why hospitality industry should prefer led panel lights n.
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Commercial Led Panel Lights fixtures – USA PowerPoint Presentation
Commercial Led Panel Lights fixtures – USA

Commercial Led Panel Lights fixtures – USA

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  1. Why Hospitality Industry Should Prefer LED Panel Lights? Why Install? Main Features It's Financial Benefits

  2. Why Hospitality Industry Should Prefer LED Panel Lights? Hospitality industries are very particular about their interiors, this industry wants to create a positive impact and win against their competitors. Not only the interiors, but they also want to maximize their profit. LEDMyplace has one of the most immense LED Panel Light for hotels which can help the owner to increase their profit target and also win the guest trust for their stay. www.ledmyplace.com

  3. Why Install? When it comes to installing the lighting fixture for the vast area like hospitality. This panel light comes in two sizes 2x2 and 2x4 with the color temperature of 4000K and 5000K which emits lights at a beam angle of 120° to cover the larger area. www.ledmyplace.com

  4. Available Wattage: 40W - 45W replaces the 150W fluorescent tube, 50W replaces 200W, and 70W replaces 300W traditional tube. • Design: The slim and sleek fixture design to make your space look attractive. • CCT & CRI: The color rendering index helps to show the true color of objects and correlated color temperature emit the glow to the surface area. Main Features www.ledmyplace.com

  5. It's Financial Benefits It is a one-time investment for long term lighting solution. This fixture doesn’t require any maintenance cost until the lifespan of 50,000 hours ends. It saves energy consumption, reduces the cost of energy bills up to 70%, low maintenance cost, doesn’t require any house-keeping service to clean the fixture on daily basis (because of IP44 ratings).