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Species 2000 Annual General Meeting May 2006 Paris Chairman’s report PowerPoint Presentation
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Species 2000 Annual General Meeting May 2006 Paris Chairman’s report

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Species 2000 Annual General Meeting May 2006 Paris Chairman’s report - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Species 2000 Annual General Meeting May 2006 Paris Chairman’s report. structure. ownership. members. organization. Board. Secr. Project team. TaxGr. ISGr. action programs. SP2K-EU. CoLP. SP2K-AO. products. CoL DC. CoL AC 2006. services. Members.

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Species 2000 Annual General Meeting May 2006 Paris Chairman’s report

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    1. Species 2000 Annual General Meeting May 2006 Paris Chairman’s report

    2. structure ownership members organization Board Secr Project team TaxGr ISGr action programs SP2K-EU CoLP SP2K-AO products CoL DC CoL AC 2006 services

    3. Members • Currently 33 members (5 joined in ’05, 2 in ‘06) • There are now 34 participating databases • Secretariat: potential is over 100 databases …. • Aim 2006-2011 to increase number of members

    4. organization Organization units • Project Team (think tank, initiators, tasks) • Taxonomy Group (Team members + advisors) • Information Technology Group (Team members + advisors) • User Forum • Secretariat (Reading) & Executive Director • Supporting activities, administrative tasks, guard dog! • Board of Directors • legal framework, connection to international efforts, politics

    5. Project Team Michael Ruggiero ITIS, USA Junko Shimura (Vice-Chair) National Institute for Env. St,. Japan Richard White School of Computer Science, UK Karen Wilson (Chair and Director) IOPI Global Plant Checklist, Australia The Team can be 10-20 people strong Subgroup Taxonomy Subgroup Information System Guy Baillargeon ITIS, Canada Frank Bisby (Executive Director) University of Reading, UK Marc Brugman ETI BioInformatics, Netherlands Jerry Cooper Landcare Research, New Zealand Cyril Gallut Univ. Pierre et Marie Curie, France Dennis Gordon NIWA, New Zealand

    6. Team Subgroups Taxonomy Group Karen Wilson (Convenor) AUSTRALIA Guy Baillargeon (ITIS) CANADA Thierry Bourgoin (Muséum National d’Histoire Naturelle) FRANCE Connal Eardley (PPRI) S. AFRICA Vera Fonseca (Instituto de Biociências) BRASIL Rainer Froese (IFM-GEOMAR) GERMANY Dennis Gordon (NIWA) NEW ZEALAND Paul Kirk, (CABI) UNITED KINGDOM Scott Miller (Smithsonian Institution) USA Mike Ruggiero (ITIS) USA Adeline Soulier-Perkins (Muséum National d’Histoire Naturelle) FRANCE Jim Staley (University of Washington) USA Mona Cachuela (World Fish Center) PHILIPINES Roy McDiarmid (Smithsonian Institution) USA Susanah Kimani (Species 2000 Secretariat) Yuri Roskov (Species 2000 Secretariat) Frank Bisby (Exec.Director)

    7. Team Subgroups Information System Group Richard White (convenor) UNITED KINGDOM Guy Baillargeon (ITIS) CANADA Lois Blaine (ATCC) USA Ed Donovan (Cardiff University) UNITED KINGDOM Rainer Froese (IfM-GEOMAR) Alex Gray (Cardiff University) UNITED KINGDOM Andrew Jones (Cardiff University) UNITED KINGDOM Peter Hollas (Thomson Zoological ) UNITED KINGDOM Junko Shimura (NIES) JAPAN Frank Bisby (Exec.Director)

    8. Project Team Team met two times in 2006. • Team needs expansion and rejuvenation • Looking for members of our community taxonomists, db custodians, IT specialists • Maintaining good geographic spread • Who can actively participate & contribute • Backed up by their organizations (time, travel, …) Interested? Or know anybody interested? Please contact the Species2000 secretariat. Email:

    9. Secretariat Species 2000 Secretariat The University of Reading Reading RG6 6AS, UK Tel: +44 118 378 6466 Fax: +44 118 378 8160 Email: Frank Bisby (Executive Director) Pamela Harling Yuri Roskov Susanah Kimani Peter Brewer Nicola Beharrell Secretariat has now reduced staff (end of EU EUROCAT and ENBI funding) Work shall be prioritized and focused on CoL products and main aims.

    10. Board of Directors Species 2000 is incorporated as a company limited by guarantee in England. Board of directors met three times in 2005. Current Board Members are: Michael Dadd (company secretary) UK Karen Wilson AUSTRALIA Vanderlei Perez Canhos BRAZIL Peter Schalk (chairman) NETHERLANDS Frank Bisby (executive director) UK • The Directors want to increase the size of the board • Looking for 1 or 2 additional members • Maintain geographic spread in board membership • Candidate e.g. connected to the gbif-cbd international communities • Managerial experience, communication skills, fund raising …. • Backed up by their organizations (to dedicate time, able to travel, …) Interested? Or know anybody who may be able to assist? Please contact the Chair of the Board. Email:

    11. action programs • Past years (2004-2005) characterized by some large projects and accompanying funding: • EU EUROCAT (Species2000europa) • EU ENBI • GBIF ECAT (Catalogue of Life Partnership) • Resulted in big steps forwards • Corporate identity (logo’s, banner, web interface) • Membership agreements, IPR agreements • Product development and enhancement (CoL) • Regional en Global Hub structures • Outreach and PR • The Executive Director, Frank Bisby, will present an overview.

    12. Catalogue of Life Products Dynamic Checklist Continuously updated Web resource Array of source databases for different higher taxa Annual Checklist 2006 Integrated DB on the Web and on CD-ROM

    13. Products • Catalogue of Life Annual Checklist Enormous progress in past two years. Now half of all known species (880,000) in Annual Checklist. Product available on CD-ROM and on the web. Dr. Yuri Roscov will go in more detail in his presentation 2004 2006 2001 2002 Target 2011 2003 2005

    14. Products • Catalogue of Life Dynamic Checklist Good progress made in past two years. Hubstructure implemented (integration regional and global arrays of databases). 8 database dynamically linked. Dr Cyril Gallut will go into detail of developments in his presentation.

    15. services • CoL Products are ‘mature’ and significant • Role in GBIF (taxonomic backbone) and CBD (national checklists); funding possibilities • Opportunities for applications beyond present scope (e.g. validation of other databases and information systems that have a taxonomic component) • New challenges in terms of potential collaboration with partners outside the academic realm e.g. publishers • Opportunities for acquiring additional funding and implementing a ‘flow-back’ principle to source databases • In a framework of access agreements and proper IPR arrangements

    16. Future Some Points to think about (and to discuss after the presentations) • concentrate on expanding and perfecting CoL products and the tools to streamline the process of generating these in a fast and cost effective way • Top priority for maintaing a funding flow for phase one of the program: maintenance and expansion of CoL products • address the issue of other, non academic, use of the CoL products and the conditions allowing for this • devise common principles to generate cash flow (donations) out of non-academic use (services) to support the CoL and its source databases • consider ways to divide tasks and project components over able partners and collaborators maximizing use of local/regional capacities • focus on synergy with other global and regional initiatives to naturally complement our endeavor. • ….. Four presentations will provide insight in future developments