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My personal experience

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My personal experience.

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My personal experience

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my personal experience
My personal experience

Today, I’m very glad to say a few words about my personal experience with NSE. This is the second year of teaching the same textbook. But one difference is to teach NSE only in my classroom. Before using NSE, I had to add two or three supplementary teaching materials. NSE not only helps lower students, it also improves higher students’ abilities.

for lower students
For lower students:
  • Teach them step by step with the textbook, workbook, reading, assessment, Level A & B Test Paper.
  • They can own a CD-Rom and practice their English with it.

All of the materials are good and applicable to the present situation with New Curriculum.

for higher students
For higher students:

Pre-task is really a good way for these students,

which can improve their abilities in learning


For example:

We can use these ways to learn English.

  • Brainstorm
  • Famous persons
  • Healthy and unhealthy food and drinks
  • Vegetables
  • Writing
  • A: What do your parents do?
  • B: They are workers.
  • A: Do they work in the factory?
  • B: Yes, they do.
  • A: I’m feeling ill, mom.
  • B: Then I must call the doctor.
  • A: But we haven’t got the doctor’s telephone number.
  • B: Then, I’ll have to send you to the hospital.
  • A: Where will you go on this business trip?
  • B: I’ll go to Beijing.
  • A: Where will you stay? Will you stay in a


  • B: Yes, I’ll stay in Friendship Hotel.
  • A: That’s great! That’s a five-star hotel.
  • A: Hello. Could you tell me where Mr. Liu is?
  • B: I think that he is in the restaurant.
  • A: But he isn’t there.
  • B: Well, maybe he is in his office now.
  • A: Thank you very much.
  • B: You’re welcome.
  • A: Where are you studying now?
  • B: I’m studying in Chen Jinglun Junior

High School.

  • A: Which grade are you in?
  • B: I’m in Grade7 .
  • A: Do you like your school?
  • B: Yes, I like it very much.
  • A: In whichuniversity do you want to study in the future?
  • B: I have no idea. How about you?
  • A: I want to study in Beijing University after I graduate from high school.
  • B: I really hope your dream will come true.

Chinese cabbage

hot pepper








green pepper































roast meat

fried chicken



French fries










polar bear



the Arctic











Britney Spears is a popular-songs singer. She was born in 1982, and now she is 23 years old. She is American. A lot of fans are crazy about her.


David Beckham is a big ball game star. He is from England, and he is English. He was born in 1976, and now he is 29 years old. A lot of ball game fans adore him very much, because of his excellent ball game skill.


Jackie Chan is a famous movie star in China. His Chinese name is ChenGangsheng, and his stage name is ChengLong. Jackie Chanis from Shandong, but he was born in Hang Kong on Apr. 7th,1954, and now he is 51 years old. His height is 174cm, and his weight is 63kg. He put on a lot of plays and made a name for himself.


YangLiwei is from Liaoning. He was born in 1965, and now he is 40 years old. But on Oct.15th , 2003, he and the ShenZhou-5 fly to the sky together. It not only let China become the third big space- flight country, but also let all of the world remember his name, Yang Liwei. Yang Liwei is called the hero of China. And now a lot of people adore him.


Eating for Good Luck

On New Year’s Day, many people

eat special foods for good luck in

the new year.


Some Chinese people eat tangerines. Tangerines are round. Round foods end and begin again, like years.


Greeks eat vasilopitta, bread with a coin inside. Everyone tries to find the coin for luck and money in the new year.


In Spain and some Latin American countries, people eat twelve grapes at midnight on New Year’s Eve- one grape for good luck in each month of the new year.


Some Americans from southern states eat black-eyed peas and rice with collard greens. The black-eyed peas are like coins, and the greens are like dollars.


On McDonald’s Foods

Module 5 Healthy Food

Wang Xinran

Vera Wang

Class 4 , Grade 7


McDonald's Foods

Do you always eat McDonald’s foods? Are they good for your health?

Now let’s see.


McDonald’s Foods in Adults’ Eyes

  • Most adults think that McDonald’s foods are unhealthy. First of all, they think they’re too oily, they’ll make people fat. Secondly, McDonald’s foods are poor in nutrition. Kids need different nutrients every day to help them grow strong, play long, and learn better in school, but McDonald’s foods haven’t got enough vitamins and minerals for kids.

McDonald’s Foods in Children’s Eyes

Children love to visit McDonald’s. Firstly, the foods are really delicious to them. Secondly, McDonald’s is not only a restaurant, but also a game world ,there they can play happily. Thirdly, many stars ,who are loved by children, make advertisements for McDonald’s, for example: Yao Ming, the famous basketball player and Wang Lihong, a cool pop singer. Children can get a lovely gift if they buy “Happy Meals”. It’s a good place to stay with classical music. But eating McDonald’s food is really bad for children.


McDonald’s Foods in My Eyes

  • I enjoy McDonald’s foods for their nice tastes. But I don’t have meals there very often, because I understand that a lot of the foods aren’t good for my health. And to be healthy, one must have a balanced diet and needs to eat all kinds of foods.


  • A lot of people likes hamburgers very much, because they think hamburger is very delicious. KFC has got many kinds of hamburgers. They are: chicken hamburger, beef hamburger, fish hamburger.


  • In China , there are so many people like to drink Coke ,because it is very delicious. But I think we should drink Coke just a little, because Coke has got some caffeine. It’s bad for our health.

Cauliflower is a kind of vegetable. It has yellow fruitage with green leaves. It was evolvement from cabbage.

Cauliflower was planted in Europe, in the middle of 19th century , cauliflower began to plant in China .

Farmers often plant cauliflower in southward.


Celery is a kind of vegetable. It’s green .

It has caudexes and green leaves, it looks very nice !

Celery is not only a kind of vegetable, but also a kind of Chinese traditional medicine(中药).

In our country , Shan Xi is the best place to plant celery.


Cucumber is a kind of green vegetable. It’s long and green. Cucumber flower’s appearance is in summer. Flowers are yellow and they have five petals(花瓣).

Cucumber is juicy and cool.

Cucumber looks very nice , do you think so?


Onion is a kind of vegetable, too.But it is not green, it’s purple.

It looks like garlic(蒜), but they are different.

It has many kinds of nutrition.

It likes wet and warm and it doesn’t like dry and cold.

Because it has many kinds of nutrition and good for out health.Some people call onion is the queen of vegetables.


Tomato is red,juicy and sour. It grows up on the rattan. It has flowers. Flowers are yellow and have 5~7petals. Flowers often appear in summer and autumn.

Farmers pick them up in summer. It looks lovely, isn’t it?


Lettuce is a kind of vegetable.It has lots of leaves and it’s green. Lettuce likes cold and cool.

In northward , farmers plant lettuce in summer. In southward , farmer plant lettuce in autumn.

  • My school
  • Make an invitation to one of his/her friends.
  • My school day
  • Celebrate your birthday and choose birthday presents.
  • My favorite animals

Hello! my name is Miss Li. I’m an English teacher and I’m Chinese. I’m from Wuhan. I didn’t know anything about my students at first, so I asked them: What’s your name? and Where are you from? Then a girl stood up and said: “ My name is LingLing. I’m from Beijing. I’m twelve years old and I’m Chinese.” Then she introduced her friend, Daming to me. Daming stood up and said: Hello! I’m Daming, I’m twelve years old and from Beijing. LingLing is my friend. Suddenly, I saw a shy boy is sitting at the corner of the classroom at this moment, I pointed at him and said: Could you introduce yourself? The boy stood up and said: “My name is WangHui, I’m thirteen years old and I’m from Shanghai. I’m a student in Class one.” At last, I said to them :You’re all very clever, and your English speaking is quite good, I really enjoy your introduction!





labs and offices






E x e r c i s e s

Talk about our school.

1.Are there any school offices?

2.Where are the classrooms?

3.Where’s the library?

4.Are there any science labs? Where are they?

5.Is there a canteen ?Where is it?

6.Where is the gym?

Yes, there are some offices.

They are across of the offices.

The library is near the swimming pool.

Yes. They are on the second floor of labs building.

Yes. It is in the ground of synthesize building.

It is on the second of synthesize building.


computer offices

computer rooms

music room

art room

report hall

reading room

lecture theater



swimming pool



From: Vera

To: Jane

Day: Sunday

Hi, Jane!

This weekend, my parents and I will go to Chao Yang Park. I‘ve got four tickets but there are only three people in my family. I don’t want to waste the ticket, so I am inviting you to go with us. Please let me know if you can go or not. I hope that we can spend a happy weekend together.

Best wishes,



A: Hello! What day is today?

B: It’s Tuesday.

A: Oh! I like Tuesday, there are lots of my favourite lessons

on Tuesday.

B: What are they?

A: Such as maths, English, biology, physics and so on.

B: What is your first lesson?

A: Math. The maths class starts at half past seven, then

the English class.

B: How many classes are there in the morning?

A: 5. We have lunch at twelve o’ clock and finish lunch at a

quarter past twelve.


B: And then?

A: And then we have a break and talk with others. We go

into the classroom at one and have self-study course.

B: When does the classes begin in the afternoon?

A: It begins at half past one. And we finish school at ten

past four.

B: When do you usually get home?

A: I usually arrive at home at about ten to six. I have a short

break then I have supper, I really feel hungry!

B: What about after supper?

A: After supper, I do my homework, I have a lot of home

work every day. After finish my homework, I watch TV

for half an hour and then go to bed at ten.

B: What an interesting school day you’ve got!

A: Thank you.


My school day

I study in Chen Jinglun Junior High School. I get up at about half past five and have breakfast at ten to six.

My grandfather take me to school by bus at six o’clock.The first class starts at half past seven, so I must arrive at school at seven o’clock.

There are five classes in the morning.I have lunch at about twelve o’clock .After lunch I usually take a rest in the classroom,but sometimes I study.

In the afternoon, classes begin at half past one and often finish at ten past four. I go home at about half past four. I have dinner at seven o’clock. Then, I do my homework and play computer. I go to bed at ten o’clock.


ChenJingLun Junior High School

Class Three,Grade Seven



My Birthday Party

  • My birthday is June 7th . In last birthday party, I had a picnic with my friends. I took it at ChaoYang Park. We bought some fruits 、drinks、sausage、potato chips and a big birthday cake. We ate the cake and play games in the park. At last, my friends gave me a lot of gifts, such as doll、pencil-case、story books and so on. I enjoyed this birthday party very much. I think this party is very good.
ChenglongA famous director and a famous actor. His birthday is April 7th. This year, he celebrated his birthday with a lot of Orphans at XinJiang. He donated three million yuan to the children. And the children sang:”Happy birthday to you.” to ChengLong.

Lin Junjie is a popular singer. He sings many popular songs,such as 《JiangNan》、《Meirenyu》and etc. A lot of students are crazy about his songs, he is the teens’s idol. His birthday is March 27th . This year, he spent his birthday with his fans. And he made Sushi for his fans and his parents. He said that he enjoyed this party very much.


How does the celebrity celebrate their birthday? Let me tell you!


I want to receive books. Because I can get a lot from them.



I want to receive my friends wishes best! If you write a letter to tell me “Happy birthday to you”, I must be very happy!

The clockis very importantBecause it can remind me time. And make me study and work more efficiently.


The gifts I want to receive

When you enjoy your birthday party. Don’t forget to say : “Thank you!”to your mother.


My birthday party

My birthday is on October 25th. On my birthday, my parents always have a party for me. At the party, I often invite many people to come to my birthday party. They are my grandparents、my brothers 、my sisters、 my pen friends、my classmates and many people. At every turn, they always give me some gifts. At that time, I often say to them :“Thank you very much.” And then, we eat some dishes、birthday cake and longevous noodles.



Usually, I got many gifts, such as: shoes、clothes、school bag and school things .

But I want to get some story books、some beautifulthings.

english homework module 8

English homework(Module 8)

Chen Jinglun Junior High School

Class 3,Grade 7

Lu Jun

my birthday party
My birthday party
  • In each year, I usually celebrate my birthday like this.
  • First: I choose my birthday party’s


  • Second: I invite some friends to come

to my birthday party.

  • Third: We celebrate this nice day


  • On my birthday, I usually receive presents from my parents and friends. I received some cards, adornments, books and so on.
  • My favorite presents are books. I like reading books.
  • What about you?
how does yao ming spend his birthday
How does Yao Ming spend his birthday?
  • Yao Ming’s birthday is on September 12th.
  • He had dinner with his teammates. On that day, a waiter took out three layers cake. His teammates suggested putting cream on Yao Ming’s face. Yao Ming had to receive this funny suggestion.
my birthday party64
My birthday party
  • In 2000, I was seven years old. At that time I had a good time.We made a small birthday party. I invited my three best friends. They sang a song with me and ate some cakes. I had a very happy time.
My gift is:A Barbie toy

A beautiful skirt

A birthday card

A beautiful necklet

But I want to get the gift :

A telescope


My birthday

Chen Jinglun Junoir High School

Class Three, Grade Seven

Zheng Junjia


My unforgettable birthday party

Everyone has his or her own birthday. An unforgettable birthday is my 10th birthday.

On that day, I invited my four best friends to my home. We played computer, ate cake, rode a bike and watched television. They gave me many presents, we were all very happy.


My expectant birthday

I hope I can go to the amusement park to play on my birthday and make me relax.


My expectant present

I want to be an astronomer in the future. So, my expectant present is an astronomical telescope.


English Homework

Beijing Chen Jinglun Junior High School

Class 3, Junior 1

Kenny Ding


My Birthday

“I get home, mom.” I opened the door but nobody answered. I was sad and I started to do my homework.

Suddenly,I heard a song: “Happy birthday to you,Happy birthday to you,…” And I turned my head. Wow, mom and dad and my friends smiled and walked towards me. That’s really a big surprise.

“ Happy birthday to you,honey.” mom said, and they took out one big cake from the dining room. “That’s great!” I’m so happy. “Please make a promise for yourself now,we wish you happybirthday !” Tom and Linda said. Thank you very much, I made a promise for my mom and dad . I hope they are healthy and good luck. we all laughed ,the room is full of happiness.


Then, the house was light and the dinning table had a lot of delicious food , such as: noodles, vegetables, rice, chicken and pork. And there’re some drinks: juice, Coke, beer and wine. Dinner started at this time. “I’m full, I have a big dinner. That’s wonderful .”

About eight o’clock, we started my birthday party, we sang and danced. We talked loudly and we laughed with a joke. We were tired, but we were happy.

The moon is circle,and the stars are shining.The night is cold,but my heart is warm. “Let’s sing the karaoke.” dad said. That’s a great idea,” I said. I sang the first song.


Wow, a lovely little bear,a delicate pen, and an MP3 are my favorite gifts. I was so happy.

I got them on my birthday. Isn’t it a big surprise to me? I’ve got toys, dolls, game boys, toy cars, and so on . All the gifts are my wish.

This is my twelfth birthday. I think this birthday is the happiest one. I can’t forget it forever.


Cake is eastern food, actually in today’s China it’s also an ordinary food. We eat it at people’s birthday.

Make a cake is not very easy. Because its material is very difficult. It has got some bread, milk, cream and so on. Even now many people also like it very much.

  • Give the birthday card is a very import part for a birthday party. Do you think so?
  • In the card we can write some beautiful words, such as: Best wishes, Love, Happy birthday and so on.
  • On your birthday, you are likely to invite your friend to come to your home or restaurant to celebrate your birthday together.I think it’s happy, because at the party you can do some games, and eat some cakes. Do you think it’s a happy thing?
  • What present do you give to your friend? Toy? Isn’t it right?
  • I think if the girl has a birthday party. Many people will give her a doll or some flowers.
  • But if a boy has a party, he can get some toys.

My birthday :

If your birthday is coming, you must have a party. Now, let’s see what you should do.

First of all, you should buy some birthday cards, then write the invitation to someone you want to invite, also write down the place and the time. At last, don’t forget to write your telephone number and post them.

Second, you may wait for others’ reply, then, according to the people’s number, you can prepare the food and drinkfor the party.

After the party, you can write to your guest, say how happy you are, and thank them for their presents.

If you do these very well, you’ll have a perfect party!


Others birthday :

If you receive other’s invitation, she or he invite you to go to her birthday party. What should you do? Don’t worry, let me tell you.

First, you should reply her as soon as possible. You can either write a reply or make a phone call. Remember that you must reply, while the host will feel you are rude.

And then, you may go to the shop and buy a birthday present. The present must fit in with the host’s character. Even though the present is small, but it means you are thanking her for inviting you.

After that, you may go to the party on time. At last, it is polite to write and thank the host for inviting you.

Remember these, be a good guest.







Golden monkey


MODULE 9 A trip to the zoo

Wina Yan


A:Welcome to Beijing Zoo.Sixteen thousand people

visit it every day.The zoo has five thousand

animals , rare animals and so on. Let’s go and see


B:Wow!It’s dolphin. I like it best. It’s so lovely!

A:Yes , but I think the panda is lovely , too! I like it very

much. It is a famous panda——Meimei.

B: Really? It’s Meimei? Does Meimei come from

Sichuan China?

A: Yes , it does.

B: It’s dark outside. We must go home.

A: I am unwilling to part with leaving there.



There is a giraffe from China.It lives in the forest and eats leaves. Its neck is very long , so they areclumsy(1).


★(1) clumsy行动不灵活的


There is a lion from China. It lives in Beijing Zoo. It eats meat but it doesn’t eat vegetables.



This is a tiger. It lives in the forest, too. It eats meat but it doesn’t eat vegetables. It’s the king of the animal.


This is golden monkey. It lives in the forest and it eats bananas and peaches but it doesn't eat vegetables. Sometimes they play with the children.They are very clever.

Golden monkey


This is an elephant. It lives in a forest. It eats grass and so on. It’s very big and its nose is so long. It’s friendly to us.




This is a wolf. It lives in the forest. It eats meat but it doesn't eat vegetables and fruits. Sometimes it eats people, so it’s terrible.

There are only 1000 pandas in the wild now,and they only were discovered in China.The pandas like eating bamboos very much.They usually eat 15 kilos of bamboos a day.The people around the world like the panda very much,because the panda’s skin are black and white,people think it’s very beautiful.

There are fifteen kinds of cranes in the world, and there are nine kinds of cranes are in China.There are 1200 red crowned cranes in the world, and there are 670 cranes in China.The Red crowned crane likes to eat fish and the bud of Hydrophytes very much .The crane can live in the world about 60 years.

Animals in China


Intermediate slow loris

Yesterday,I watched TV at home. There was CCTV 10 (The Educational ), and it was on National Geographic, I like this program very much, so I looked it carefully. There was induction a kind monkeys:Intermediate slow loris( 间蜂猴),it’s from South YunNan,China. There’s hot but damp, and there has lots of tree and plants. It likes wild fruit, plants’s leaf, little bugs and birds. It’s high 20-25 cm,weight:250-300g, and it’s nickname is: little lazy monkey, because it’s life habits looks like slow loris monkey.



Beibei is a fish.The fish stands for the blue Olympic ring.Among the five, she is known to be gentle and pure, strong in water.And Beibei is a fish, fish means harvest. I think Beibei means harvest and prosperity.



Jingjing is a panda. The little panda stands for the black Olympic ring. Jingjing is good at weight sports.His headdress means humans get on well with nature. Jingjing is my favorite Olympic Mascot.



Huanhuan is torch.The child of fire stands for the red Olympic ring. He is in the center ,the brother of five. He can well all ball games. He carries Olympic spirit.



Yingying is a Tibetan antelope.The Tibetan antelope stands for the yellow Olympic ring. He is strong in track and field event.Choosing the Tibetan antelope that China wants a Green Olympics.



Nini is a bird. She stands for the Green Olympic ring. She is as happy and lovely as the swallow.She is good at gymnastics.She brings good luck wherever she flies.


I think the Olympic Mascots are very lovely.And they are some animals.They are very lovely,are’t they?