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Face the Challenge

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Face the Challenge - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Face the Challenge. Face the Challenge. Learning Objectives. Understanding how to survive Understanding how to enjoy work Understand how to make the right impression. Key Words. Coursework Timescale Realistic World of work Standards Target Impression

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face the challenge

Face the Challenge

Face the Challenge

learning objectives
Learning Objectives
  • Understanding how to survive
  • Understanding how to enjoy work
  • Understand how to make the right impression
key words
Key Words


Timescale Realistic

World of work

Standards Target


Placement Grooming


what does it all mean
What Does it all Mean?

Thought Shower

Key Words

surviving course work
Surviving Course Work
  • Be realistic, if your favourite team are playing or it’s your mate’s birthday party when you’ve planned to start your work, you’re not going to be able to concentrate. Forget about the coursework for those couple of hours, go and watch the football or go to the party, and rearrange the time you do the work.
  • Set standards high - Aim to get one grade higher on a piece of coursework than the minimum expected, it’s important, these are valuable marks which could make all the difference to your overall grade.
  • Set realistic targets. Split your coursework into stages and be sure to complete each one by the deadline you have set yourself.
  • Give yourself incentives. Allow yourself motivational treats when you get the stages of the coursework done!
surviving course work8
Surviving Course Work
  • Make sure you understand what you are being asked to do.
  • Before you start, talk to the subject teacher about your understanding of the coursework, your ideas for completing it and the level you’re aiming at.
  • Research, make notes and then create a plan for the coursework
  • Produce a rough draft. If you’re concerned, ask your teacher if they could look at this draft
  • Amend and check your work carefully.
  • Hand in a neat copy – on time!
  • In the event you do not get the grade you hoped for, talk to the teacher to help you understand why. This will help you improve next time.
work experience that s right for you
Work Experience that’s Right for You

Think about:

  • What would you like to do and what would you like to achieve?
  • What do you enjoy doing? (Practical or physical work or I.T / desk based, for example)
  • What sort of experience might you need in the future?
  • What are your skills? What can you offer to the ‘employer’?
  • Be prepared to be flexible according to what is on offer and available.
  • If school can’t provide the placement you want, speak to family and friends or write to local companies to see if any are willing to take you.
  • Check with your school that the placement will be suitable for you and that all the relevant forms are completed.
  • Keep a short diary of your work experience and things you did, note down any skills you have learnt.
make the right first impression
Make the Right First Impression

What is your first impression?

make the right first impression12
Make the Right First Impression

Smile when you meet new people; a friendly face will get a better

response from people than a sullen or downcast expression.

Hygiene and grooming - both sexes should have clean skin and hair;

fingernails should be spotless. Avoid strong smelling fragrance or


skin facts
Skin Facts

There is often lots of confusing information about spots, why we get them and

what we can do about them. It’s best to know the facts:

skin facts14
Skin Facts!
  • Keep it clean - prevention is better than cure
    • If spots come from blocked pores and nasty bacteria, you need to:
    • Unclog pores
    • Remove dirt and oil
    • Fight bacteria Prevention
  • Don’t be tempted to over wash or scrub, over washing can make things worse by drying the skin out too much. If the skin gets too dry it will produce more oil – a vicious circle!
  • Don’t squeeze!Squeezing spots can spread oil and bacteria, as well as lead to scars. It can also make the area red, angry and a lot harder to cover up.
  • Drink up - drink plenty of water and choose vitamin-rich foods, and your skin will definitely thank you for it.
  • Cover up – make sure your face is clean, dab on a fast acting treatment to dry out the spot and lightly tap on concealer
give me five
Give me Five!

Five things you have learnt today