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Do I have to tell my partner I have an STD?

Sexually transmitted diseases,or STDs, are just a fact of life today. You have to be cautious and careful

to safeguard yourself, but unfortunately, people still contract them in our society. It is important to be

aware of the possibility to contract and STD because you could become infected if you don’t pay


Here are just some of the diseases that are transmitted sexually that you could come in contact with by

having intimate relations with an infected person: AIDs, Syphilis, Genital Herpes, Hepatitis, and a host

of others, many of them deadly.

How can you protect yourself from these diseases?

Have a frank discussion with your partner about the subject of STDs. Talk about whether either one of

you have been in contact with a former partner who had an STD before you are personally intimate.

This may be uncomfortable, but if either partner has had an STD and passes it to their current partner,

there could be legal consequences. There is precedence for this in the courts, not only for civil damages,

but also for criminal chargesand even jail time.

Liabilities of Giving Another Person an STD with Previous


If you live in Palm Springs, you should call our Palm Springs personal injury attorney to look at the

possible liabilities.

In several states, passing an STD like HIV to a partner is an automatic criminal offense. If you are

dating, ask questions, tell the truth about your past partners, and be honest with the people you are

interested in having a relationship with.