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Top Ten Reasons

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Top Ten Reasons. To Learn About Bangladesh. #10 Discover Bangladesh Before the Tourists Come. #9 In population, Bangladesh is the 9th largest in the world. #8 Bengali Sitar Master Ravi Shankar.

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top ten reasons

Top Ten Reasons

To Learn About Bangladesh

8 bengali sitar master ravi shankar
#8 Bengali Sitar MasterRavi Shankar
  • Playing with George Harrison, American audiences were introduced to the sitar at the “Concert for Bangladesh”
  • Shankar’s sitar can be heard during Sir Richard Attenborough’s epic film, “Gandhi”
  • He played at Woodstock in 1969
  • He is Norah Jones’ father
7 a moderate muslim nation
#7 “A Moderate Muslim Nation”
  • “It is not just the U.S. that has changed irrevocably since America’s most horrendous attack on September 11, 2001. The whole world has changed since then, and yet many in the West have little idea of how great the change has been.But a potentially bigger change is taking place in Muslim countries, fuelling fanaticism, strengthening fundamentalist forces and weakening the secular base. Even Bangladesh, which has a long history as a moderate Muslim nation, has not been spared the fallout of 9/11.”
6 economist mohammad yunus
#6 Economist Mohammad Yunus
  • Bangladesh is the birthplace of microfinance - giving small loans to the poor
  • On its 30th anniversary in October 2006, Professor Mohammed Yunus and Grameen Bank were awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.
5 iqbal qadir grameen phone
#5 Iqbal Qadir & Grameen Phone

Grameen Phone “opened

the world’s eyes to expanding

the use of modern


technologies in the world’s

poorest places”

Qadir spent his first night in

America in a dorm

room at Waldorf College,

Forest City, Iowa

4 complex river systems
#4Complex River Systems
  • Imagine creating a transportation system around this river network!
3 complex human transportation systems
#3Complex Human Transportation Systems
  • Rush hour in Dhaka, Bangladesh
2 economic ties
#2 Economic Ties
  • Check your clothing label. Made in Bangladesh?
  • (right) Soybeans stored in Dhaka will be processed for cooking oil
we re not alone bangladesh iowa playgrounds of natural hazards
Bangladeshi Hazards:

Monsoon Floods

Flash Floods

Land Slides

Tropical Cyclones Drought

Arsenic Poisoning


River Bank Erosion

Iowa Hazards

High Winds

Winter Storms- Blizzards


High Nitrate Levels in Water


River Bank Erosion

We’re Not Alone:Bangladesh (& Iowa?)“Playgrounds of natural hazards”