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Biotech hotbed

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Biotech hotbed. Uppsala BIO. Uppsala BIO is an initiative from the local biotech industry, the two universities in Uppsala and regional development bodies. Its aim is to promote the long-term growth of the biotech sector in the region. Why hotbed?. Look at what grows here.

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Uppsala BIO

  • Uppsala BIO is an initiative from the local biotech industry, the two universities in Uppsala and regional development bodies. Its aim is to promote the long-term growth of the biotech sector in the region.

Look at what grows here

  • Successful start-ups
  • Fast-movers
  • Global-leaders

Olink – a new biotech start-up

  • Olink, a venture between university researchers and local entrepreneurs, has developed a new method of analyzing proteins. In one format, the technology uses high-precision micro-structures made via polymer replication.
  • Jonas Jarvius, Ph.D. student, Uppsala University, and co-founder of Olink

Olink – success factors

  • Outstanding research facilities (Rudbeck and Ångström labs)
  • Close proximity to local companies (e.g. Åmic)
  • Support from Uppsala BIO-X plus local entrepreneurs
  • Uppsala’s track record of commercializing biotech innovation
  • Followed a well-proven pathway (innovation, patent, proof-of-principle, market need, business plan, initial financing)

NeoPharma – fast track to market and sales

  • NeoPharma’s first pharmaceutical, Duodopa®, has been approved for the treatment of Parkinson’s disease in Sweden and nine other European countries.
  • Ulf Rosén, CEO, NeoPharmaChrister Nyström, Professor, Uppsala University

NeoPharma – success factors

  • Access to staff and management with solid experience from the industry
  • Pharmaceutical research at the university’s Department of Pharmacy
  • Hospital staff and researchers coordinate clinical evaluation with NeoPharma (principle investigator at the hospital)
  • Close proximity to Swedish Medical Products Agency (MPA)
  • MPA acts as reference member state for marketing authorization in EU within the framework of the Mutual Recognition Procedure

Q-Med – world-leader in facial esthetics. Growing force in medical implants.

  • RESTYLANE™ products dominate the world market for filling out lips, wrinkles and folds. DEFLUX™ and ZUIDEX™ enjoy increasing success in treating uro-gynecological disorders.
  • Bengt Ågerup, founder and CEO, Q-Med

Q-Med – success factors

  • Corporate HQ exercises complete global responsibility
  • One center for business strategy, R&D, clinical research, product manufacture, marketing and sales
  • Skilled personnel available in the region – ‘from people who understand production to those who know how to sell’
  • In-house ‘business school’ promotes individual development
  • International location

Sweden’s business climate

  • Wages among the lowest in Europe, especially for scientists
  • Corporate tax (28%) is the continent’s next lowest
  • Dividends from foreign subsidiaries not subject to Swedish taxation
  • Deregulated society and infrastructure
  • Recognized success in high-tech industrial ventures
  • People work across company and organizational borders

Source: Invest in Sweden Agency Biotechnology Report, 2002.


Powerful force in biotechnology

  • Europe’s fourth largest biotech industry (biggest in relation to population/GDP)
  • Best climate for biotech research and innovation plus the highest quality workforce*
  • Fruitful collaboration between industry, universities and public healthcare
  • Academic researchers retain commercial rights to their discoveries
  • Support from experienced life science venture capitalists
  • Centralized public health system with unique medical and genetic records
  • Source: Invest in Sweden Agency Biotechnology Report, 2002.

*Cap Gemini Ernst & Young.


European biotech industry 2003

European companies per country

Source: Ernst & Young


Unbroken tradition of scientific achievement

  • Century Scientist Achievement Nobel prize
  • 18th O. Rudbeck The lymphatic system
  • 18th C. Linnæus Systema Naturæ classification
  • 18th A. Celcius Thermometric scale (°C)
  • 18th J.J. Berzelius Chemical elements (Se, Th, Si, Ti, Z)
  • 19th A. J. Ångström Modern spectroscopy (Å unit)
  • 19-20th M. Siegbahn X-ray spectroscopy
  • 19-20th T. Svedberg Ultracentrifuge
  • 20th A. Tiselius Electrophoresis
  • 20th K. Siegbahn Electron spectroscopy
  • 20th J.Porath, P. Flodin Gel filtration
  • 20th G. Johansson, Immunoglobulin E
  • H. Bennich, L. Wide

C. Linnæus

T. Svedberg

A. Tiselius


Unrivalled track-record of commercial success


(Personal Chemistry

and Pyrosequencing)

Personal Chemistry 14 MUSD



Q-Med 78 MUSD

Biacore 67 MUSD



  • Pharmacia Biotech
  • Amersham Biosciences
  • GE Healthcare

10 000 MUSD

Pharmacia Diagnostics

204 MUSD

AMO Uppsala

114 MUSD







Function of

Hyaluronic acid


SPR Biosensors



Microwave synthesis

Turnover for 2003


The competence to develop biotechnology

  • More than half of Sweden’s biotech firms in the 70-kilometer Uppsala – Stockholm corridor
  • Uppsala University, the University Hospital and the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences in the north
  • Karolinska Institute (KI), Stockholm University and the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) in the south
  • Almost 10% of Uppsala’s workforce employed in biotech-related businesses

Tools for Life Science

  • Employees: Approx. 1,500 in privately-owned industries in Uppsala
  • Speciality:Drug discovery systems, medical diagnostics, protein separations

Pharmaceuticals and biomedical devices

  • Employees:Approx. 1,800 in privately-owned industries in Uppsala
  • Speciality:Improved drug delivery is a strong niche


  • Employees:Approx. 600 in privately-owned industries in Uppsala
  • Speciality:Both human and veterinary applications

The skills to develop biotechnology

  • Broad industrial expertise and business know-how
  • Steady supply of young scientists (many with MBAs) and ideas
  • Leading center for clinical research and trials
  • Home of the Swedish Medical Products Agency, the National Food Administration, the National Veterinary Institute,and the WHO monitoringcenter for drug side-effects
  • Leading role in Human Proteome Project

Uppsala Biotech Sector

Basic research

Research tools and platforms

Discovery and



and registration

Eureda, Quintiles, Statisticon,

MPA (also reference member state for authorization in the EU)

Swedish Agricultural University,

Uppsala University

Biacore, Biotage, GE Healthcare,

Gyros, Olink, Quiatech, Uppsala Imanet, Åmic

Innoventus, NeoPharma, Orexo, Pharmacia Diagnostics, Q-Med, ResistentiaPharmaceuticals

Scaling up

Production to full GMP

Health and

medical care



Fresenius Kabi, Pfizer,

GIN-laboratory, NeoPharma, Q-Med

University Hospital

University Hospital,

Uppsala ClinicalResearch Center, Centre for Clinical Testing of Foodstuffs


Leading campus areas

  • Biomedical Centre – chemistry, pharmacology, surface biotechnology, bioinformatics
  • Linnæus Center for Bioinformatics
  • Ångström Laboratory – material sciences, physics, energy, MEMS
  • Center for Mathematics and Information Technology
  • Uppsala Genetics Center – plant biology and forest genetics
  • Veterinary Medicine Center
  • Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research
  • Rudbeck Laboratory – molecular genetics and medicine
  • University Hospital – clinical research, clinical trials
  • Uppsala Clinical Research Center

Rudbeck Laboratorymolecular genetics and medicine

Center for Mathematics and Information Technology

Ångström Laboratorymaterial sciences, physics, energy, MEMS

SVANational Veterinary Institute

Veterinary Medicine Center

UniversityHospitalclinical research, clinical trials

Uppsala BIO

MPAMedical Products Agency

Uppsala Clinical Research Center

Dag Hammarskjölds väg

Biomedical Centrechemistry, pharmacology, surface biotechnology, bioinformatics

Linnæus Center for Bioinformatics

Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research

Uppsala Genetics Centerplant biology and forest genetics


The will to develop biotechnology

  • Strong culture of academic/industrial and company/company collaboration
  • Open attitude plus world-class biotech and clinical research
  • Post-Pharmacia atmosphere of innovative ideas and business skills
  • Strong networks and close personal ties
  • ‘Teachers’ exemption’ (researchers retain commercial rights to their discoveries)

The resources to develop biotechnology

  • ‘Serial entrepreneurs’ with many years experience
  • Uppsala – Stockholm region is the center of Swedish venture capital
  • Clear insight into how to turn innovative ideas into commercial successes
  • Uppsala Innovation Centre, the region’s foremost business incubator, supports the potential in new biotech ideas

Complete innovation concept



Growth companies

Venture and industrial capital

Incubator programs

Start-up companies

Business plan

Seed financing

Entrepreneur skills and training

Business idea



Advice and scouting


Research and education


Investing in Uppsala

  • Invest in Uppsala promotes international expansion and works before, during and after your decision to invest in the region. Free-of-charge services include:
      • Help with all aspects of physical planning
      • Contact with authorities and organizations
      • Locating office and industrial premises
      • Partners and match-making
      • Staff recruitment
      • Housing and accommodation
      • Personalized study visits



Living and working in Uppsala

  • Sweden ranked 2nd out of 175 countries in the UN 2004 Human Development Index
  • Uppsala excels in lifestyle and living standards
  • Two universities of great breadth and diversity
  • Small town prosperity, cosmopolitan atmosphere
  • Countryside, forests and breathtaking coastal region
  • International location

Source: Invest in Uppsala


Stockholm 40 min

London 2.5 h

Beijing 8 h

Boston 12 h

Arlanda 30 min


Regional/industry challenges

  • Many small biotech companies – how to secure venture capital, make them profitable, and get them to stay following mergers
  • Competence – awaken young persons’ interest in science and management skills
  • Fill the pipeline – establish research fields plus technology transfer
  • Infrastructure – secure transition from university town to science city

Promote the long-term growth of biotechnology

  • Research
  • Innovation program
  • Competence and training
  • Communication

Seminar series

  • Scientific conferences
  • Incubator
  • Business Lab
  • Entrepreneurs Program
  • Partnering
  • Further education
  • Regional infrastructure






Innovation program

Uppsala BIO-X

Competence and training



  • Academia
  • Industry





Uppsala BIO-X

Support for

existing companies

Innovation System

Competence chain

Marketing Biotech in Uppsala



  • Uppsala BIO-X – the cross-disciplinary research effort focused on Life Science
  • Supports ambitious projects based on cutting-edge science with the potential to generate new opportunities for industry
  • Supplementary funding and resources (mainly for stimulating the formation of multi-disciplinary research teams)

Innovation program

  • Scouting for spin-offs at universities and industry
  • Incubators focused on commercialization, financing and future viability
  • Entrepreneurship and Alumni programs
  • Access to a broad external network of business advisors and financers
  • Seed-funding for life science projects

Competence and training

  • Promote science programs at schools and universities
  • Attract young people to science
  • Encourage more frequent contact between university and industry
  • Set up management and leadership programs for next generation entrepreneurs
  • Push the development of housing, transport and schools


  • Tell the world what happens in Uppsala via website, publications, e-newsletter, congresses, etc.
  • Arrange international arenas for meetings, networking and partnering
  • Create a local understanding of and support for biotechnology
  • Help make the right contacts in industry, research, finance, etc.

Vision – one of the world’s top five biotech regions

  • Frontline biotech research
  • Outstanding innovation climate
  • Close academic/industrial collaboration
  • Seasoned serial entrepreneurs
  • Full industrial/business infrastructure
  • International location

Contact Uppsala BIO

  • Uppsala BIO
  • Uppsala Science Park Dag Hammarskjölds v. 60
  • SE-751 83 Uppsala Sweden

A true

biotech hotbed!