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Practice sheet 18.A

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Practice sheet 18.A. Bicycle HAVE. 1. YOU HAVE BICYCLE? Do you have a bike?. BOAT “Do you have a boat?” vs “Have you been boating before?”. 2. YOU BOAT BEFORE? Have you been on a boat before?.

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The sign “BUILD” can mean either the process of building something, or in context it can mean “a building.”

Classifiers are signs that can represent general classes of signs. For example a “3-handshape” can be used to indicate vehicles and the movement of vehicles.


FLY and AIRPLANE use the same handshape, palm orientation, and location. The difference is in the movement. AIRPLANE uses a double movement. This is an example of a “noun/verb pair.”

7. YOU AIRPLANE BEFORE?Have you ever been on an airplane before?vs “YOU FLY BEFORE?”= “Have you ever flown?”

TRUCKThree ways to deal with this concept:1. Spell it out.2. Show a big steering wheel3. Use an “initialized sign” [Warning: don’t use this on an “ASL” test.]