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Jennifer Walters. High School Portfolio 3/10/2014. STUDENT PROFILE. MAIN MENU. SUBJECT MENU. INDEX OF PROJECTS. Jennifer Walters Grant High School 1996-1998. ADMINISTRATIVE DATA LINK. SHOWCASES. .

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High School Portfolio


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Jennifer Walters

Grant High School





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My interest in school is in History and Government. I am not sure exactly what I want to study in college, but History is my favorite subject. I am already looking at colleges, and am leaning toward University of Southern California, University of California at Santa Barbara, or University of Puget Sound.

I am involved in Model United Nations, DECA (marketing club), debate, and was the Student Council vice-president last year. I am not running for Student Council this year because it takes away from other activities.

Cover Letter

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Jennifer Walters

A Look At

I am a Senior at Grant High School in Portland, Oregon. I have a younger brother and a younger sister. I have gone to Grant for one year, having grown up in Santa Barbara, California. My hobbies include; running and water-skiing. My favorite thing to do on a weekend is go to the beach.


Grade Level -12 Major- Science

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Biology projects click button to view project l.jpg

Microscope Lab

Biology- Projects- click button to view project-

Cell Study Lab

Ion Identification

Microscope lab l.jpg


Click to view:

Lab Notes

Microscope Lab






Microscope lab notes l.jpg

Microscope Lab- Notes

Lab Observation: Calculating magnification-the power of the objective times the power of the ocular. A micrometer or a micron is 1/1000 of a mm.

Lab Evaluation:

1. The object, once viewed through the microscope, was not in the same position that it was viewed in with the unaided eye, rather it was upside down.

2. When we moved the "e" to the right as I viewed it, it moved left, and when we moved it left it moved right as viewed through the scope, so when an object is moved under a microscope it moves (visually) opposite of how you move it (physically).

3. When I move the slide away from me, the "e" moves closer to me, as viewed through the scope. This is caused by the reflection of the mirror that makes a microscope work.

4. When magnifying power is high, the field of view is smaller and more detailed.

5. When the magnifying power is high, the position of the image doesn't "move", but the field of view becomes smaller and encompasses less of the object, but in greater detail.

Continued on Next Slide...

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Microscope Lab- Notes (Continued)

6. The illumination on low power is much less bright than on high power magnification.

7. The magnification power of low power is calculated at 40X.

8. The magnification power of high power is calculated at 400X.

9. The diameter of the low-power field of view on the microscope is 3mm.

10. The diameter of the low-power field of view on the microscope is 3000ym.

11. The diameter of our high-power field of view is 300ym.

12. The height of our letter "e" in millimeters was 2mm.

Lab Conclusion: Through the working of this lab, I have learned the proper way to carry, set up, and use microscopes in the lab. I have learned many things about preparing wet mounts, and the focusing mechanism of the microscope. I have gained the knowledge of how to calculate such things as field of view, the size of a magnified object, and the magnification powers of different objectives. This basic knowledge will be helpful and necessary for completion of other labs and studies. I have learned everything the lab set out to teach me.

Slide10 l.jpg

Description of Assignment- Microscope Lab- (provided by the teacher)

Lab Purpose: The purpose of this lab is to allow us to become familiar with the microscope. We attempted to calculate magnification, the size of a viewed object in microns, and the field of view in high and low magnifying power.

1. Cut out a letter from the provided sheet, place it under the microscope, and describe how it looks through the microscope as it is moved under it.

2. Describe the difference between high and low power on the microscope as it is viewed through the microscope.

3. What is the magnification/diameter of the view range under high and low power.

4. Describe how the provided magazine swatches look under the microscope.

5. Write a conclusion summarizing your findings.

Student comments l.jpg

Student Comments

The thing I liked about this project was that it was “hands-on”. I have gained the knowledge of how to calculate such things as field of view, the size of a magnified object, and the magnification powers of different objectives. This basic knowledge will be helpful and necessary for completion of other labs and studies. I have learned everything the lab set out to teach me.

Viewer comments l.jpg

This was very good for a first try… I helped Jennifer with some of the vocabulary…

Mrs Walters

Viewer Comments

Assessment of project 1 l.jpg

Assessment of Project #1 some of the vocabulary…

Jennifer did a very thorough job with labeling the microscope diagram and with the lab notes. She did make a couple of mistakes on the labels.

Overall assessment score = 78%

Mr. Robinson, Biology teacher

Cell observation lab l.jpg

1/21/98 some of the vocabulary…

Cell Observation Lab

Ion identification l.jpg

3/20/98 some of the vocabulary…

Ion Identification

English language arts l.jpg

#2.1 some of the vocabulary…

English- Language Arts



Project 2 1 feminism essay l.jpg

September 30,1997 some of the vocabulary…

Click on text to view essay in SimpleText or

NotePad to return to portfolio

Project 2.1 - Feminism Essay

The most obvious reform of the twentieth century

is the implementation of the nineteenth amendment, ratified

in 1920. It states that the right to vote will not be denied by

the US government or any state on account of sex...

Project 2 2 woman s portrait l.jpg

May 1998, some of the vocabulary…Felt Pens and Water Color

Project 2.2- Woman’s Portrait

Illustration by:

Paula Scher

10th grade

South Fork High

Humboldt, CA

Project 2 3 women s web page l.jpg

February 1998 some of the vocabulary…

Project #2.3- Women’s Web Page

Women’s History Web Site

(click on picture to link to the web site)

Type “H” for hidden assessment

Social studies l.jpg

#3.1 some of the vocabulary…Video of Mexico’s People

Social Studies

#3.2 Photo of Mexico

#3.3 Population Equation

Project 3 1 edited video l.jpg

Project #3.1- Edited Video some of the vocabulary…

Street scenes in Guanajuato, Mexico. Shot during my trip there.

Project 3 2 my photo l.jpg

Project #3.2- My Photo some of the vocabulary…

Yucatan, Mexico

Project 3 3 population equation l.jpg

March 1998 some of the vocabulary…

Project #3.3- Population Equation

Index of projects l.jpg

1.1 some of the vocabulary…



Index of Projects







Showcase 1 best work l.jpg

Showcase 1- some of the vocabulary…Best Work





References l.jpg
References some of the vocabulary…

  • Steinman, Glynda Feminism in American Society, Allyn Publishing 1994

  • The Women’s History Web Site

  • Macias, Francisco Mexico- So Near to the U.S., So Far From God, Amistad Publishing 1990

  • Beaker, Cy The Secret Life of a Microscope, Science Press 1934