8 car hacks to make your life easier n.
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8 Car Hacks to Make Your Life Easier PowerPoint Presentation
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8 Car Hacks to Make Your Life Easier

8 Car Hacks to Make Your Life Easier

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8 Car Hacks to Make Your Life Easier

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  1. 8 Car Hacks to Make Your Life Easier

  2. 1. Cover the Wiper Blades with Stockings Wrap a stocking tightly around the wiper so that the bare metal doesn't rub on the glass and it simultaneously removes dirt and debris.

  3. 2. Cloudy Headlights? Use Toothpaste! Over the years, the headlights turn cloudy. Apply some toothpaste on the headlight and scrub the lights with a rag. It is helpful in removing a thick layer of the grime and also fills in the scratches, if any.

  4. 3. Use Olive Oil as a Dashboard Cleaner You can use it along with coffee filters, which work as a polisher to clean and polish the dashboard. Pour a little amount of olive oil on the filter and wipe. It removes all the dust and leaves your car's interior shiny.

  5. 4. Bid Adieu to Bumper Stickers Use a newspaper and water to melt it off. Leave a wet newspaper on the residue of the bumper sticker for about 15-20 minutes. It will get damp and you can easily wipe or scrape it off with a credit card.

  6. 5. Repairing Scratches In case the damage isn't too prominent, you can use a nail paint that matches the color of your car and use it to remove any scratch on your car.

  7. 6. Use Clear Nail Polish to Cover Window Damage Apply a thin layer very carefully on the damaged area. Let it dry and the crack will become almost invisible to your eyes. It also helps in preventing the crack from growing as well saves money.

  8. 7. Use a Pill Bottle for Storage Convert any old pill bottles into a container to hold all your dimes. You can decorate them or label them as you wish.

  9. 8. Hand Sanitizers to Free Frozen Locks If the car doors are frozen, use hand sanitizer on the door. The alcohol present in the sanitizer will melt the ice away.

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