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a detailed explanation on gum whitening l.
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A detailed explanation on gum whitening PowerPoint Presentation
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A detailed explanation on gum whitening

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A detailed explanation on gum whitening
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A detailed explanation on gum whitening

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  1. A detailed explanation on gum whitening We know there is a medical treatment for teeth whitening. But is there such a thing called gum whitening? If that's your provoking thought, I would like to encourage you with "Yes". As we all know, some people are born with dark gums. Ultimately, it's a genetically play. Due to the impact of gene, few people carry pigmented gum, which looks unaesthetic. When melanocytes cells of the tissues secrete more melanin, there occurs the dark gums naturally. But gum whitening helps to unwrap the darkness to smile brighter. I was surprised to see a person done the same treatment from a dental clinic in Dubai, and I could visualize the great result. And it's important to understand, not only gene but also there are several ways you are affected with dark gums.  Poor oral hygiene  Gum or teeth disease  Because of any Side effects  Due to certain medical terms etc. In either way, it falls under a similar group of gingival hyperpigmentation. What is mean by gingival hyperpigmentation? The pigmented gums can be of many terms. But on reviewing many cases. Mostly, they fall under gingival hyperpigmentation. Means, there is a tissue called gingival in our gums. Since it got affected by anyways will cause hyperpigmentations. Who can take up this treatment? The person who is genetically own, but feels uncomfortable can go for it. If you feel comfortable, it good to appreciate it. Secondly, if any infection or teeth/gum disease is detected, then it can be the cause of the issue. Due to any medical terms or side effects leading to it, On investigating the core oral happenings. Your dentist will recommend it. If you are suggested to take up the treatment, you need to choose the process of your treatment of having a proper discussion with your dentist. What are the treatments available for gum whitening?  Laser Gum Whitening  Surgery  Gum Bleaching Let's take a detailed look at each treatment procedure

  2. Laser Gum Whitening Laser gum whitening happens with the similar style of other laser treatments. It is not painful, no needles and not invasive. The required radiated light beam is allowed to pass through to whiten the gums. It is safer treatment with perfect result as you desired. Surgery Surgery is typically taking off the affected gingival tissue to treat the pigmented gums. It may be longer than the other treatment, but effective. After the treatment, you may get burnt, sensitivity, etc. Proper medication will be given accordingly. Gum bleaching It is a simple treatment done within 1 hour. A solution is used to bleach your gums. The solution acts as a whitening agent and treats the pigmentation to turn out into pale or pink. These above techniques are mostly used to treat the gingival hyperpigmentation. There are other reasons too, which is on the other hand of critical call. General tips to avoid the gum pigmentation  Clean and hygienic oral routine  Proper balanced diet  Avoid regular alcohol intake  See you doctor once in 3 months Cosmetic Dentistry is updated with modern techniques to improve our appearance and smile. Every issue comes with the solutions, but we need proper precaution and healthy habits to avoid the risk. That would be the wiser choice to implement..