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EasyRealtySites Reseller Program

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EasyRealtySites Reseller Program. The Best Website Sales Program In the Real Estate Industry. Why would you consider selling websites to Realtors®. There are 1.4 million Realtors® nationwide making NAR (the National Association of Realtors®) the largest professional organization in the country

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easyrealtysites reseller program

EasyRealtySites Reseller Program

The Best Website Sales Program

In the Real Estate Industry

why would you consider selling websites to realtors
Why would you consider selling websites to Realtors®
  • There are 1.4 million Realtors® nationwide making NAR (the National Association of Realtors®) the largest professional organization in the country
  • Each Realtor® may belong to a local association &/or a company, but they are all independent businesses responsible for generating their own business & marketing themselves.
  • With 80% of all real estate business coming from the Internet, Realtors® generally understand the value of & know they should have their own personal website.
why would you consider selling websites to realtors3
Why would you consider selling websites to Realtors®
  • With the advent of IDX (Information Data Exchange) each Realtor® has the ability to have their local MLS search on their site. This levels the playing field by making a website of a brand new Realtor® with no listings have the same amount of MLS data as the biggest players in the industry.
  • Websites are a very inexpensive & effective form of promotion & we at EasyRealtySites make it easier then any other website company to get a great localized site with all the tools & features they are looking for up & running quickly & affordably.
how it works
How it Works

As an independent 1099 Contractor, you will have the liberty & freedom to work when and how much you want. You will determine how much money you will make.

The EasyRealtySites system is set up so that you shouldn’t have to work long hours & can use your time the way you want…… like spending time with your friends or family.

EasyRealtySites vows to give you give a strong product & all the tools you need to ensure that you will have the confidence in to promote & sell.

so how do i make money
So how do I make money?
  • For every website you help start up, you will get…
  • A sign up bonus
  • A percentage of the on-going residual monthly hosting (which definitely adds up over time)
  • Many upgrade services (both one time & monthly fees) including the “I Need Help, We Build It For You Program” where you help build their website for them. This personal one on one attention is something no other company in the industry offers & helps separate us from the pack.

Plus there are goal attainment bonuses & the Marketing Reinvestment Program where EasyRealtySites contributes $25 of each We Build It For You Package you sell towards replenishing your sales materials.

earning potential
Earning Potential

This is a program that provides you several ways to make both excellent short & long term income potential!

= Great short term income

Site sign up bonuses & one time fees

Each site you sign up helps build up your base of accounts with residual or re-occurring monthly billing

= Great long term income potential

the easyrealtysites differences
The EasyRealtySites Differences

6 Reasons to go with EasyRealtySites

Why both you & your future customers will want to do business with us

the easyrealtysites differences8
The EasyRealtySites Differences

Best value in the industry, period!


The Product

An EasyRealtySites website is the best value in the industry, as it is inexpensive, powerful & flexible.

Our base pricing includes site & e-mail hosting, technical support & in most markets IDX!

  • Agent Sites are only $25/mo
  • Brokerage Sites (which include a separate login secured Intranet site) are only $45/mo
  • There are upgrades that can be added for $5-10/mo ala carte or in the Bonus Upgrade Package for only $25/mo
the easyrealtysites differences9
The EasyRealtySites Differences

Market Specific Global Sites


The Easy Set Up

We make it quicker & easier for a Realtor® to get a website up & running than any other company by building out market specific global sites.

This makes it so that at sign up, each customer you sell to will instantly have a site with 60+ pages of content including their local information sections, local meta data (keywords for search engines) and their MLS data/local IDX search.

This gives your customers a totally serviceable site at sign up without any additional time or energy needed.

the easyrealtysites differences10
The EasyRealtySites Differences

Unparalleled Customer Service


Localized Help

EasyRealtySites has built our reputation on a high level of personalized customer service. While our program is built around giving the customer the ability to update & change their site themselves, we offer to assist them every step of the way in getting their site set up, updating it, etc.

Aside from the free level of customer service provided that our competitors offer, we also offer the “We Build It For You” (WBI4U) Program that entails that our staff builds the website for the customer for a fee.

An added service you will be able to offer as a reseller is the WBI4U Plus Program, where you can help a customer set up their site in the comfort of their office for an additional fee & your commission on this service can be up to 75%!

the easyrealtysites differences11
The EasyRealtySites Differences

The Easiest to use Admin in the industry



CoolSites is more flexible & easier to use than any of our competitors

Users can add/edit/delete content from their site using this extremely user friendly program & we give our customers more tools & access to aspects of their site (such as HTML code, meta tags, alt tags & more) to facilitate making their sites more powerful & optimized for search engines then any other vendor

the easyrealtysites differences12
The EasyRealtySites Differences

We’ve got your back


Reseller Support

EasyRealtySites will provide you training on product knowledge, sales techniques, provide collateral materials & more.

Colony One will provide technical support for your clients so that you can focus on selling.

This level of service we provide will give you the peace of mind & allow you to focus on just selling & servicing your accounts

the easyrealtysites differences13
The EasyRealtySites Differences

Capitalize on our Success


Proven Track Record

So far with a minimal sales force, EasyRealtySites has been able to generate 1,000’s of customers & establish exclusive partnerships with several Realtor® associations.

We have been in the trenches and can let you know what does/doesn’t work, provide you testimonials for just about any situation and do what ever we can to facilitate your sales efforts.

As a reseller, you can take advantage of our successes & dominate your market area, as no national vendor we compete with offers a product that compares to ours’ in terms of tools, sophistication, localization or customer service.


Step 2 - Get Ready, Get Set, Go!

If you are signing up to be a reseller in an existing market in the EasyRealtySites system, you will receive your training & Reseller Kit within a week & will be able to start making appointments & sales right away

  • Obtain & then set up the MLS Data Feed (Note: Occasionally the local association assess a fee for this that EasyRealtySites will split with the reseller)
  • Research & create the Local Market Global Site content
  • Integrate your market into the site sign up process on EasyRealtySites.com

If you are signing up to be a reseller in a market that is new to the EasyRealtySites system, there will be a one month set up period to allow us to do the following:


The EasyRealtySites Reseller Promise

We only ask that you fulfill the Reseller Promise maintain a high level of service & represent the company in a favorable manner in the following ways

  • Provide good on-going customer service
  • Be accessible & responsive to current & prospective customers via phone, cell phone &/or e-mail during business hours (same day response time is expected)
  • Be on time & represent the company in a professional manner (appearance & demeanor) with potential or current customers
  • Make a consistent sales effort & maintain at least an average of 8 sales per month.
easyrealtysites colony one you teamwork partners in success
EasyRealtySites, Colony One & YouTeamwork & Partners In Success!

If you are interested in becoming an

EasyRealtySites Reseller or have any questions,

Please Call us at 888-693-2797 ext 801