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Local Floodplain Management and the National Flood Insurance Program PowerPoint Presentation
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Local Floodplain Management and the National Flood Insurance Program

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Local Floodplain Management and the National Flood Insurance Program - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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CHAPTER 4 DUTIES OF THE LOCAL ADMINISTRATOR. Local Floodplain Management and the National Flood Insurance Program. Review Applications Provide Base Flood Data Review Plans and Specifications Ensure that All Other Permits are Obtained. Notification of Watercourse Alterations

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Local Floodplain Management and the National Flood Insurance Program

the nine fundamental duties
Review Applications

Provide Base Flood Data

Review Plans and Specifications

Ensure that All Other Permits are Obtained

Notification of Watercourse Alterations

Issue or Deny Permits

Inspect Development

Record Keeping

Remedy Violations

The Nine Fundamental Duties
floodplain ordinances
Floodplain Ordinances
  • Model provided by MS and LA
  • Local Authority
    • Permits
    • General Standards
      • Flood loss reduction methods and practices
      • Protection of utilities and services
    • Specific Standards
      • Lowest floor elevation
      • Floodproofing nonresidential buildings
      • Manufactured Homes/ RV’s/ Subdivisions

Flood Damage Prevention Ordinance

State provided model Flood Damage Prevention Ordinance, updated 3/2005.

Provides assistance in complying with the minimum participating criteria of the NFIP.


Local Floodplain Permit Requirememts

ANY development in the mapped floodplain

requires permit review

Buildings must be protected

Residential – elevated

Non-residential – floodproofed

Minimal value – wet floodproofed

Other development activities must not

alter or divert flood waters or flood neighbors.


Permit Issuance

The process of administering & issuing…

  • The floodplain development permit is issued for everything that alters the floodplain.
  • Every development proposal must be reviewed in regard to its location.
  • What is development?

Permit Issuance(continued)

Floodplain Development Permit Application

  • Sample permit forms available on the MEMA NFIP web page.
  • It is important that you flag all FP permits to facilitate review, inspections, and file maintenance.
  • Maintain log or database (Biennial Report and CAV inspections.)

Permit Issuance(continued)

Determining When a FP Permit is Needed

  • Every permit must have the detail to establish if proposed development is in the SFHA.
  • Check the FIRM.
  • Require the use of the FEMA elevation certificate.
plans and spec s
Plans and Spec’s

Reviews plans and specifications for conformance with NFIP floodplain management criteria...

  • Site plan
  • Foundation design details
  • Thoroughly notated plans
site plan


333.9 x

333.1 x


BFE 332

329.1 x

x 332.6



Site Plan

Permit Issuance(continued)

The Application Review

  • Use a Review Checklist;
  • Determine if the Application is Complete;
  • Additional Permits;
  • Determine the BFE, AE Zones (with elevations);
  • Determine the BFE, V Zones (with elevations);
  • Determine the BFE, A Zones;
  • Review site plans and construction drawings; and,
  • Require an EC as soon as the foundation is constructed and Lowest Floor established.

Permit Issuance(continued)

Floodway Encroachments

  • Floodway applications must have engineering data and certification.
  • Buildings already located within the floodway are “grandfathered,” and may remain in the floodway. However, sub dam or sub improvements triggers full compliance. Original building footprint must be used.

Permit Issuance(continued)

Altering a Watercourse

  • The carrying capacity of watercourse cannot be altered to be less than natural capacity.
  • An alteration cannot cause an increase in flooding upstream or downstream.
  • Notify adjacent communities, the State, and FEMA.

Permit Issuance(continued)

Acting on the Permit Application

  • After you complete the permit review, you have two options:
    • Approve the Permit.
    • Deny the Permit.

Reasons to approve or deny are?

record keeping
Record Keeping
  • Maintains records of floodplain development...
  • Application, Inspection Records
  • Compliance Records, i.e., Certified As-Built Lowest Floor Elevations, Variance Actions
  • Flood Insurance Rate Map Corrections (LOMA/Rs)
  • Assist public in reviewing maps.

State’s Role

  • MEMA and LDOT serve as the State Coordinating Agencies
  • State NFIP Coordinator provides:
    • Technical and Program Assistance;
    • Ordinance Review;
    • Assists with CRS program;
    • Conducts training;
    • Performs CAC and CAV actions, and;
    • Reports community reports to FEMA.

STATE ROLE (cont.)

FPM Handbooks

Post Disaster Guides

Quick Reference Guides

Examples and templates

Web sites


I’m here to see your

SFHA Permit files and

Elevation Certificates.

community assistance visit
Community Assistance Visit

The CAV provides a means to render technical assistance and a process to correct program deficiencies and violations.

community assistance visit cont
Community Assistance Visit (cont.)
  • Violation: is the failure of a structure or other development to be fully compliant with the community’s ordinance.
community assistance visit cont25
Community Assistance Visit (cont.)
  • Remedy: to bring into full or partial compliance with ordinance to the maximum extent possible, given practical and legal constraints.
community assistance visit cont26
Community Assistance Visit (cont.)
  • Possible violations:
    • Floodway encroachment
    • Structure below BFE
    • Structure not properly anchored
    • A/C, electric components not flood resistant
    • Proper venting (sufficient openings or no openings)
effects of suspension or non participation in the nfip
Effects of Suspension or Non-Participation in the NFIP
  • No federally-backed flood insurance.
  • No federal/state grants and loans.
  • No federal flood disaster assistance.
  • No federal mortgage insurance.