growing your business via google l.
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Growing Your Business via Google

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Growing Your Business via Google - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Growing Your Business via Google. Michael Halls Director of FileKicker. Emetrix Sales Tracking Summary. MSN increasing. General download sites continue to decline. Most people find your products using Google!. Yahoo decreasing. Specialty sites increasing! Good source for affiliates!.

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growing your business via google

Growing Your Business via Google

Michael Halls

Director of FileKicker

emetrix sales tracking summary
Emetrix Sales Tracking Summary

MSN increasing

General download sites continue to decline

Most people find your products using


Yahoo decreasing

Specialty sites increasing!

Good source for affiliates!

looking closer at google
Looking Closer at Google

Three word phrases convert the best

Where do these sales come from?

I don’t know!

an example of a web page optimized for google
An Example of a Web Page Optimized for Google

Keywords in URL

Keywords in Title

Keywords in bold, large type

Product Name Contains Keywords

Link to Keywords

300+ words of targeted content

an example of a web page optimized for google5
An Example of a Web Page Optimized for Google

Keyword in meta description tag

increasing your pagerank
Increasing Your PageRank

Find pages with high PageRank

Get links to your website using your keyword

additional link tips
Additional Link Tips
  • Google honors old links – its important to establish your keywords early (Google Sandboxing)
  • Submit a press release
  • Check that all sites that link to your website are indexed by Google
another strategy uncommon keywords
Another Strategy – Uncommon Keywords
  • It is easy to get high rankings for uncommon keywords related to your product (i.e. blank-redirect browser virus)
  • Publish help documents on your website
  • Create small websites that are focused on one topic and keyword that describe how your product solves a problem
  • Publish your answers to your customers questions on your website
  • Check that all your pages are indexed by Google (Search on:
buying google traffic google adwords
Buying Google Traffic – Google AdWords

Targeted based on search terms

Google AdWords

Displayed on

Google AdWords (sponsored links)

buying google traffic google adsense
Buying Google Traffic – Google AdSense

Targeted based on content

Displayed on any websites

Google AdSense

google adwords vs adsense
Google AdWords vs. AdSense


converts better than AdSense

Split your AdWord and AdSense campaigns

In this case 6 x’s greater conversion with the same keywords!

Set your cost-per-click so both are profitable

some countries convert better than others
Some Countries Convert Better Than Others

India generates 12% of clicks on AdSense

but few sales

Click fraud is common in India

use geo targeting to limit clicks by country
Use Geo-Targeting to Limit Clicks by Country

Choose those countries that generate sales

additional google adword adsense tips
Additional Google AdWord/AdSense Tips
  • Create customized ads for each high volume keyword. Google gives more exposure to ads with high click-through-rates.
  • Find targeted keywords through sites like WordTracker (
using time and money wisely
Using Time and Money Wisely
  • Enable Google AdWords Conversion Tracking to track Google AdWord and AdSense conversion rates (Supported by most Digital River e-commerce platforms).
  • Enable FileKicker download to sales reporting to track which download sites generate sales. (Supported by most Digital River e-commerce platforms).
  • Enable eMetrix sales tracking. Track referring sites and landing pages for each order (Available to eMetrix customers).
new google analytics
New! Google Analytics
  • Google Analytics is a general purpose analytics engine.
  • Google Analytics is now free! Although new signups are currently limited while new capacity is added.
  • Integrated with AdWord and AdSense.
  • eMetrix will be working on integration with Google Analytics in December. Other Digital River e-commerce platforms will soon follow.
google analytics reports
Google Analytics – Reports

Number of visitors and page views

New and returning visitors

Referring site report

Geographic visitor report

google analytics additional reports
Google Analytics – Additional Reports
  • Top entry and exit pages
  • Browser versions
  • Operating systems
  • Languages
  • Connection Speeds
  • Screen Resolution and Colors
google analytics advanced features
Google Analytics – Advanced Features
  • Is my website confusing my customers? Have I made it clear what they should do next?
  • Which search keywords should I optimize my website for?
  • How profitable are my paid marketing campaigns?
  • Can I make my email campaigns more profitable?
  • Did launching my product in German increase my conversion rate for German customers?
google analytics advanced goals
Google Analytics (Advanced) – Goals

Goals allow you to configure the expected path of a customer through your website

The last goal may be to complete the purchase

The first goal is always entering the website

The second goal may be to click purchase

google analytics advanced goals22
Google Analytics (Advanced) – Goals

Once goals are set, you can see how different groups of customers move towards the end goal

Visitors from the USA

10,000 USA visitors entered the website

200 completed the order

600 clicked purchase

google analytics advanced goals23
Google Analytics (Advanced) – Goals
  • Used properly, goals can improve the focus of your website and increase your website’s conversion rate
google analytics advanced e commerce

Cost-per-click marketing campaign for $0.25 per click

Google Analytics (Advanced) – E-Commerce

E-commerce integration will let you provide the dollar value per customers

Resulting in $6,000 in sales

Generated 5,000 clicks

For a total revenue of $0.83 per click

google analytics advanced e commerce25
Google Analytics (Advanced) – E-Commerce
  • Determine which search engine key words generate the most sales per visit.
  • Establish which referring sites generate the most sales per visit
  • Determine which countries generate the most sales per visit
  • Calculate the return on investment for paid marketing
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