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It is always a good option to enhance your skills in terms of learning diverse languages. Courses with different level are open to you. Spanish Language Courses in Delhi gives you learning ability in various courses. The classes have their importance as per the duration of time invested to learn the language.

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LearnSpanish is a venture of Sharik Usmani, a Spanish speaker who has graduated from Delhi University in Spanish language. This is a brand new proposition which set forth its journey in August 2014. Mr. Usmani is a thorough entrepreneur who is the owner of the brand name, a leading holiday rental business organization. His love for Spanish language has inspired him to spoil his hands into training willing candidates in Spanish language so that they can make a prospective career out of the same. He endeavors to create a Spanish language training course that will result in an all round development of the individual in the language.


Spanish Online Classes in Delhi

Spanish Translation Services in Delhi

Spanish Interpretation Services in delhi

Spanish Job Placement

Spanish Travel Guide in Delhi

Spanish Home Tuitions in Delhi

Spanish Corporate Trainer

Spanish Translation Services in Delhi

Translation is a very important part of any company which is dealing with other foreign countries, Those other countries may be of different languages. Thus, we have a solution here for you, If you are working with a Spanish speaking country or a Spanish speaking country is working with English speaking country, Then in both cases you need translation services.

Spanish Online Classes in Delhi

“School of Spanish” provides online classes to the students who don’t have time to attend traditional classes but they are willing to learn the language. We have facility to take online classes through Skype or Google Hangout. We also provide written notes through mails and explain everything on chat or conference call during online classes.

Spanish course

Beginner Level (Certificate Course)

Intermediate Level (Diploma Course)

Perfection Level (Advance Diploma)

Contact Us

49, The Mall Road, GTB Nagar,

New Delhi-110009

( 50 steps walking distance from GTB Nagar Metro station)

+91 92-11-850-850

+91 98-91-999-488

Email : [email protected]