instruction Programs – Section 1002.45, F.S. was amended to include community colleges as potential approved providers of virtual instruction programs in partnership with a school district.
  • Instructional Materials – Section 1006.28, F.S. was amended to include “electronic content” within the list of instructional materials that may be considered for use by a school district.
  • Learning Management Systems – a new section of Florida Statute was created (s. 1006.281, F.S. – Learning Management Systems) that encourages the use of learning management systems by school districts and establishes minimum functionality for such systems.
  • Access to Library Electronic Resources – Section 1007.27, F.S. was amended to provide accelerated students in dual enrollment, early admission, advanced placement and other such programs access to FCLA and CCLA electronic library resources.
library automation proviso
Library Automation Proviso
  • Sunlink - Funds were provided to the College Center for Library Automation and the Department of Education to transfer the Sunlink bibliographic database to CCLA for inclusion in its online discovery tool to make it searchable by school district students, staff and parents.
  • Union Catalog – Both CCLA and FCLA have been directed to expand their online discovery tools to allow a user to search simultaneously their combined holdings and applicable electronic resources. In addition, the holdings of Sunlink, the State Library of Florida and the public libraries are to be included when and where feasible. The expanded search function is to be implemented by September 1, 2010.
board of governors hb 7237
Board of Governors – HB 7237
  • Governance changes – settlement of lawsuit.
  • Expansion and differentiation of authority
  • Establish regulations for SUS
  • Mission alignment
  • Fee flexibility
    • Fee rates
    • Propose new fees
    • Flexible tuition
  • Market rates for online graduate level programs and graduate level programs within cont. educ..
board of governors hb 72378
Board of Governors – HB 7237
  • Establishes a Higher Education Coordinating Council – Section 1004.015, F.S.
    • Commissioner of Education
    • Chancellor College System
    • Chancellor State University System
    • Executive Director Commission for Independent Education
    • President of ICUF
    • 2 members from the business community
  • Advisory board to the Legislature, State Board of Education and the Board of Governors
follow up items
Follow-Up Items
  • Social Networking Policy Workgroup
    • Anne Southard
    • Kathy Cobb
    • Bill Mullowney
    • Other College and University Attorneys
  • Florida SmartNet Grant – 103 million – Sept 30?
  • Florida Association of Educational Data Systems (FAEDS)
    • September 19-22 – Orlando
    • Kenneth Green – Campus Computing Project
    • Hal Davidson – Discovery Learning
  • Website Revisions
  • Annual Report - Collecting information
research assistance
Research Assistance
  • Kristi Caravella