the analysis of google
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The analysis of Google

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The analysis of Google - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The analysis of Google. Institute of Management of Technology Team member : Champ, 79825016 Go south, 79825014 Monica, 79825011 Morgan, 79825012. CONTENT. Section1 Introduction Section2 Google Services & Potential Users Section3

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the analysis of google

The analysis of Google

Institute of

Management of Technology

Team member :

Champ, 79825016

Go south, 79825014

Monica, 79825011

Morgan, 79825012





Google Services & Potential Users


Why Google Succeeds & How They Make Money?


Google’s Information Technology



section1 introduction

Section1 Introduction

Research motivation & purpose

Google is one of the most famous dot-com companies in the world. We discuss and analyze how Google works.

Article categories

(1) First section is our introduction.

(2) In section 2, we introduce Google's products and services.

(3) In section 3, we recognize the operating system, value chain,

organizational structure and SWOT analysis of Google.

(4) Fourth section we talk about Google's information technology.

(5) Fifth section is our conclusion.

Section 2

Google Services & Potential Users

what are the products that google provided for their customers
What are the products that Google provided for their customers?

Table : Google Services & Tools

Section 3

Why Google Succeeds & How They MakeMoney?

google operating revenues unit u s thousand dollars
Google Operating Revenues (Unit:U.S. Thousand dollars)
  • Data Finding :
  • Google was earned lots of benefit during 2001 to 2008
  • Google had dramatic growth in this decade
histogram of google operating revenues
Histogram of Google operating revenues
  • Google’s operating revenue was came from two main parts :
  • Advertising revenues
  • Licensing revenues
the value chain of google
The Value Chain of Google



Search service


Valuation level

Internet-platform strategy




Fundamental level

Core technology

Section 4

Google’s Information Technology

google search process technology
Google Search Process Technology
cloud computing
Cloud Computing

Cloud = internet Cloud means the internet.

It's a ability could save large data. It's extensive, flexible of IT. Through the internet technology, charge on the basis of user uses how many resources, provided this services to external users. 

information technology of google search
Information technology of Google search
  • Page Rank Technology:

The software behind Google search technology

conducts a series of simultaneous calculations

requiring only a fraction of a second.

  • Hypertext-Matching Analysis:

Google’s technology analyzes the full content of a page

and factors in fonts, subdivisions and the precise location

of each word.

section 6 conclusion
Section 6 : Conclusion

Google applies their organizational core-advantage to provide lots of convenient and free services for users.

To establish Google’s brand and searching reputation.

We believe that Google's success is due to their innovative ability, and focus on search.