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Bangladeshi Fish Delicious Food Items - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Please \n\nBangladesh tourism info \n\nWebsite: \n\nFacebook page: \n\nTwitter: \n\nGoogle : \n\ \n\nYoutube: \n\nPinterst: \n\nBangladeshi Fish are famous for world wide.All over the world Bangladeshi fish are exporting much.There are many kinds of fishes are various form different colors,names,sizes e.c.t.Hilsha fish is most popular in Bangladeshi fish through the whole world.In Bangladesh and west Bengal hilsha fish is most valuable fish.Hilsha fish is the national fish in Bangladesh.In the time of Phela Boishak “Hilsha Fish” is the most important party to the function.Mainly Hilsha fish is a sea fish found in Bay of bangal.Fisherman catch the hilsha in the Padma.Meghna,Jumuna river in the breeding time comes to river lays eggs.Fisherman caught hilsha fish in the sea but in the munsion time winter and rainy season.Hilsha fish eats different types of plankton like spirogyra,protozoa,alga and some other that.

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