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M arketing Campaign ????

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M arketing Campaign ???? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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M arketing Campaign 推廣計劃. l Mainland China l Hong Kong l Taiwan l Japan l Korea l Europe l North America l Australia . 中國大陸 香港 台灣 日本 韓國 歐洲 北美 澳洲. Target Audiences 目標市場. 6 Core Elements 六個主要部分 Global Image Projection and Information Dissemination 形象及資料宣傳

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lMainland China

lHong Kong





lNorth America










Target Audiences 目標市場

2006 macau world heritage year
6 Core Elements 六個主要部分

Global Image Projection and Information

Dissemination 形象及資料宣傳

2. Overseas Promotions 海外推廣

3. Consumer Promotions 消費者促銷

4. Media Campaign 媒體計劃

5. Heritage Tours 世遺遊

6. Cultural Performances 文化表演

2006 Macau World Heritage Year澳門世界遺產年
1 global image projection and information dissemination
The overall image of Macau World Heritage Year will be unified and consistent across all communications and in all targetmarkets.


Only by keeping the same physical image that the main message of Macau World Heritage Year would be delivered in one voice, thus, achieving the best impact.


1. Global Image Projection and Information Dissemination


1 global image projection and information dissemination6
Production of MWHY collaterals


MGTO website (link to

旅遊局網站 (與澳門文物網連結)

MGTO information counters


Major entry points in Macau: Macau Ferry Terminal,

Macau International Airport


Transportation vehicles


1. Global Image Projection and Information Dissemination


2 overseas promotions
2) Overseas Promotions 海外推廣
  • Overseas promotions are needed to inject this “heritage” catalyst so to enrich the perception of our visitors. This includes promotional activities overseas like travel shows, product seminars, special events like photo exhibitions, etc.

因此海外推廣必須注入這「世界遺產」元素,加強訪客對澳門作為旅遊目的地的理解。 這些推廣活動包括旅遊展,產品研討會,圖片展等的特別項目。

2 overseas promotions8
2) Overseas Promotions 海外推廣
  • Participation of major travel shows using MWHY image: GITF (Guangzhou), ITB (Berlin), MATTA (Malaysia), NATAS (Singapore), ITE (Hong Kong), KOTFA (Korea), JATA (Japan) and CITM (Shanghai, China)透過澳門世界遺產年形象參與主要的旅遊展:廣州國際旅遊展銷(廣州), 柏林旅遊展覽會( 柏林), 馬來西亞旅行社協會國際旅遊展( 馬來西亞 ), 新加坡旅行社協會旅遊展( 新加坡), 第二十屆香港國際旅遊展( 香港 ),第十九屆韓國旅遊博覽會( 韓國 ),日本旅行博覽會( 日本 ) 和中國國際旅遊交易會( 上海,中國 )

Some key events in 2006 include


2 overseas promotions9
2) Overseas Promotions 海外推廣
  • Consumer promotions/exhibitions in Taiwan (Feb), Thailand and Vietnam (March), Portugal (March), Japan (May & September), China (May-Dec), Australia (October)於台灣 (2月), 泰國和越南(3 月),葡萄牙(3 月),日本(5 月及9月),中國內地 (5月至12月), 澳洲(10 月)進行消費者推廣/展覽
  • Invitation for opinion leaders/media/travel trade for mega familiarization trips(April)邀請頂尖及有影響力的寫作家/傳媒/旅遊業界進行大型訪澳活動 (4月)
3 consumer promotions
Consumer Promotions have proven in the past to be an effective instrument to attract more and repeat visitors to Macau.


Even though the main objective of Consumer Promotion is to attract more visitors, it also functions as a tool to bond all tourism stakeholders together.


A two-phased consumer promotion campaign:


3) Consumer Promotions 消費者促銷
Macau Treasure Hunt II (March-May)澳門尋寶遊 II(3 月- 5 月)

Initiated by VISA International and endorsed by MGTO, this Program includes “Instant Win”, “Special discounts and offers from selected merchants” and “Lucky Draw Grand Prizes” to boost spending in Macau. The program is in its second year, building on the success of a similar campaign in 2005

澳門尋寶遊II活動由VISA國際組織發起, 並得到旅遊局認可, 計劃包括「即時擦獎」,「商戶折扣或特定優惠」和「幸運大抽獎」,目的在於提高遊客在澳消費。本次活動是去年成功舉辦的澳門尋寶遊活動的延續。

3) Consumer Promotions 消費者促銷

2. “Heritage Passport” (June to Dec) 「世遺護照」(6 月- 12 月)

Similar to the Macau Welcome You passports which received overwhelming popularity amongst visitors, this will be another edition that involves different sectors of travel trade partners like, hotels, restaurants, retail shops, but most importantly the tourist sites within Macau Historic Centre.

在過去廣受歡迎的『澳門歡迎您護照』基礎上,這將是新一次護照活動。 本局將邀請旅遊業及相關業界參加,包括:酒店,餐館,零售購物等,但是最重要的是將澳門歷史城區這元素融入去。

3) Consumer Promotions 消費者促銷

3 consumer promotions13
Not only will the promotion helps to increase business of the trades, but also helps to strengthen partners’ collaboration and bonding. Also it will increase their understanding of the importance of our World Heritage status in relation to their businesses.


3) Consumer Promotions 消費者促銷
4 media campaign
In order to maximize the impact of the Macau World Heritage Year promotion, a well-strategized media campaign is needed to introduce to the world Macau World Heritage status.


After the announcement campaign last August and October, another media campaign will be conducted, this time with the objective of disseminating in greater depth about the uniqueness and intrinsic values and meanings of heritage to the community as a whole.

繼去年8 月及 10 月為宣佈澳門歷史城區成功列入聯合國教科文組織世界遺產清單後,今年將以更深入及細膩的形式將文化遺產的特性和價值於有影響力的重要媒體發揚開去。

4) Media Campaign 媒體計劃
5 heritage tours
Based on existing tour product on Historic Centre of Macau, continue to cooperate with travel trade to enhance and improve the itineraries.

在現有的『文化遺產遊』的基礎上,與業界合作, 繼續改良及完善文化旅遊路線。

5) Heritage Tours 世遺遊
6 6 cultural performances
Cultural performances are perfect elements to boost the festive and celebrative atmosphere into the Macau World Heritage Year Promotion.


66) Cultural Performances 文化表演
6 cultural performances
MGTO will continue to work closely with Cultural Affairs Bureau. Cultural Affairs Bureau has already scheduled and planned a number of cultural performances at the Heritage sites this year, for example during the upcoming Macau Arts Festival and Macau International Music Festival. MGTO will further promote such activities to promote the living heritage.

旅遊局與文化局將繼續緊密合作, 特別是加強對外宣傳文化局於不同世遺景點所安掛的表演活動, 包括澳門藝術節及澳門國際音樂節的節目 , 將澳門歷史城區注入活力。

6) Cultural Performances 文化表演
inaugural activities
Photo Exhibitions/

2006 Macau World Heritage Year

2006 澳門世界遺產年

Macau 24 Hours


Opening Hours/開放時間

2006/2/18 – 2006/3/31

10:00 am – 06:00 pm


Inaugural Activities/序幕活動