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Different Is Good!

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Different Is Good! - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Different Is Good!. Developing your appreciation of other people for their value to you because of how different they are from you .

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Different Is Good!

Developing your appreciation of other

people for their value to you because of

how different they are from you.


In the recent past, experts thought that fertilization occurred when enzymes in the head of each sperm, acting like dynamite, blasted through the outer shell of the egg so that the sperm could lodge inside.

Today we understand that each egg SELECTS the sperm it mates with, making the first irrevocable decision in one's life. Indeed, rather than passively participating in this drama, the egg opens its shell and literally embraces the sperm it feels attracted to.

Pre-Parenting: Nurturing Your Child from Conception by Thomas R, M.D. Verny, Pamela Weintraub


12 Types of Personalities

Astrology – Sun Signs


12 Types of Personalities

Chinese Astrology

the 5 love languages
The 5 Love Languages®
  • How many times do we hear about people not feeling loved by their partner, much to the partner’s surprise and frustration?
  • According to Dr. Gary Chapman, author of “The Five Love Languages: How to Express Heartfelt Commitment to Your Mate” it is often the case that love is there and being expressed, but notin the “language” that the loved one understands.
  • Each of us has a primary language of love…ways that we express love, and things we see as expressions of love.If we can learn and use each other’s love language, we can increase the quality in our relationships.
we all seek happy and fulfilling relationships

We All Seek Happy and Fulfilling Relationships



…we often miss each other’s heart.

the 5 love languages7
The 5 Love Languages®
  • Words of Affirmation.

An unsolicited compliment, a kind word, and words of encouragement are very powerful. Mark Twain once said “I can live for two months on a good compliment.”

the 5 love languages8
The 5 Love Languages®
  • Quality Time.

This means togetherness and personal connection, not just being physically nearby. Having a quality conversation, really listening to each other. Taking time to have fun together. Doing things you each enjoy; exploring new activities together.

the 5 love languages9
The 5 Love Languages®
  • Receiving Gifts.

The message here is that the gift giver was thinking of you and wanted to let you know. Expense is not the main thing – it’s the meaning of the gift, the thought behind it. A favorite treat picked up on the way home or a card for no reason sends a priceless message.

the 5 love languages10
The 5 Love Languages®
  • Acts of Service.

Cooking, washing the car, or doing the laundry can be acts of love. Challenge the stereotypes. Doing something that is helpful to your loved one will be noticed, if such acts of service is their language of love.

the 5 love languages11
The 5 Love Languages®
  • Physical Touch.

A hug, a kiss, holding hands, and sexual intercourse are all ways of communicating love. Research indicates that positive physical contact is important to emotional health; some say you need four hugs a day.

Different is Good

recent scientific research men s and women s bodies are governed by completely different hormones

Men and women are different.

Recent Scientific Research: Men’s and women’s bodies are governed by completely different hormones.



Primary Neurotransmitters/Neuromodulators



Achievements and accomplishments.

Flexible. Friendly

Motivation. Desire.

Wants to “save the day”.

Wants to solve problems, fix things.

Engaged in life.

Talking, Sharing, Communication.

Cuddling, hugs.

Cooperation. “We did it together”



Childbirth and sexual climax.

Taken from Dr. John Gray,

Counselor, Author of Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus



New and different.




Interest, ability to gather information.





Intimacy increases seratonin.


Flag Pages

Developed by Mark Gungor

Costs $12

Program to help people discover who they really are at their best, to truly discover their heart.

It’s focus is only on motivation, what you love about life.

You choose from 56 descriptive words the ones that describe you.

Then you rate these from 1 to 10.

Then you choose the top 5 and prioritize them.

The goal is to understand others and be able to support their needs, appreciating the differences.

Ratings are based on feelings and not thinking, revealing a person’s motivations that lead to their happiness and success. It is not about personality.

KEY ASPECTS: The 4 Countries, “Soft” or “Hard” motivations, the 5 Talents, the Flag.


Flag Pages

The FOUR Countries:

Your HOME country is like a “temperament” or where you “come from” in the way of customs, traditions, ways of doing things, words and phrases.

We love the language and traditions of our own emotional country and frequently misunderstand others and become insulted.

Many people are attracted to date and marry someone who is very different from themselves.

It’s exciting to have different points of view, thoughts, and perspectives.

After marriage and living together, those same differences start to “drive them crazy”.


Flag Pages

FOUR Countries


Flag Pages



Flag Pages

FUN Country


Flag Pages



Flag Pages

PEACE Country


Flag Pages

Soft Hearted – Hard Natured Score

Of the words that one chooses, a soft/hard score is developed.

Soft are more “Relationship People”

Hard are more “Results Oriented People”

A “Balanced Person” would have similar Soft/Hard scores.


Flag Pages

Soft Hearted – Hard Natured Score

Different is Good


Flag Pages

The 5 Talents






Different is Good


Flag Pages

Different is Good


Types of Personalities Inventories READY/RELATE




16 Types of Personalities

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)

Based on the work of Swiss psychologist Carl Jung and Americans Katharine Briggs and Isabel Briggs Myers. Most popular and widely respected personality assessment instrument in the world.

General Principles:

1. Each person is born with one true type, but changes greatly as he/she grows and matures.

2. All types are equally valuable. None is better or worse, healthy or sick, intelligent or unintelligent. All have strengths & weaknesses.

3. Every individual is unique. “Type” gives only insights.

4. “Type” is a great tool to better understanding and appreciation who may be very different in small or great ways.


16 Types of Personalities

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)

There are FOUR DIMENSIONS of Personality Type which are the important aspects of personality. The dimensions represent four continuums, with two ends and a midpoint (like a scale).

Each person has an inborn preference for one side or the other.










16 Types of Personalities

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)

Let’s figure out your type.





Where do you get your energy?

* Prefer being around people.

* Are interested in many things.

* Have lots of friends, associates.

* Jump into things pretty quickly.

* Are usually pretty talkative.

* Are more public and easier to get to know.

* Are enthusiastic and outgoing.

* Represent about 55% of US pop.

* Are comfortable spending time alone.

* Are selective and like to focus on one

or a few things.

* Have a few very close friends.

* Think about things before they act.

* Are usually fairly reserved.

* Are more private and harder to read.

* Appear calm and self-contained.

* Represent about 45% of US pop.


16 Types of Personalities

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)





Do you tend to focus on the facts or the possibilities?

* Focus on the facts and specifics.

* Are more concrete; like ideas to be practical.

* Trust their direct experience.

* Like to operate in the here and now.

* Are realistic and practical.

* Like established ways of doing things.

* Think and talk step-by-step.

* Represent about 65% of US pop.

* Focus on the possibilities.

* Are more abstract; like ideas and

theories for their own sake.

* Trust their gut instincts.

* Like to imagine and think about the


* Are innovative and imaginative.

* Like to create new ways of doing things.

* Frequently jump around, topic to topic.

* Represent about 35% of US pop.


16 Types of Personalities

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)





Do you base most decisions on logic or on your personal values?

* Are more logical and analytical.

* Believe it’s better to be truthful than tactful.

* Are fair and consistent; apply one standard to all.

* Are motivated by achievements.

* Like to compete and win.

* Easily see flaws; can be critical and brusque.

* Are thick-skinned and not easily offended.

* Comprise about 65% of males.

* Are more sensitive and sympathetic.

* Believe it’s better to be tactful than truthful.

* Like harmony; look for extenuating circumstances.

* Are motivated by being appreciated.

* Like to cooperate and create consensus.

* Like to please others; express appreciation easily.

* Get their feelings hurt more easily.

* Comprise about 65% of females.


16 Types of Personalities

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)





Do you prefer to be more planful or more spontaneous?

* Like to make decisions, decide quickly.

* Prefer to make and keep plans.

* Are usually well organized.

* Like to be in control.

* Have a strong work ethic: work, then play.

* Are more formal, conventional.

* Tend to see things as black and white.

* Are often better at finishing projects.

* Like to keep options open; may procrastinate.

* Prefer to be free to act spontaneously.

* Are often disorganized.

* Like to adapt to changing situations.

* Have a strong play ethic: play, then work.

* Are more casual and unconventional.

* Tend to see things as shades of gray.

* Are often better at starting projects.


16 Types of Personalities

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)

Sample strengths and blindspots of some combinations

Sensing Thinkers-STs

* Logical problem solvers

* Careful and realistic with facts

* Calm and steady in a crisis

* Can be critical and tough

* May resist new ideas

* May not be sensitive or aware of feelings

Sensing Feelers-SFs

* Nurturing and supportive

* Helpful in tangible and practical ways

* Lots of common sense

* May avoid conflict

* Not assertive and direct

* Easily hurt or offended

Intuitive Feelers-NFs

* May be unrealistic

* Take everything personally

* Often vague and emotional

* Encourage open communication and understanding

* Supportive of other's growth and development

Intuitive Thinkers-NTs

* Encourage partners' intellectual development

* Creative problem solvers

* Interesting and stimulating

* Demand high standards

* Often perfectionists

* Impatient with feelings


16 Types of Personalities

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)