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Process For Magento Web Design - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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As mentioned, we start every process of Magento web design with an extensive research. We believe that a good plan is a prerequisite for a successful project, and in order to achieve that, we have to gather the required data.

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As mentioned, we start every process of web store design with an

extensive research. We believe that a good plan is a prerequisite for

a successful project, and in order to achieve that, we have to gather

the required data.

In order to do that, we usually implement Hotjar (or some other similar

service) if a client already has an existing web store. With a help of

heat maps, recordings and scrolling maps, Hotjar became a very

useful tool that gives us specific information about users’ behavior.

After we establish conclusions which are the result of our previous

research, we start with a quick sketching on the paper. This way we

shape our ideas into a form and create a few variations of the basic

layout. With a help of the sketches we can quickly think about

element positioning, their relationship and functioning without wasting

too much time.

After choosing the best layout, the next step is creating a wireframe.

Wireframe is a visual guide that presents the website’s structure and

informational architecture, avoiding the emotional deviations caused

by styled or colorful elements. Using the data from the previously

conducted research, we continue the process of building the web


It’s previous very important that we create wireframes while constantly thinking

about Magento and its limitations. We communicate daily with our

frontend and backend developers trying to achieve the right balance

between technical performance and the best possible user


In this phase the biggest highlights are communicating with the client,

resolving any issues he might have and understanding their needs. We

always listen to our client’s demands, but if we find any usability

problems in those, we do our best to explain why that might not be

the best solution for them, and suggest a better option.

Once the final wireframes are approved, we delve into details to

develop a unique design solution that will help our clients’ business


We always create visual elements based on the current visual identity

of the brand. It means using the same colors which are already in the

logo and adding some neutral ones with which we create a color

palette. Furthermore, we add a contrast color that will be used as the

“call to action” color.

It’s the same with typography. We always reference on the logo and

usually define 2 fonts that will be used for headings and body text.

Note that typography and colors are just a small part of the style


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