guide to google ranking seo for luxury real n.
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Guide to Google Ranking SEO for Luxury Real Estate Marketing PowerPoint Presentation
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Guide to Google Ranking SEO for Luxury Real Estate Marketing

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Guide to Google Ranking SEO for Luxury Real Estate Marketing - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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online searching is a very first step home buyers or sellers when they think of selling or buying a home. Read out here to know about SEO for luxury real estate marketing.

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Guide to Google Ranking SEO for Luxury Real Estate Marketing

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    1. Guide to Google Ranking & SEO for Luxury Real Estate Marketing People head online as they consider the internet is one of the most useful sources of information when they buying and selling a home. SEO plays a significant role in real estate too and if done properly you can grow your sales production for years to come. Why you need to boost your online presence because an online search is a very first step home buyers or sellers make when they do house hunting and how we can get Google ranking and SEO for our real estate marketing are revealed below. Keyword Placement Top Realtor​ says your website is a resource that provides information regarding real estate process; previous transactions, clients etc. focus on keyword planning carefully to get better chance to rank on search engines. The chances of more success will increase if you follow more targeted keyword research approach. It’s clear that Keyword research is very important in SEO.

    2. Also, read: ​Tips for a Successful Real Estate Blog Your single post can have keywords many times and at varied places. ● URL must have the main keyword. ● Page title must have the keyword. ● Embed main or other keywords in your page. ● The title, Alt tag of images must have the keyword. While you creating a list of keywords make sure you target the longer-tail keywords which have lower competition but a high conversion rate. Using too much keyword in content looks unnatural and it’s also not a good SEO practice. 1 to 2 % is the good ration and best way of keywords using on a page for example if a content has 500 to 600 words then keywords can be used up to 5 to 10 times. Make sure your post must have a natural look not like it is intended for keywords. Internal Linking

    3. After keyword researching linking is also a major SEO activity and strategies need to consider. A single post can allow linking to at least five other pages within a website. Links in a post that targeted to a website are called internal linking. Internal Linking provides better navigation to other and older posts as well as offer further information about connected topics to the users and the search engines. When you link a particular post to all other posts make sure you link with the same keyword. Some points need to be considering while internal linking is that when you link it should connect with your older posts; never link with your home page contact page as these pages are static pages and internal linking must be based on deep pages. Blog Commenting Although it’s very old practice, still highly used if you want to a higher rank of your real estate SEO. Referral traffic can be gained by spending a few minutes each day commenting on high profile blogs in the real estate niche. Traffic from other sources will increase more traffic on your website. Reviews from the past clients also play a vast role in SEO model and the reason behind the need of reviews is that reviews from their past clients might attract more clients to your business. Social media

    4. SEO is a long and deep process which also requires lots of social media activity. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube etc are very popular SEO making tools and powerful ways to start new relationships or strengthen existing ones with your clients. Pinterest and Instagram are a most prominent player in the market for ​top realtors​. Photos and videos are key components in the housing market and these two platforms rank very highly in search engines. With the help of these platforms, we can attract proposed client and achieve the top-producing sales success. Source: