1 participant welfare including safeguarding children l.
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1. Participant Welfare (including Safeguarding Children) PowerPoint Presentation
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1. Participant Welfare (including Safeguarding Children)

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1. Participant Welfare (including Safeguarding Children) - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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1. Participant Welfare (including Safeguarding Children). 2. Participant Welfare Outcomes. Upon successful completion of the level 2 course, you will be able to;

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2 participant welfare outcomes
2. Participant Welfare Outcomes

Upon successful completion of the level 2 course, you

will be able to;

  • Understand and teach the procedures that you would take following an allegation. This includes to receiving, recording and reporting allegations of abuse from an individual
  • Know where to find information on the ARA policies and procedures for good practice


  • Identify your club welfare officer
3 participant welfare types of abuse ben
3. Participant Welfare; Types of abuse(Ben)




5 indicators of abuse


5 Indicators of abuse;
  • Someone expresses concern
  • Someone alleges abuse has taken place
  • Physical abuse*;
    • Unexplained or suspicious injuries
    • An explanation that is inconsistent with the injuries
  • Sexual abuse
    • Inappropriate sexual awareness or behaviour

6Participant welfare case studies .pdf

6 indicators of abuse


6 Indicators of abuse;
  • These changes in behaviour could be indicators of any of the types of abuse:
    • Unexplained changes in behaviour
    • Distrust of adults
    • Difficulty in making friends
    • Variations in eating patterns
    • Losing weight for no reason
    • Becoming increasingly dirty or unkempt
7 responding to indicators of abuse
7 Responding to indicators of abuse

What steps would you take as a coach in response to indicators of abuse?

  • Receive
  • Record
  • Report
receiving evidence of abuse slide 8
Receiving evidence of abuseSlide 8

Key points

  • React calmly
  • Take what they say seriously
  • Reassure the individual that they are not to blame and that it was right of them to tell
  • Keep questions to a minimum, so that there is clear and accurate understanding
  • Reassure them, but never promise to keep the matter secret; explain that to resolve the problem, it will be necessary to inform other people
2 recording information slide 9
2. Recording informationSlide 9

Key points

  • Make a note as soon as possible of any information you obtain *
  • You can use an ARA Participant Welfare Incident Report form

Find the report form in the booklet;

Good Practice in Rowing;

(Participant Welfare, Good Practice and Child Protection Policy and Procedures)

Appendix 3; Incident report form

Also available on the web


3 reporting information slide 10
3. Reporting informationSlide 10

Key points

  • Know your Club Welfare Officer
  • You can contact The Child Protection Officer of the ARA* for advice
  • Other agencies who can help;
    • Social Services and possibly Police
      • Physical or sexual abuse, or if danger to the individual
    • NSPCC (National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children) for advice**
11 why are new coaches checked
11 Why are new coaches checked?

'Would you drive five miles to a place you don't know, knock on a door, hand over your child to whoever answers, and leave them for a couple of hours?' Norman Brook, former athletics coach

12 ara guidelines recruiting and selecting personnel to work with children and young people
12 ARA guidelines;Recruiting and selecting personnel to work with children and young people

When employing coaches or others for positions that include significant access to young people:

  • Obtain information on their previous employment
  • Seek consent to check with the Criminal Records Bureau (CRB)

For guidance on how; see the Good Practice in Rowing booklet, also refer to the guidance available on the ARA website

  • Take up references from previous employer, e.g. previous club

A volunteer reference form is available for this purpose in the Good Practice in Rowing booklet and on the ARA website

13 ara resources
13 ARA Resources
  • Where can I find further information on the role of the Club Welfare Officer?
    • Good practice in rowing; participant welfare, good practice and child protection, policy and procedures (booklet)
    • Available online; www.ara-rowing.org
  • Where can I find further information on good practice, participant welfare and child protection in rowing
    • Participant welfare incident report form
    • Available online;
    • http://www.oara-rowing.org/Asp/uploadedFiles/File/Welfare/SPCG5-FormRecordingConcerns.doc
    • Amateur Rowing Association 6 Lower MallHammersmithLondon W6 9DJT: 020 8237 6700
14 further contacts and sources of information
14 Further contacts and sources of information
  • What other bodies can provide helpful information?
  • Criminal Records Bureau

PO Box 91

Liverpool L69 2UH

Helpline 0870 90 90 811

    • www.crb.gov.uk
  • NSPCC - Child Protection in Sport Unit

3 Gilmour Close

Beaumont Leys

Leicester LE4 1EZ

Tel: 0116 234 7200

    • www.thecpsu.org.uk
    • www.sportprotects.org.uk
15 further contacts continued
15 Further contacts continued
  • NSPCC Child Protection Helpline - 0808 800 5000(This provides free advice on a 24 hour basis to anyone concerned about child abuse)
  • NSPCC Childline - 0800 1111(This provides a free confidential counselling service for children to use)
  • Police and social services –

Consult your telephone directory for the most

relevant local numbers

16 ara links
16 ARA links

Links on ARA site

  • http://www.oara-rowing.org/render.aspx?siteID=1&navIDs=1,45,276

Info on ARA site SPCGs [Safeguarding and Protecting Children Guidance Documents]

Guess how many?