new business plan for google yahoo microsoft search engines etc l.
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New Business Plan for Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, Search Engines etc. PowerPoint Presentation
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New Business Plan for Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, Search Engines etc.

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New Business Plan for Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, Search Engines etc. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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New Business Plan for Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, Search Engines etc.  Advantage of shortcuts for search engines and big websites. 1. No one can in this world copy this shortcut angle theory as it is domain based so it is a once and life time opportunity.

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1. No one can in this world copy this shortcut angle theory as it is domain based so it is a once and life time opportunity.
  • Every big company can make a search engine, software etc but they can't develop and buy this without a tie up with
2. all the shortcut angles do not require any specific language as it is very easy to use. Just press three keys from keyboard. 
  • 75% of the non English world will feel comfortable as language will no more be a barrier to use search engines or net surfing. It will generate 15% new internet users.
3. If Microsoft or any website gets this technology their competitors will miss the chance to grab this unique shortcut angle technology. 
4. Every domain name has finger traveling problem because alphabets of every domain are away from each other on the keyboard.
  • We have a easy way for using with the help of's shortcuts (right to left angle e.g. ppooii ). It will grab 15% customers base of other sites as they do not have this technology.  
5. If a family has one English computer and one person in this family is familiar with computers. There are 4 family members which have time to surf internet but they have a hesitation, language problems etc.
  • By using this technology they can surf internet more easily and it will give 10 % new visitors to internet world quickly as they already have computers.
6. Using this shortcuts younger children can play games more quickly. At present 8-9 year old are playing games on internet and 6-7 year old are playing offline games on computers.

But using this 6-7 year old can also play online games. It will increase 1% internet visitors.

7. Mostly non English people cannot open websites, but using this they can surf internet in a simple and easy way.
8. It is in history that we can not judge all the benefits of a technology before the technology implemented.

E.g. we could not imagine the television in Radio time and computers in television time.


9. 0.1% is big value in search engine business because it is world wide. We are talking about 15% to 30%. There is no investment of your company. If any search engine using these shortcuts gets a increase of just 1 % it will mean huge profits.  

10. Your losses are zero, there are only profits as there is no investment from your side.

Now it is depends on you.

11. New internet users start net using with one hand only and they will use only one finger for typing.

75% new internet users will start net using with this new technology. After this near about 50% users will use this technology permanently.

12. 0.001 % of the world has only one hand they will use this tech.

5% users from this 25% will use this technology only.

13. If a person has only one arm then he can use this tech quickly.

0.1 % users will increase by this option. 25% of the world from internet users are using only one hand for typing, they will use it more easily.

14. Every internet user makes attempt on all internet options.

This is a new technology so, many users will try this new option. By this 0.2% new users will come in internet world.

15. Our  world has 1.1% blinds. 90% blinds can  surf internet easily by our technology they can listen to music  in there language. After this will give 25% blinds to internet world.
16. Yahoo, Micorsoft and Google search results are almost same. And people are thinking that there is not a  big difference.

After this they will think that  this shortcut is unique . It will grab huge search engine visitors permanently to your search engine.

17. Every time there are about 1% people on driving. Their one hand is busy. They can surf internet by one hand and  can see their location on internet.
18. Speaking search engine are the future of search engines. By shortcut angles of speaking search engine will become more effective  as  there will be  no need of language.
19.  Using two fingers on touch screen key pads in Mobiles in this case this technology will be very effective. It will grab 25% visitors having  touch screen electronic gadgets.
20. Touch screen keypads are getting very popular. It will give secure future to, Goolge, Yahoo etc.

5% of world  using touch screen mobiles are surfing  internet. Future of touch screen mobiles is estimated to grow up to 15%.

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