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BBQ Catering | How to Host an Outdoor BBQ Event in Hong Kong

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BBQ Catering | How to Host an Outdoor BBQ Event in Hong Kong - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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If you\'re hosting a BBQ party, then get the best BBQ catering Hong Kong! Check out Invisible Kitchen\'s menus and make an order online now. You can also check this write up for best tips!\n

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Presentation Transcript

How to host an

outdoor BBQ event

in Hong Kong.


With gorgeous beaches, beautiful weather,

and plenty of great public BBQ sites, is

there anywhere better than Hong Kong to

host an outdoor event? The possibilities

are endless, ensuring you can host the

perfect BBQ event in Hong Kong for your

occasion, whether you are simply looking

to have fun with family, hosting a charity

event, or getting everyone together for

your birthday. Keeping that in mind, read

on for all of the information you need to

know about hosting an outdoor event in

Hong Kong.


Choosing a Location

One of the great things about Hong Kong is that

there is a whole host of beautiful public pits for

you to choose from. When choosing an area, you

do need to consider how much light and shade the

area gets. For example, I love Big Wave Bay BBQ

pits for their beauty, but they do get far too hot in

the day, as there is no shade at all. One thing you

do need to be mindful ofis that public pitsget very

busy, so you will need to go early to save your

space. Another option to consider is privately

owned BBQ pits, such as those at Shek O, where

you can reserve the spot and they provide all of

the charcoal and grilling materials. The only thing



BBQ Clubhouses

If you are not a fan of the beach, which

many people aren’t, then a clubhouse could

be ideal. Clubhouses are super popular, and

they often have gas grills, which are much

easier to cook on. Or, why not consider one

of Hong Kong’s many chic city venues, such

as a rooftop bar or terrace? This is one of

the most convenient options, as you can

simply hire the grill, get everyone together,

and have a great time. You don’t have to

worry about taking a long drive to a beach

location, and all of the equipment will be




Are you one of the lucky ones that have a

backyard? Most housing in Hong Kong is

small, and a lot of people don’t have this

luxury, but if you do, you should definitely

consider hosting a BBQ in your back garden.

This will have a more relaxed feel, and you

will be able to prepare everything from the

comfort of your own home. You can also

provide a wider assortment of food and

drinks, as you don’t have to worry about

transportingthem anywhere.


Pick classic, easy recipes.

It is advisable to keep everything easy and classic

when choosing dishes for a BBQ. After all, most

people love nothing more than a juicy burger, and

this is what they expect when invited to such an

event. Moreover, you don’t want to overcomplicate

things by giving yourself a massive task. Nobody is

expecting you to be the next Jamie Oliver! But,

there are simple ways you can make a big

impression. One of my particular favourites is to

use frozen fruit to make adorable ice cubes. All you

need to do is place a berry in each cube before you

fill your ice tray with water and put it into the

freezer. This is something that is guaranteed to



It is also a good idea to have a topping station so that

people can add whatever they want to their burgers.

You should offer a wide range of sauces, including




guacamole, and some fancier options. As well as this,

toppings to provide include grilled onions, fresh

onions, jalapenos, crumbled bacon, pancetta, grilled

peppers, a variety of cheeses, pickles, and grilled

mushrooms.You can also experimentwith the burgers

you provide; instead of simply serving beef burgers,





Ensure you have a good

assortment of drinks.

You will also need to have a good assortment of drinks

available. Don’t overlook the importance of soft drinks

and plenty of water, and don’t forget about ice cubes! In

termsofalcohol, youwillneedbeerandwine,butwhynot

consider a few cocktail options to really enhance the

occasion? Cocktails are perfect for the summer months,

and everyone loves experimenting with new drinks. Try to

choose something that is refreshing, such as a Mojito.

You don’t want anything too heavy, such as cocktails

made with cream and milk, as your guests will have no

room for their food. Other great cocktail options to

consider include Sangria, Mimosas, and Margaritas.

Frozen Margaritas, in particular, are ideal for the



Pick the right music.

Music is where a lot of people go wrong when

hosting a BBQ, or any event for that matter,

as they end up picking all of the songs they

like as opposed to catering to the full crowd.

The music you select will set the tone for the

entire event, so it is important to get it right.

You should choose songs that are upbeat

without being overbearing. There are a lot of

tunes that simply scream summer – try to

incorporate these. Make sure there is a good

mixture as well, and don’t play too much of

the same artist. If you are going to play

numerous songs from one artist or band,



Recruit teams

Why not seek a bit of assistance in the form

of companies providing BBQ catering in Hong

Kong? By doing so, you can enjoy your event,

and you can leave the food in the hands of

the professionals. After all, it is likely that

you have a million other things to plan

without the stress of food preparation.

Experienced caters know exactly how to

deliver food that is perfectly tailored to the

event you are hosting, ensuring there is a

good assortment of dishes to please



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