The future of global manufacturing internat aerospace quality group strategies
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The Future of Global Manufacturing (Internat. Aerospace Quality Group Strategies). Georg Schrader IAQG. Key Words. Organization of the International Aerospace Quality Group Motivation for IAQG Founding and Development IAQG till 2005 IAQG Strategy Today and Tomorrow

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The future of global manufacturing internat aerospace quality group strategies l.jpg

The Future of Global Manufacturing(Internat. Aerospace Quality Group Strategies)

Georg Schrader


Key words l.jpg
Key Words

  • Organization of the International Aerospace Quality Group

  • Motivation for IAQG Founding and Development

  • IAQG till 2005

  • IAQG Strategy Today and Tomorrow

  • Cooperation and Support from Aviation Authorities

Iaqg organization l.jpg
IAQG Organization

International Aerospace Quality Group



General Assembly Forums







Whose purpose is:

Implement initiatives that make significant improvements in Quality and reduction in cost, throughout the value stream, by establishing and maintaining dynamic cooperation, based on trust, between international aerospace companies

Iaqg members l.jpg
IAQG Members

  • Americas

  • The Boeing Company

  • Bombardier

  • CAE

  • Embraer

  • GE Aircraft Engines

  • Goodrich Corporation

  • Gulfstream

  • Honeywell Aerospace

  • Lockheed Martin

  • Northrop Grumman

  • Orbital

  • Parker Aerospace

  • Raytheon

  • Rockwell Collins

  • Rolls-Royce

  • Textron

  • United Technologies Corp.

  • Vought

  • PRI

  • SAE

  • Europe

  • Airbus


  • BAE Systems

  • Dassault Aviation

  • EADS


  • EADS Military

  • Eurocopter

  • Avio

  • Fokker Aerostructures

  • Westlands

  • Hegan

  • Hispano-Suiza

  • Israel Aircraft Industries

  • Messier-Bugatti

  • Messier-Dowty

  • MTU Aero engine

  • Rolls-Royce

  • SAAB Aerospace

  • Smiths Industries

  • SNECMA Moteurs

  • Sukhoi

  • Thales Avionics

  • Asia

  • AIDC

  • Aviation Industries of China

  • Fuji Heavy Industries

  • HdH

  • Ishikawajima Harima Heavy Industries

  • Kawasaki Heavy Ind

  • Korea Aerospace Ind

  • Korean Air Aerospace

  • Mitsubishi Heavy Ind

  • Shin Mayawa Ind

  • SJAC

  • Europe – Continued

  • Sonaca

  • Turbomeca

  • Volvo –Aero

  • PFW

  • Zodiac

  • ASD

Motivation for iaqg founding and development l.jpg
Motivation for IAQG Founding and Development

  • IAQG Members agreed in 1999 to establish common standards to

  • reduce duplication and waste

  • minimize variations

  • share resources and

  • speak with one voice

This was necessary in view of the rapid global extension ofprime companies and major suppliers as well as their international networks including the new markets.

Motivation for iaqg founding and development6 l.jpg
Motivation for IAQG Founding and Development

  • The reasons of other industries (e.g. textile) to invest in the new

  • market were very often

  • low cost structures

  • tax, government incentives

  • lower raw material costs etc. mostly cost-driven factors

  • For complex products the progress to cooperate with the new

  • market is more gradual and better controlled, e.g.

  • Offset agreements for production

  • Maintenance activities

  • Risk-sharing agreements for design and

  • complex components

  • Common research and design development

Motivation for iaqg founding and development7 l.jpg
Motivation for IAQG Founding and Development

  • The more complex the product, the more important is the pool of

  • qualified staff and an effective sub-tier supply base.

  • (There are e.g. 8.8 million young people with education in science and

  • engineering in China (growing) and e.g. 1.3 million in Germany (not

  • growing due to demographic effect))

  • To achieve a Quality Partnership on a global scale and on the

  • new market, we need

  • a high level of qualification and education

  • a high degree of standardization and

  • effective logistics and process management

  • IAQG accepted this task on the basis of international cooperation.

Slide8 l.jpg

IAQG till 2005

Successful development of a set of common global

standards and guidelines



Quality System






Inspection and



  • Manufacturing

  • Repair Stations

  • Distributors

  • Key Characteristics

  • Special Processes

  • Qualification of Standard

  • Parts

  • First Article Inspec.

  • 2-D Bar Code

  • 3-D Data Archiving

  • NDT Training

Iaqg strategy l.jpg
IAQG Strategy



  • Quality Mgt. System

  • Process Capability

  • People Capability

  • Human Factors

  • Sub-tier Supplier Control

  • Evaluation

Relationship Growth Strategy

  • Space

  • Defense

  • Civil Authorities

  • Suppliers

  • Airlines

IAQG Operating Management System

  • Member Collaboration

  • Top Leader Involvement

  • IAQG Operational Efficiency

Iaqg strategy streams l.jpg
IAQG Strategy Streams

  • Quality Management System

    Harmonization of system standards and regulatory requirements

  • Process Capability

    Extension of process management to the whole product life cycle

  • People Capability

    Staff and quality professional development, training/qualification standards

  • Human Factors

    Improvement of safety culture including cultural aspects and common

    understanding of quality terminology

  • Sub-tier Supplier Control

    Standardization of supply management methods including processes for

    asssessing the suppliers ability to select and manage their suppliers

  • Evaluation

    Visibility of quality performance and performance metrics

Cooperation and support from aviation authorities l.jpg
Cooperation and support from Aviation Authorities

No other Industry is deeper embedded and in a permanent dialog with

Regulatory Authorities than the aviation industry, and especially in

countries where manufacturer and airlines are public enterprises.

Therefore IAQG needs support/help from authorities in the frame of

global manufacturing; our list of wishes:

  • Harmonization of Organization System descriptions should be

  • harmonized as much as possible.

  • (AS/EN/SJAC 9100, FAR21, Part21, AQAP,...)

  • IAQG desires better cooperation between the design, production and

  • maintenance functions, including consistent expectations on supplier

  • management within the authority organization to avoid interruptions.

  • EASA-organization made a good first step in that direction

  • Due to more and more products being used in both civil and

  • military application stronger cooperation between the civil authorities

  • and military is desirable

to be continued

Cooperation and support from aviation authorities12 l.jpg
Cooperation and Support from Aviation Authorities

  • Because parts are manufactured almost anywhere to support quick

  • and seamless movement to the end user, „Bilateral“ shall be extended

  • wherever possible or agreements shall be developed allowing one

  • authority to act for another

  • Authorities shall allow to offer „Sub-TC priviliges“ to global

  • suppliers (specialists) with the TC-holders agreement

  • Electronic Documentation should be extended

  • Common glossary to understand terminology worldwide shall be

  • usefull