Use Electronic Marketing to Increase Profits and Decrease Costs
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Use Electronic Marketing to Increase Profits and Decrease Costs - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Use Electronic Marketing to Increase Profits and Decrease Costs. Brian Offenberger a/k/a RSS Ray. About Brian Offenberger. Host of Online Marketing with RSS Ray and owner of BizGrowth Search Engine Solutions

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Presentation Transcript
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Use Electronic Marketing to Increase Profits and Decrease Costs

Brian Offenberger



About brian offenberger l.jpg
About Brian Offenberger Costs

  • Host of Online Marketing with RSS Ray and owner of BizGrowth Search Engine Solutions

  • Certified in search engine marketing, paid search, web analytics, email marketing and online testing

Today s discussion points l.jpg
Today’s Discussion Points Costs

  • Define electronic marketing

  • Discuss why you should use electronic marketing

  • Present 3 ways to use electronic marketing for your business

  • Answer your questions

What is a electronic marketing l.jpg
What Is A Electronic Marketing? Costs

Electronic marketing is marketing through the use of a channel that requires a plug or a battery

Electronic marketing channels l.jpg

Radio Costs



Telephone and cell phone

Fax machine

Email marketing

RSS marketing

Electronic messaging

Electronic Marketing Channels

Why electronic marketing l.jpg
Why Electronic Marketing? Costs

#1Your customers are here:

  • Cell phones and telephones

  • Internet use

  • iPods and MP3 players

Why electronic marketing8 l.jpg
Why Electronic Marketing? Costs

#2 You can market to a targeted mass

  • Traditional Selling vs. Mass Selling

  • Closing Rate and the Law of Numbers

Why electronic marketing9 l.jpg
Why Electronic Marketing Costs

#3 You can measure results

Internet marketing offers company’s unprecedented results tracking and customer behavior measurements

Why electronic marketing10 l.jpg
Why Electronic Marketing Costs

#4There is less competition

  • 71% of adult population online daily (Pew Internet)

  • 83% + adults under 49 online daily (Pew Internet)

  • Only 15% of marketing dollars spent online (eMarketer)

Why electronic marketing11 l.jpg
Why Electronic Marketing Costs

#5You get message to market quickly

You can get messages to market to customers at the speed of sound

Electronic marketing in your business l.jpg
Electronic Marketing in Your Business Costs

  • It’s fast, simple, affordable and easy

  • Your job is marketing and the message, leave the technology to others

Tools you need l.jpg
Tools You Need Costs

  • Phone line

  • Broadband connection

  • Website

  • Computer

  • Fax machine

Tools you need14 l.jpg
Tools You Need Costs

  • Email marketing software

  • Bridge telephone lines

  • Webinar software

  • Recording software

  • Microphone and/or webcam

Electronic marketing for sm all business l.jpg
Electronic Marketing for CostsSmALL Business

  • Teleseminars or webinars

  • Permission based email marketing

  • Blogging or podcasting

1 teleseminars selling at the speed of sound l.jpg
#1-Teleseminars-Selling at the Speed of Sound Costs

  • Use the telephone as a sales tool to the masses

  • Effective for business to consumer, business to business and business to government

  • Telephone is a passive medium…allows for multi-tasking, etc.

Teleseminar sell to prospects l.jpg
Teleseminar-Sell to Prospects Costs

  • Invite prospects to submit questions and attend FREE teleseminar to answer questions/solve problems/resolve needs---email to your list, joint venture partners, other promotional tactics

  • Hold teleseminar and record call

Teleseminar benefits l.jpg
Teleseminar Benefits Costs

  • Prospects get to investigate the product or service in more detail in a non-threatening, anonymous environment

  • Prospects can participate from anywhere while doing just about anything

Teleseminar benefits cont l.jpg
Teleseminar Benefits (cont.) Costs

  • Participants are engaged prospects

  • You communicate with mass instead of individuals

Teleseminar example l.jpg
Teleseminar Example Costs

  • Customer: Knight Security-Dallas

  • Goal: Sell Camera Systems

  • Method: Joint Venture with Irving Chamber of Commerce

  • Hook: Stop Employee Theft

Teleseminar example21 l.jpg
Teleseminar Example Costs

  • Action Steps

    • Chamber emails members

    • Members register for call

    • Members attend call

    • We teach and promote

Teleseminar benefits23 l.jpg
Teleseminar Benefits Costs

  • Speak to masses for same amount of time to speak with one person

  • Can do for internal and external customers

  • Including web landing pages, total cost per participant is $2.17

  • Can record call and repurpose content

  • Generate leads and add to prospect names list

Teleseminar applications l.jpg
Teleseminar Applications Costs

  • Internal company communications

  • Vendor communications

  • Sales to prospects

  • Teach customers how to use (consume) products

Questions about teleseminars l.jpg
Questions About Teleseminars Costs

Find our example online at:

2 permission based email marketing l.jpg
#2-Permission Based CostsEmail Marketing

“The marketing of products or services or information to people who have given you permission to interact with them via email”

Email marketing facts l.jpg
Email Marketing Facts Costs

Email Rules ROI

(Source: Direct Marketing Association Power of Direct report October 2006)

>Email $1 spent returns $51.47

>Catalogs return $7.20

>Other internet marketing returns $21.08

Why use email source datran media february 2007 l.jpg
Why Use Email Costs(Source: Datran Media, February 2007)

  • Drive incremental revenue 55.3%

  • Reinforce brand position 19.1%

  • Improve customer loyalty 10.6%

  • Reactivate customers 8.5%

  • Drive more frequent purchase 6.4%

Use email to l.jpg

Sell More Costs

Announce new products

Announce new services

Seasonal greetings

Introduce new policies

Promote business accomplishments

Use Email To…

Measurable performance l.jpg
Measurable Performance Costs

  • Deliverability

  • Open rates

  • Click through rates

  • Sales

Customers use email source emarketer l.jpg
Customers Use Email Costs(Source: eMarketer)

  • 88% of Americans have an email account

  • 91% of those with email use it daily

Customers like email l.jpg
Customers Like Email Costs

  • DoubleClick survey of customer preferences:

    • Permission based email 75%

    • Sales call 51%

    • Direct mail 25%

    • Telemarketing 0%

Get started with email marketing l.jpg
Get Started With Email Marketing Costs

  • Learn about email marketing

  • Set goals and objectives

  • Determine/segment your audience

Get started with email marketing34 l.jpg
Get Started With Email Marketing Costs

  • Collect names at all customer contact points, including website

  • Work with someone or do it yourself

  • Determine your content, including subject lines

  • Get started!

Automated sequential marketing l.jpg
Automated Sequential Marketing Costs

  • Automated email messaging in a sequential fashion to accomplish business objectives

  • Resource

3 blogging podcasting and videocasting l.jpg
#3-Blogging, Podcasting Costsand Videocasting

  • Blog is a frequent, chronological publication of text, audio or video and web links

  • Podcast is a digital media file or files distributed over the internet for playback on portable media players and personal computers

Videocasting l.jpg
Videocasting Costs

A videocast is the same as a podcast except with video

Why use them in your marketing l.jpg
Why Use Them In CostsYour Marketing?

  • More people will find your business-multi-channel marketing

  • More content for search engine rankings-Google’s universal search

Why use them in your marketing39 l.jpg
Why Use Them In CostsYour Marketing?

  • More convenience for your audience

  • Lower costs to produce than radio or television commercials

  • Creates content that attracts links

Get started l.jpg
Get Started Costs

  • Decide what you want to accomplish

  • Select your medium with which to get started

  • Select your tools and resources

  • Determine your messaging

  • Syndicate your content

  • Submit your content for indexing

  • Measure your results

Free tools l.jpg
Free Tools Costs

  • Blogging:


  • Recording Software:


Summary l.jpg
Summary Costs

  • Electronic marketing generates high ROI

  • Lower costs of lead acquisition and sales

  • Measure for maximum results

  • Incredible speed to market

Questions l.jpg
Questions Costs

Contact brian offenberger l.jpg
Contact Brian Offenberger Costs

Bizgrowth Search Engine Solutions


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Online Marketing Radio Show Costs

Online Marketing with RSS Ray

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Thank You Costs

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