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Catharine Kuber Clovis FFA PowerPoint Presentation
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Catharine Kuber Clovis FFA

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Catharine Kuber Clovis FFA - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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FFA. My. Experience. Catharine Kuber Clovis FFA. Biography. I am actively involved in 4-H and enjoy playing volleyball for Central Cal VBC as the setter and team captain.

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Catharine Kuber Clovis FFA

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    1. FFA My Experience Catharine Kuber Clovis FFA

    2. Biography • I am actively involved in 4-H and enjoy playing volleyball for Central Cal VBC as the setter and team captain. • In 4-H I am involved in various community service and citizenship activities as well as leadership development and public speaking. My volleyball team at Lemoore HS

    3. Agriculture Background • I have grown up with a strong agricultural background. • My mother is a freelance writer for Farm Journal and Dairy Today. • My father is an agricultural sales representative for several Dairy Cattle products. • I know the importance of agriculture in the world and am very aware of many current events in the agriculture industry.

    4. Classroom Experience • I have been involved in the Clovis East Ag Department for three years. • As a 7th & 8th grader I took introduction to agriculture. • Now, as a freshman, I am taking Agriculture Science I • Teachers are a big influence on all students. • When I choose my career, no matter what I go in to, I’ll always have my background and classroom experiences in agriculture to fall back on.

    5. Supervised Agricultural Experience • Currently, I haven’t started my SAE. • However, this summer I am planning on working for my dad as a secretary of inventory and keeping up with paper work/invoices. • I am hoping to earn enough money to achieve my chapter farmer degree in the fall.

    6. Agriscience Fair • My project is entitled, “How Do Housing & Probiotics Affect Growth Rates in Dairy Calves?” • I placed 1st in the zoology division and 1st high individual overall at state finals. • This fall I will travel to Louisville, KY to compete in the national Agriscience Fair. State finals held at the Fresno Convention Center

    7. CA State Leadership Conference • I attended a few sessions this year of the conference and enjoyed it very much! • I have known Anne Marie Diener for a long time, and she invited us to see her retiring address. • Next year, I hope to attend the conference full time, maybe even as a delegate.

    8. Opportunities Ahead • FFA has already given me so many opportunities and I hope to continue to take advantage of as many as possible • Next year, I will be taking Agriculture Science II (Animal Physiology & Anatomy) • My 4-year goal is to be involved in the FFA at all levels, chapter through state