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  1. Basel by:Jacob Dahl

  2. This is the flag of Basel city

  3. history • Basel, Switzerland. • The history goes back at least as far as the days of the Romen Empire settlement of Augusta Raurica but even older settlements have been discovered recently that are dated older than the Roman castle. • The city's position on the Rhine River Makes it important. For Many centuries Basel had the only bridge over the river "between Lake Constace and the sea".

  4. Map of Basel Switzerland

  5. About Basel Basel is between the three Countries of Germany, France and Switzerland, The city has roughly 190,000 people and a 2000 year history. It is located on the bend of the Rhine River and borders with France and Germany. The city has a unique range of culture and art, and has one of Europe's most attractive and best-preserved Old Towns.

  6. Basel's Tourists Basel has lots of tourism. They even have a Tourism Association that tries to get people to come on vacation there and in other areas near Basel. The Tourism Association works with the public authorities, hotels, restaurants, museums and other groups. The association was founded in 1890 under the name “Verkehrsverein Basel”.

  7. Basel's top sporting events One of the biggest sporting events in Basel is the ATP tennis tournament called the” Davidoff Swiss Indoors” held in the St. Jakobshalle. All kinds of sporting events take place throughout the year. They range from basketball to volleyball and there are popular football matches in Basel too. Basel features a large soccer stadium, a new ice hockey hall and a large sports hall.

  8. Events and Culture There are many events held in Basel. One is the worlds fair called BASELWORLD , and another is the art fair called ART Basel. Basel has all the events a modern city has.More than a million visitors are come here each year to the city near the Rhine River. The carnival of the city of Basel called BASLER FASNACHT is a major cultural event. The carnival is one of the biggest in Switzerland and it attracts large crowds every year. The carnival starts at four in the morning “Morgestraich” and lasts for 72 hours. It has many different parades. Basel also has many museums you can go to.

  9. Climate information Hot and rainy in June July and August

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