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1. Go to the page that lists your award and click on the underlined link. PowerPoint Presentation
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1. Go to the page that lists your award and click on the underlined link.

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1. Go to the page that lists your award and click on the underlined link. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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1. Go to the page that lists your award and click on the underlined link.

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Presentation Transcript

The Awards photos are high resolution files (300 dpi, 5x7) so you can print or send to local papers. Therefore, they will not be easy to view on your computer unless you put them into a viewing/imaging program (most computers come with some kind of viewing program). In most cases, it will be called “Imaging.” Click on “Start” in the bottom left hand corner of the computer. Click on “Programs,” Click on “Accessories,” Click on “Imaging,” This will open the program. Go to “File/Open” and open the photo file.

If you have Photoshop, use that program.

Follow the steps on the next page to view and download your photos. If you have difficulties, send me an e-mail and I’ll be glad to help.


Instructions for Downloading Photos

  • 1. Go to the page that lists your award and click on the underlined link.
  • 2. The photo page will open, but you will only be able to see a small portion of it. Click on “File” in the menu bar. Click on “Save As” and a dialogue box will appear. Save the photo in a computer file.
  • 3. Open the imaging program. Click on File/Open. Go to the location where the photo was saved and open the file. (You should be able to change the viewing size of the photo file here.
  • 4. To print: click on File/Print. A Print Menu Box will appear. Click on “OK” to print.
  • To e-mail Newspaper: Send the photo as an attachment via e-mail message.
3 d visual animation5
3-D Visual Animation

Secondary Winners

2nd Place – Eastside Technical Center Ryan Trimble & Paul Sickman

1st Place – Knott Co. ATCJosh Sexton & Brandon Cook

action skills7
Action Skills

Secondary Winners

3rd Place – Randy BrownOhio Co. ATC

2nd Place – Brandon ThomasRockcastle Co. ATC

1st Place – Zachary KeesyEastside Technical Center

advertising design9

Secondary Winners

3rd Place – Grace LauchangMoore H.S.

2nd Place – Anthony BallardOldham Co. ATC

1st Place – Kelly BessOldham Co. ATC

american spirit11
American Spirit

Secondary Winners

1st Place – Knox Co. ATCLisa Carroll, Nicole Jordan, Andrea Smith

architectural drafting13
Architectural Drafting

Secondary Winners

3rd Place – Brandy HallRussell ATC

2nd Place – Alan NoonanWaggener Traditional H.S.

1st Place – Jeff CloudCorbin ATC

architectural drafting14
Architectural Drafting

Postsecondary Winners

3rd Place – Matthew BoggsAshland Technical College

2nd Place – Mathew HuffLaurel Technical College

1st Place – C. Luke StevensonElizabethtown Technical College

automated manufacturing16
Automated Manufacturing

Secondary Winners

2nd Place – Dustin DanielsLake Cumberland ATC

1st Place – Benjamin AckissBreckinridge Co. ATC

automated manufacturing17
Automated Manufacturing

Postsecondary Winners

2nd Place – Jason LeMasterRowan Technical College

1st Place – Brandon MurrellCentral KY Technical College


Secondary Winners

3rd Place – Bronson PolandLake Cumberland ATC

2nd Place – Bruce WardripMeade Co. ATC

1st Place – Rodney PayneRockcastle Co. ATC


Postsecondary Winners

3rd Place – James MiddlebrooksCentral KY Technical College

2nd Place – J.R. IsheeAshland Technical College

1st Place – Chris BrackettElizabethtown Technical College


Secondary Winners

3rd Place – Eric Popp Shawnee H.S.

2nd Place – Bradley Lee Shawnee H.S.

1st Place – Zach Craig Shawnee H.S.

building maintenance24
Building Maintenance

Secondary Winners

2nd Place – Gary BondEastside Technical Center

1st Place – Peggy LundMeade Co. ATC

cnc machining milling26
CNC Machining Milling

Secondary Winners

2nd Place – Neal Hamilton, Jr.Russellville ATC

1st Place – Patrick ClarkBreckinridge Co. ATC

cnc machining turning28
CNC Machining Turning

Secondary Winners

2nd Place – Carla VoylesBreckinridge Co. ATC

1st Place – Danny FoxRussellville ATC


Secondary Winners

3rd Place – Gideon BaileyGreen Co. ATC

2nd Place – Ryan NewtonNelson Co. ATC

1st Place – Chris ReisenbeckHarrodsburg ATC


Secondary Winners

3rd Place – Shawn DurrHarrodsburg ATC

2nd Place – Jeremy RobinsonBullitt Co. ATC

1st Place – Brandon ThurmondMurray/Calloway Co. ATC


Postsecondary Winners

2nd Place – Jonathan TalbertAshland Technical College

1st Place – Mike NguyenLaurel Technical College

chapter business35
Chapter Business

Secondary Winners

3rd Place – Carter Co. Vocational Center

2nd Place – Green Co. ATC

1st Place – Meade Co. ATC

chapter display37
Chapter Display

Secondary Winners

3rd Place – C.E. McCormick ATC

2nd Place – Rockcastle Co. ATC

1st Place – Eastside Technical Center

collision repair39
Collision Repair

Secondary Winners

3rd Place – Tommy OvertonBell Co. ATC

2nd Place – Brad GammJ.D. Patton ATC

1st Place – Brandon HolleyMarshall Co. Technical Center

collision repair40
Collision Repair

Postsecondary Winners

2nd Place – Jason MillerOwensboro Technical College

1st Place – Jesse ChurchLaurel Technical College

commercial baking42
Commercial Baking

Secondary Winners

2nd Place – Ashley Watson Caldwell Co. ATC

1st Place – Bridgett Asbridge Caldwell Co. ATC

commercial baking43
Commercial Baking

Postsecondary Winners

3rd Place – Debra WilsonElizabethtown Technical College

2nd Place – Rita Rowland Bowling Green Technical College

1st Place – Carolyn Spitz Bowling Green Technical College

community service45
Community Service

Secondary Winners

2nd Place – Dream FactoryEastside Technical Center

1st Place – Home Safety Carter Co. Career & Technical Center

computer maintenance technology47
Computer Maintenance Technology

Secondary Winners

3rd Place – Naveen MahtaniRussellville ATC

2nd Place – Michael CreppsNelson Co. ATC

1st Place – Michael McCordHarrison Co. ATC


Computer Maintenance Technology

Postsecondary Winners

1st Place – Harrison BrockSoutheast CC – Harlan Campus


Secondary Winners

1st Place – Bell Co. ATCLeslie Laws, Donisha Baker



Postsecondary Winners

3rd Place – Somerset CC-Laurel SouthBenita Smith, Stephanie Frye

2nd Place – Somerset CC-Laurel SouthNicole Taylor, Kitty Cupp

1st Place – Central KY Technical CollegeCassandra Dunford, Erica Lyvers

culinary arts53
Culinary Arts

Secondary Winners

2nd Place – Tiffany WrightCaldwell Co. ATC

1st Place – Valerie HintonCaldwell Co. ATC

culinary arts54
Culinary Arts

Postsecondary Winners

3rd Place – Kenneth SellsBowling Green Technical College

2nd Place – Stephen Copas Bowling Green Technical College

1st Place – Danya GahaganElizabethtown Technical College

customer service56
Customer Service

Secondary Winners

3rd Place – Ashley RothfussChapman Vocational Center

2nd Place – Misty ArnoldBreckinridge Co. ATC

1st Place – Jonathan WhitakerEastside Technical Center


Secondary Winners

3rd Place – Eastside Technical Center

2nd Place – Ohio Co. ATC

1st Place – Greenup Co. ATC

desktop publishing demo60
Desktop PublishingDemo

Secondary Winners

1st Place (Tie)

Kyia Hemingway – Moore Traditional HS

Patrick Carrol – Nelson Co. ATC

diesel equipment62
Diesel Equipment

Secondary Winners

3rd Place – Briton HalcombLetcher Co. ATC

2nd Place – Josh PenningtonEastside Technical Center

1st Place – Donnie TannerBoone Co. ATC

electronics applications64
Electronics Applications

Secondary Winners

1st Place – Jesse WarrenSoutheast CC – Harlan Campus

electronics applications65
Electronics Applications

Postsecondary Winners

1st Place – Barton BryontSoutheast CC – Harlan Campus

electronics technology67
Electronics Technology

Secondary Winners

3rd Place – Michael AllenMartin Co. ATC

2nd Place – Walter CorbinSouthside Technical Center

1st Place – Brandon BanksMeade Co. ATC

extemporaneous speaking69
Extemporaneous Speaking

Secondary Winners

3rd Place – Cory Dotson – Paducah ATC

2nd Place – Maria Dixon – Knox Co. ATC

1st Place – John Turner – Eastside TC

extemporaneous speaking70
Extemporaneous Speaking

Postsecondary Winners

1st Place – Robert Leonard Elizabethtown Technical College

first aid and cpr72
First Aid and CPR

Secondary Winners

3rd Place – Michelle BurgessBoyd Co. ATC

2nd Place – Anthony CarsonHarrison Co. ATC

1st Place – Jannie CummingsCarroll Co. ATC

food and beverage74
Food and Beverage

Secondary Winners

2nd Place – Heather WrightCaldwell Co. ATC

1st Place – Catie YorkCaldwell Co. ATC

graphic communications76
Graphic Communications

Secondary Winners

3rd Place – Tiffany KerseyChapman Vocational Education Center

2nd Place – Chris DaughertyMoore Traditional H.S.

1st Place – Paul PinsonMoore Traditional H.S.

health care78
Health Care

Secondary Winners

1st Place – Christi Arrasmith

Mason Co. ATC


Secondary Winners

3rd Place – Clayton DavidsonJ.D. Patton ATC

2nd Place – Donnie FranklinBarren Co. ATC

1st Place – Bradley WebbMeade Co. ATC

industrial motor control82
Industrial Motor Control

Secondary Winners

3rd Place – Coby NealRockcastle Co. ATC

2nd Place – Ryan HayesGrayson Co. Tech Center

1st Place – Nathan WilliamsSouthside Technical Center

industrial motor control83
Industrial Motor Control

Postsecondary Winners

1st Place – Daniel DavisElizabethtown Technical College

internet working85
Internet Working

Secondary Winners

3rd Place – Jeremy SamsJackson Co. ATC

2nd Place – Adam TaylorEastside Technical Center

1st Place – Nathan SmithBreckinridge Co. ATC

job interview87
Job Interview

Secondary Winners

3rd Place – Kristin BowenMartin Co. ATC

2nd Place – Molly TaborBreckinridge ATC

1st Place – Joshua HindmanRussellville ATC

job interview88
Job Interview

Postsecondary Winners

2nd Place – Sarah GoforthSoutheast CC -Harlan Campus

1st Place – Christopher HettermanCentral KY Tech College

job skill demo a90
Job Skill Demo A

Secondary Winners

3rd Place – Will LawrenceMurray/Calloway Co. ATC

2nd Place – Charity BrownMadison Co. ATC

1st Place – Greg WhittleLake Cumberland ATC

job skill demo a91
Job Skill Demo A

Postsecondary Winners

1st Place – Michael CardinElizabethtown Technical College

job skill demo b93
Job Skill Demo B

Secondary Winners

3rd Place – Nicholas ScottEastside Technical Center

2nd Place – Tiffeny ShacklesIroquois H.S.

1st Place – Kelly SmithKnox Co. ATC

major appliance technology95
Major Appliance Technology

Secondary Winners

1st Place – Robert JohnsonBreathitt Co. ATC


Secondary Winners

3rd Place – Forrest ManleySouthside Technical Center

2nd Place – Scott ClaxtonChapman Vocational Education Center

1st Place – Ron Neace Chapman Vocational Education Center


Secondary Winners

3rd Place – Traven CraigCarroll Co. ATC

2nd Place – Nathen BrimmerShelby Co. ATC

1st Place – Matt TemplinLake Cumberland ATC


Postsecondary Winners

1st Place – James LangfordElizabethtown Technical College

nail care102
Nail Care

Postsecondary Winners

1st Place – Central KY Technical CollegeTeresa Kimball, Selina Hughes

opening and closing104
Opening and Closing

Secondary Winners

3rd Place – Rockcastle Co. ATC

2nd Place – Madison Co. ATC

1st Place – Grayson Co. Career & Technical Center

opening and closing105
Opening and Closing

Postsecondary Winners

1st Place – Owensboro Technical College

outstanding chapter107
Outstanding Chapter

Secondary Winners

2nd Place – Emily ReynoldsRockcastle Co. ATC

1st Place – Summer TreadwayEastside Technical Center


Postsecondary Winners

2nd Place – Paul Hughes Elizabethtown Technical College

1st Place – Greg Henry Elizabethtown Technical College

precision machining111
Precision Machining

Secondary Winners

3rd Place – Patrick AtcherMuhlenberg Co. ATC

2nd Place – Chad DuncanMurray/Calloway Co. ATC

1st Place – Matt KennedyBreckinridge Co. ATC

precision machining112
Precision Machining

Postsecondary Winners

3rd Place – William PayneOhio Co. ATC

2nd Place – Charles MayCKTC

1st Place – Robert YoshiokaBreckinridge Co. ATC

prepared speech114
Prepared Speech

Secondary Winners

3rd Place – Codi ArnoldMeade Co. ATC

2nd Place – Sam NicaiseChapman Voc. Edu. Ctr

1st Place – Shelly WillinghamHenderson Co. Tech Center

prepared speech115
Prepared Speech

Postsecondary Winners

1st Place – James Middlebrooks

Central KY Technical College

promo bulletin board117
Promo Bulletin Board

Secondary Winners

3rd Place – Sherry ShartzerBreckinridge Co. ATC

2nd Place – Tiffany HopkinsRussell ATC

1st Place – Tyler Babb/Jeremy RiceEastside Technical Center

quiz bowl119
Quiz Bowl

Secondary Winners

3rd Place – Green Co. ATC

2nd Place – Greenup Co. ATC

1st Place – Henderson Co. Technical Center

quiz bowl120
Quiz Bowl

Postsecondary Winners

1st Place – Central KY Technical College

related technical math122
Related Technical Math

Secondary Winners

3rd Place – Brandon JamesMayfield/Graves Co. ATC

2nd Place – Adam ClarkCarroll Co. ATC

1st Place – Chris TownsendEastside Technical Center

related technical math123
Related Technical Math

Postsecondary Winners

3rd Place – Crystal HensleySoutheast CC – Harlan Campus

2nd Place – Aaron LeeElizabethtown Technical College

1st Place – Ben ReyesAshland Technical College

residential wiring125
Residential Wiring

Secondary Winners

3rd Place – Jonathan LangleyMuhlenberg Co. ATC

2nd Place – Cory BrownGreenup Co. ATC

1st Place – Jeremy A. SloneMillard ATC

residential wiring126
Residential Wiring

Postsecondary Winners

1st Place – Gary WilkersonElizabethtown Technical College

sheet metal128
Sheet Metal

Secondary Winners

3rd Place – Nick SparrowBoone Co. ATC

2nd Place – Andrew HudsonCaldwell Co. ATC

1st Place – Thomas HaddoxBoone Co. ATC


Sheet Metal

Postsecondary Winners

1st Place – Dennis HolzschuhCaldwell Co. ATC

technical computer applications131
Technical Computer Applications

Secondary Winners

2nd Place – Thomas VagaskyEastside Technical Center

1st Place – Justin JonesNelson Co. ATC

technical drafting133
Technical Drafting

Secondary Winners

3rd Place – Kim WoodenPleasure Ridge Park H.S.

2nd Place – Kevin DailyChapman Vocational Education Center

1st Place – Brandon WithrowRussell ATC

technical drafting134
Technical Drafting

Postsecondary Winners

2nd Place – Joseph McNeillElizabethtown Technical College

1st Place – Michael McGaugheyCKTC

telecommunications demo136
Telecommunications Demo

Secondary Winners

1st Place – Jacob Page

Eastside Technical Center

television production138
Television Production

Secondary Winners

1st Place – Waggener Tradition H.S.

Corey Abramowiez, Ben Brewster

trading pin design140
Trading Pin Design

Secondary Winners

3rd Place – Kelly BessOldham Co. ATC

2nd Place – Blaine BowmanHarrison Co. ATC

1st Place – Nick CollinsRussell ATC


Secondary Winners

3rd Place – Andrew ParksMayfield/Graves Co. ATC

2nd Place – Warren GoochGarrard Co. ATC

1st Place – Brandon LesterWayne Co. ATC


Postsecondary Winners

3rd Place – Donald CaudillLee Co. ATC

2nd Place – Ehren BoremanOwensboro Technical College

1st Place – Lucas ClarkElizabethtown Technical College