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Use cases of AR PowerPoint Presentation
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Use cases of AR

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Use cases of AR - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The ppt describes some of the use cases of AR

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Use cases of AR

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    1. Use cases of • Augmented Reality

    2. Contents: • Overview • AR Timeline • Applications of AR • Medical and VIsualisation • Manufacturing and repairing • Annotation and navigation • Robot path planning • Entertainment and education • Military and emergency


    4. Applications of AR

    5. 1. AR in medical and visualisation Medical students use AR technology to practice surgery in a controlled environment. Visualizations aid in explaining complex medical conditions to patients.

    6. 2. Manufacturing and Repairing If you produce cars, your maintenance content should include 3D-animated sequences showing how to change the oil, change a spare tire, replace a battery, and other basic tasks the average car owner could handle on his or her own.

    7. 3. Annotation and Navigation It's early days, though, and this at least shows the potential of AR navigation. So long as you're comfortable holding your phone in front of your face (you're going to look like a tourist every time you use this), you're getting the kind of precision and contextual info that a map can't offer by itself.

    8. 4. Robot path planning Intuitive and efficient interfaces for robot task planning have been a challenging issue in robotics as it is essential for the prevalence of robots supporting humans in key areas of activities. This paper presents a novel augmented reality (AR) based interface for interactive robot path and end-effector (EE) orientation planning.

    9. 5. Entertainment and Education It is now evident that augmented reality has a high potential for growth. The examples of augmented reality are prevalent gaming, travel, marketing, movies and even education. Overall this technology presents ample opportunities for new and existing businesses.

    10. 6. Military and Emergency While the consumer world waits patiently for the giants of Cupertino to lift the covers off the rumored Apple AR glasses, the military has been dabbling in augmented reality interfaces for years.

    11. Want to create your own AR app?

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