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what is plaque how it s formed l.
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What is plaque? PowerPoint Presentation
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What is plaque?

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What is plaque?
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What is plaque?

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  1. What is plaque? How it's formed? Before brushing your teeth, you feel weird in your mouth. Something got occupied in the enamel of the teeth. That is what you call it as plaque. A thin, sticky film gets attached to the teeth and could able to create severe teeth diseases. It is developed with the bacteria and looks fuzzy. Plaque developed with the frequent intake of carbohydrates like starches and sugar, It starts with enamel, and gradually breaks down to the gum and bone. Plaque is the root cause of common dental problems. If you take things easy and without giving a second time brushing in a day, It definitely will make way for many problems. How Plaque Formed? Plaque is evolved within four to twelve hours. Not you may get the point when the dentist advises you to brush twice a day, because the plaque grows as we eat often and put on different kinds of food to the mouth. The bacteria are formed now and then with the saliva, and it encourages the plaque to occupy the enamel of the teeth. At first, you would able to sense the enamel with a thin film, and gradually it goes deep to the root area and the gum surface. Brushing, flossing and following up good dental hygiene will help you away from the oral diseases. Or you have to treatments like me, how I took up the best treatment on dental implants in dubai. That phase of life change my view on oral care. Causes Of Plaque  The plaque produces acid, which would slowly damage your enamel.  As the plaque is formed with bacteria, it targets to affect the health of our teeth  It is the root cause for all the teeth and gum diseases  The cavities and tooth decay is figured by the plaque growth  Even it's lead to the severe gingivitis gum disease  Also, it could able to develop bad breath in the mouth To prevent plaque buildup

  2. Proper dental hygiene is the foremost tip to follow  Use the toothbrush with fluorides  Brush your teeth twice a day  And don't forget to floss your teeth, it is as important as brushing your teeth  Rinse your mouth antimicrobial mouth wash  Or use a sealant to reduce the plaque buildup in the mouth  Have a balanced diet.  Take lots of fruits and vegetables  Visit your dentist once in six months  Change your toothbrush every three months