Advertising and Promotional Signs
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Led Signboard is best in market for product Advertising and Promotion. Email us at to get free quotes.

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Advertising and promotional signs

Advertising and Promotional Signs

Signboards are perfect in helping you promote your up and coming event, LED signboards will

help you find a prominent location, suited for your event

Good marketing is vital to the success of any business. One of the more cost-effective

marketing tools are the LED sign board Variable Message Signs (VMS).

Why is having the Variable Message Signs (VMS) marketing advantage over your opposition,

such a big advantage that ‘it’s just not fair’.

Imagine ... you were able to buy a container load of tiles at a very low price ... now you have to

sell them, fast

Advantage 1

You immediately, book and rent 3 Variable Message Signs (VMS) for four weeks and have them

located on the three main roads, this covers the main arteries of traffic.

Advantage 2

the locations allow for the LED sign boards to be rotated to face peak traffic.

Advantage 3

Prepare messages, but we can do better, this smart business owner likes to plan, He prepares

a series of sliding messages, aimed to attract his target group of people. special offer, company

name, special offer 2, phone number, special offer 3, address, date sale finishes. The LED sign

boards are marketing for you 24/7 even as you sleep.

Advertising and promotional signs

Advantage 4

The business owner monitors the response, over the 4 week sale, changing the special offers,

to spread the demand on the stock left. You can manage these signs even with a phone.

. Where does this leave his competition ? sales down,

wondering where their clients have gone

LED Signboard Variable Message signs (VMS) are far effective than traditional ways of

marketing such as brochures, flyers, newspaper advertisements and radio commercials as they

leave a great impression on a wider range of target groups.

What a great move taking advantage of hiring this cost-effective LED signboard Variable


Signs (VMS). There are already many business owners, who are taking the advantage of these

technology based tools to market their events, products and services. You can even use these

LED signboard Variable Message Signs (VMS) to broadcast important information as

circumstances change, all in real time.

So make your next promotion a great success, book your LED sign board