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SIDEWINDER In a nutshell… J-Craft offers you the Sidewinder—an All Season body that provides standard dump body use as well as versatile winter snow and ice control.

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in a nutshell
In a nutshell…

J-Craft offers you the Sidewinder—an All Season body that provides standard dump body use as well as versatile winter snow and ice control.

The Sidewinder is used in winter conditions throughout the US including the State of Connecticut DOT across the country to the City of Colville, Washington.

The Sidewinder provides solutions that cannot be solved with standard dump body and spreaders.

versatility during winter
Versatility during Winter

Do you…

  • …need your trucks ready quickly for a water main break repair?
  • …need to plow snow and then haul it away in the body?
  • …need to dump excess salt out of the body throughout the winter?
  • …need to be ready for a surprise! early or late snowfall?
height advantage
Height Advantage

Do you drive through areas with…

  • …power lines?
  • …bridges?
  • …tree branches?

Do your drivers remember to lower the body in these cases…every time??


Do you…

  • …struggle to safely plow up and down hills or steep grades?
  • …need to have salt/sand delivered in front of your tires for increased traction?
year round use
Year-Round Use

The Sidewinder offers the full benefits of a standard style dump body. You can choose to:

  • Remove the conveyor for simple summer maintenance, or,
  • Keep the conveyor intact and covered with a drop-down panel…minimizing storage of spreader equipment.

The Sidewinder uses cylinders on the passenger side that lift 2/3 of the floor and side moving the material to the conveyor.


A conveyor, on the drivers side, moves material toward the front. Material flows onto a spinner spreading sand and salt up to 25 feet with continuous feed from the body.

sidewinder features
Sidewinder Features
  • Heavy duty box braced tailgate
  • Full depth corner posts with additional support on right rear
corrosion resistance
Corrosion Resistance
  • COR-TEN Steel (Stainless Available)
  • Inverted chrome cylinder
  • Body sidewall uses one continuouspiece from top rail to running board-prevents moisture and freezing
  • 100% continuous welds
  • ¼” Full depth corner posts
  • Spinner guard keeps salt away from driveline

The Sidewinder uses heavy duty I-beam understructure for superior rigidity.


The Sidewinder uses an inverted trunnion mount cylinder with a domestically sourced hydraulic motor that is interchangeable with many others.

sidewinder options
Sidewinder Options
  • Stainless construction
  • Spinner baffle kit
  • Tailgate chutes for material flow control
  • Four section body screens
  • Summer chute
  • Manual or speed oriented rate controls
  • Removable conveyor