a cell is like a mining company l.
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A Cell is like a mining company

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A Cell is like a mining company - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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A Cell is like a mining company. By: Ariana, Michael, Colin, Bethany.

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a cell is like a mining company

A Cell is like a mining company

By: Ariana, Michael, Colin, Bethany


The Vacuoles

  • They store food, water, and waste.
  • The Vacuoles are like the tool boxes, because the tool boxes store things they need.
the nucleus
The Nucleus
  • Is the control center of the cell.
  • It is enclosed with it’s own cell Membrane.
  • It controls the cell's activities.
  • It controls the cells reproduction.
  • The nucleus is like the head miner.
the cell membrane
The Cell Membrane
  • A covering that holds the organelles inside


  • It also separates it from it’s surroundings.
  • It decides what goes in and out.
  • The Cell Membrane is like the columns in a mining company, because holds the tunnel.
the cell wall
The Cell Wall
  • It is a covering that protects the plant cell.
  • It is only found in a plant cell.
  • It is like a brick wall surrounding the mining company.
the chloroplasts
The Chloroplasts
  • The plant cell organelles that make food for the plant .
  • Plant Cells have these because they can’t consume their own food so they feed themselves.
  • Chloroplasts are like a outdoor cafeteria or grill for food for the miners.
  • It carries DNA to keep the Nucleus working.
  • The chromosomes are like the computers in the mining company, because the computers store information.
the cytoplasm
The Cytoplasm
  • It is a jellylike substance.
  • It contains chemicals that keep the cell functioning.
  • It also stores information.
  • The cytoplasm is like the miners, because the miners keep the mine working.
the mitochondria
The Mitochondria
  • It releases energy from food for the cell.
  • It is like the flash lights or head lights, because it releases energy.

Researching: Bethany

Facts: Ariana

Pictures: Colin

Typing : Michael

Starring : The Cell

Thanks to Ms.Petrella for


us about the cell!!!!!!!