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CGS CGS 2100 Syllabus . Dr. David A. Gaitros MCH 103 Research Associate, Department of Computer Science. What is this course? . On-Campus 3 Credit Hour 4 Hand in Assignments 2 Exams ( must be taken on campus) All lecture materials are on-line

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Cgs cgs 2100 syllabus l.jpg

CGS CGS 2100Syllabus

Dr. David A. Gaitros

MCH 103

Research Associate, Department of Computer Science

What is this course l.jpg
What is this course?

  • On-Campus

    • 3 Credit Hour

    • 4 Hand in Assignments

    • 2 Exams ( must be taken on campus)

    • All lecture materials are on-line

    • Lecture attendance required in HCB 101

    • Lab sections (classes scheduled for MCH 302 or MCH 304) Meet first time only.

    • Attendance at first lecture (HCB 101) required.

  • Web Based

    • 3 Credit Hour

    • 4 Hand in Assignments

    • 2 Exams (must be taken on campus)

    • All lecture materials are on-line

    • No lecture scheduled.

    • No lab sections scheduled.

    • First day attendance requirement satisfied by taking a survey on-line through BlackBoard.

Cgs2060 2100 l.jpg

  • Course covers the following topics:

    • Digital Technology Basics

    • Network Technologies

    • Management Information Systems

    • Digital Media

    • Information Security

    • Digital Society, Ethics, Globalization

    • E-Commerce and Business Systems

    • Advanced Excel Spreadsheets

Course materials l.jpg
Course Materials.

  • Discovering Computers 2011: Introductory, 1st Edition, Gary B. Shelly – Shelly Cashman Institute, Misty E. Vermaat – Purdue University Calumet (either the hardcopy or E-Book but not both)

    • Hardcopy Textbook: ISBN-1:1439079412 , ISBN-13: 9781439079412

    • E-Book Version: ISBN 1111278423

Assignments l.jpg

  • 4Turn-in Assignments

    • MS Word (Computer Competency Component)

    • Basic Excel Spreadsheet

    • Advanced Excel Spreadsheet

    • Business Excel Spreadsheet

  • MS Word Assignment is used as the “Computer Competency Component” metric. The MS Word assignment must be passed with a “C-” or better to pass the course.

Assignments cont l.jpg
Assignments (cont)

  • Assignments:

    • Due on a Friday by midnight.

    • Late penalties, 20% for every check day(Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays)

    • Last possible day to turn in assignments: Monday November 29th, 2010

    • MS Word Research Paper due September 10th, 2010

    • All assignments will be graded using MS Office 2007 on a PC running the Windows Operating System.

      • Files that were saved in earlier formats that do not open will receive a zero.

      • You may lose points if you saved the file under an older format and it will open but some features are missing.

      • You may use and submit files in MS Office 2008 or MS Office 2010 format.

Assignments cont7 l.jpg
Assignments (cont)

  • Assignments (continued)

    • Assignments must be submitted through Blackboard (uploaded)

    • All issues with grades on assignments or tests must be posted to the instructor within 1 week of the grade posting.

    • Assignments will be graded on MS Office 2007.

    • All Assignments must be completed on MS Office 2007/2010 or MS Office 2008 (Mac Version).

Submitting assignment and skills exams l.jpg
Submitting Assignment and Skills Exams

  • Make sure you have a good solid internet connection.

  • Use Internet Explorer version 7.0 or higher.

  • MAC Users should use the latest version of Safari


  • Make sure you save your work properly.

  • Close the application (Ms Word, Excel, PowerPoint).

  • Select the correct file to upload.

  • In order to submit the assignment you must hit the Submit button.

  • See the instructions on submitting an assignment under Assignments in the course Blackboard site.

Common mistakes on submitting assignments l.jpg
Common mistakes on submitting assignments

  • Submitting them close to the deadlines.

    • There are almost 2000 people in this class and Blackboard can get overloaded. Submit your assignment early.

  • Using a browser other then Internet Explorer or Safari

  • Using a slow or unreliable internet connection.

  • Not saving the file properly

  • Submitting the wrong file

  • Putting spaces or special characters in the file name

  • Not closing the application before submitting (file is still locked)

  • Hitting Save instead of Submit

  • Not waiting for the submission to complete before closing the browser.

Computer competency requirement l.jpg
Computer Competency Requirement

  • For this course the University requires that a single assignment or test be used to determine if a student has passed the Computer Competency requirement.

  • The MS Word Web Reasearch Paper (Assignment #1) has been designated as that assignment.

  • This assignment must be passed with at least a “C-” or better in order to pass the course.

Concept exams l.jpg
Concept Exams

  • There are two concept Exams

    • Exams times must be scheduled


    • Both exams can be scheduled at the same time.

    • Look for the link to reserve an exam on your Blackboard site

    • Exam Session one offered from week 7 –week 8

    • Exam Session two offered from week 14 – middle of week 15.

    • Exams are 50 minutes long and you must have a valid FSU Identification card

    • A valid documented excuse is required for missing an exam and avoiding a 20 point penalty.

Grades l.jpg

Use the table below to calculate your letter grade from your earned points.

Grades cont l.jpg
Grades (cont)

  • Grades for each assignment should be posted within 14 working days (not counting weekends or holidays) after the due date of the assignment.

  • You have 7 days after the grades have been posted for each assignment to protest a grade. After that, all grades are final.

  • A 20% late penalty will be assessed per check day ( Mondays, Wednesday, and Fridays). Saturday and Sunday count as 1 day. Assignments are all due on Friday.

    • 3 days late -20 Points

    • 5 days late -40 Points

    • 7 days late – 60 Points

    • 10 days late – 80 Points

    • 12 days late – 100 Points

Slide14 l.jpg

  • Help

    • On-line – Email either or regardless of which course you are registered.

    • Help sessions hours are conducted in the MCH 3rd Floor Computer Lab.

    • All General Purpose Computer labs contain PC and MAC computers have the appropriate MS Office software.

    • Do not email the instructor... I will only forward them to 2100@cs.fsu.ed or

Corrupt or incorrect submission of an assignment l.jpg
Corrupt or Incorrect submission of an assignment

  • At least 12 hours prior to the submission deadline of an assignment you can have the attempt cleared so you can resubmit.

    • Create an email to

    • Subject: Clear Assignment for yourname.

    • In the body of the email put the following

      • Please clear the Assignment # for yourname

      • FSUID is fsu email id.

      • Course: CGS 2060 or 2100

      • Section number:

Frequently asked questions l.jpg
Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is the book required?

    • Yes. There will be test questions that come from the readings and should have either the hardcopy or e-book version of the text.

  • Can I use a MAC computer for this class?

    • Yes, All assignments can be accomplished on a MAC or PC. PCs that you can use are located in one of three General Purpose Computer labs on campus (MCH, Strozier, or The Student Union).

More frequently asked questions l.jpg
More Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I still submit assignments using previous versions of MS Office?

    • NO! This could and will cause you to lose points.

  • Should I email the Instructor or TA to make sure the Assignment was received properly?

    • NO! With over 2000 students this become unmanageable. To ensure your assignment was submitted properly you can go back to the link where you submitted and check to see if the file is there. Right click on the file and download it and try open it. If not, THAN contact the instructor to clear the attempt so you can resubmit.

Still more frequently asked questions l.jpg
Still More Frequently Asked Questions

  • I can see the tests in Blackboard, does that mean I can take them anytime I want?

    • No..The tests are password protected and the password is changed frequently. The password will only be given to you during the testing session.

  • How many points total is there in the class?

    • 650

      • 400 for the Assignments (100 points each)

      • 50 Points Syllabus Exam

      • 200 Points for the Concept Exams (100 points each) .

Even more questions l.jpg
Even More Questions?

  • I am in the Web Based section and I can only make to campus for one day, can I take both exams then?

    • No. This is not a distance learning course and attendance for the exams is required. We do not have the resources to handle proctored exams or special circumstances.

  • My computer/internet connection crashed right before midnight the assignment was due, can I get a break on the late penalty?

    • No! All assignments are assigned on the first day and there is plenty of time to complete them. If you wait until the last moment to complete the assignment then you give yourself no room for error. Bad stuff happens so plan ahead...

Three last questions l.jpg
Three Last questions

  • I didn’t get the grade I needed, can I do some extra credit to bring it up?

    • No. I don’t have the staff to offer this to all students and I can’t offer the ability to raise grades to one person without offering it to everyone.

  • I am in the on-campus sections. Is attendance required?

    • As a matter of FSU Policy, yes. However, when you have turned in all assignments and taken both exams you need no longer attend class. There is no final exam.

  • I am in the on-campus sections and I see that I have classes scheduled for MCH (Carothers) and HCB 101. Do I go to them?

    • ONLY ATTEND THAT CLASSROOM THE FIRST TIME. AFTER THAT THESE TIMES DO NOT MEET. We schedule these rooms to preserve them for test taking and help sessions. Attend the lectures scheduled for HCB 101.

Advice l.jpg

  • Stay in school, finish your degree, and don’t do drugs!

  • Attend class (Web based students are welcome also). I go over the material in more detail AND I go over how to complete the homework. Class is useful.

  • Don’t procrastinate... Start the projects NOW!

    • If you find out there is an error in submission we can clear the attempt and allow you to resubmit with NO penalty. After the due date, penalties come into play.

  • Always, Always, Always... check your assignments to make sure they were uploaded properly.

  • MAC Users... Upload your files to a PC and check them on Office 2007/2010...There are differences.