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Rossella. Ana. Francesca. Chiara.

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The most popular story of Charles Dickens is “Oliver Twist”, published in 1837-38. Its central theme is the hardship faced by “polite” society. The main character is Oliver, who was born in a workhouse and was treated cruelly. Consequently he escapes from the workhouse and goes to London, where he receives a villain education from the criminal gang of Fagin and his friends: Bill Sikes, the famous “Artful Dodger” and Nancy. Fortunately, Oliver is rescued by a benefactor called Mr Brownlow. After a series of events, the protagonist finds out the truth about his origines.

The achievement of this novel is presenting the problems caused by the condition of poverty in a way rarely attempted previously.


Written during the Victorian period, the novel of “Oliver Twist” is introduced to us as a social protest, revealing the mentality of the time. Dickens uses Oliver’s character to oppose the Victorian idea, according to which paupers and criminals are already evil at birth. Instead, he blames the corrupt environment, which is the real source of vice. In fact, in this novel Oliver’s person incarnates the pure feeling of goodness, which makes him a saintlike figure challeging, in this way the Victorian prejudices.


The film of “Oliver Twist” is directed by Roman Polanski and has been on cinemas during this month.

Adults found this version more emotional than the first one. They noticed various differences in the plot, and felt unsure which plot was nearer to the original (the one written by Dickens). Anyway, they appreciate this realization of Polanski, by reccomending the film to adults.


They are worried, whether the film will be enjoyed by the children. To sum up, they congratulated with Polanski for creating a movie that is definitely his own, which doesn't avoid the pain of being a child, and which has the courage to present characters with their strengths and flaws.