The Many Shapes of Aluminum Extrusion with Custom Design
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The Many Shapes of Aluminum Extrusion with Custom Design

The design is where the manufacturing and production process starts. This is where the extrusion starts

to form its shape and its features are built, which minimizes finishing costs, simplifies assembly, and

reduces weight. There are many benefits of aluminum, and this is why we take advantage of using it

with the extrusion process. The end result is a cost-effective product that looks great.

Design Aluminum Extrusions in Any Shape

Aluminum extrusions can be designed in virtually any shape. They can be created to eliminate forming,

reduce forming, or used in welding operations. These are only a few of the many purposes they can be

designed for.

Solid, hollow, and semi-hollow are the three general classifications of shapes. Extrusion is a great way

for designers to produce parts using engineered shapes, but on an individual basis. This means it offers

them a flexible way to use the metal in a way where it is structurally needed.

Aluminum extrusion designallows designers to tailor shapes for the applications that they are working

on, and they don’t have to perform secondary joining processes.

Characteristics of Good Design in Aluminum Extrusion

There are a few characteristics that you need to follow if you want to develop a good design. These

include keeping metal thickness uniformed and design with the finish of the surface in mind. Other

characteristics to follow include rounding corners when possible and incorporate index marks as well as

using webs where possible.

Straightenusing ribs and use metal dimensions for tolerances and smooth transitions are other key

characteristics to you want to follow. If you keep those things in mind, then the finish product will be

exactly what you want and it will be flawless.

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